Intel Reveals Core i7-5960X Processor Extreme Edition, An 8-Core Processor Gaming Monster At PAX

Intel yesterday revealed its first eight-core desktop processor, the Intel Core i7-5960X processor Extreme Edition, formerly code-named “Haswell-E,” targeted at enthusiasts, gamers and content creators who demand most from their PCs. It is the first processor supporting 16 computing threads and new DDR4 memory will enable some of the fastest desktop systems ever seen. The new enhanced Intel X99 Chipset and robust overclocking……..

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Gun Frenzy – Update Unlocks all Levels for Free & Improves Graphics


Gun Frenzy, the popular action shooter exclusive to Windows Phone, has been updated to remove all in-app purchases and unlock the full game to all users for free. Players will no longer have to pay to unlock levels 8 onwards but instead get to play the entire game for free. All future updates, including new content and levels will also remain completely free! After more than 14,000 downloads from Windows Phone in our first month … we wanted to thank the Windows Phone community for their great support.

Graphics & Stability Improvements:

We’ve also made some updates in the latest patch that both improve graphics and improve stability. We redid several textures in the game levels to improve sharpness and clarity and added dynamic shadows on the “Max Performance” graphics settings. Note that you need a 1GB or higher RAM device to enable these settings. We also reduced the size of some other textures to improve stability on lower RAM devices. The game is also available in Taiwan as a new market!

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Australia’s IceTV TV Guide app comes to Windows Phone

Australian company IceTV has brought its iOS and Android app to Windows Phone.

With the IceTV app you can see what’s on TV for the week ahead, search for shows, set keywords and favourites, create your own personalised TV guide, and much more. You can also enable TiVo-like recording feature by taking out a paid subscription at

The app features:

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Microsoft Reducing The Service Tier Prices For Azure SQL Database

Microsoft recently announced that from September, they will make available the new service tiers for Azure SQL Database, their database-as-a-service that gives customers greater price performance and business continuity for cloud apps. They are reducing the service tier prices from previously-announced rates, introducing a new performance level and offering hourly billing. Find the details on new service tiers, Details are below. Premium and……

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Bing Index Quality Team Explains How They Detect Spam On The Web

One of the main work by Bing Index Quality team is related to web spam detection and filtering. Web Spam is nothing but a webpage whose owner uses black hat SEO techniques in an effort to game Bing’s search algorithms with the goal of gaining undeserved ranking for this page or other pages in the spammer’s network. Bing team tries to find these web spams and removed or reduces their rankings in search results page. Recently…..

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FIFA 15 heading to Windows Phone

fifa 15 ultimate team

French gaming site reports that FIFA 15 is definitely heading to Windows Phone.

The titbit is news, as EA Mobile has not announced the game for our platform, but has for iOS and Android.

The game will feature a variety of new touch-optimised gameplay improvements, which can be seen in a demo video from Gamescon after the break.

The exact release date for Windows Phone is not known yet. The game will likely be free with in-app purchases.

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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Will Include Cooperative Dungeon Crawling Multiplayer Mode

In addition to the massive single-player campaign, BioWare has announced that Dragon Age: Inquisition will also include a cooperative dungeon crawling multiplayer mode. In Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer mode, four players will team up across a range of multiplayer quests and objectives, exploring intricate dungeons and vanquishing all who oppose them…….

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Limited Time Offer: Grab 6 Disney games for free from Windows Store

As part of the Summer sale, Disney is offering six games for free in Windows Store. Each of these games are worth several dollars, so grab it before the offer ends. Disney Solitaire Disney Checkout Challenge Lost Light JellyCar 3 Toy Story: Smash It! “Where’s My Water?” Featuring About these games, “Disney Solitaire” places the classic card game in familiar storybook environments, with classic movie songs and film clips from “Peter Pan,”……..

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Silver brings support for Apple’s new Swift language to Visual Studio and compiles to .Net


Silver is a new language front-end for Apple’s new Swift programming language which integrates with Visual Studio and allows developers to code in only one language and output to .Net, Java and Apple’s Cocoa.

The project, by RemObjects, does not mean developers can simply compile iOS apps for Windows Phone, but does mean developers need only to learn one language (like Apple’s supposedly easy Swift one) and apply that knowledge to a number of app frameworks. Presumably also the logic of an app can in some instances remain largely unchanged between different versions of an app for different operating systems.

With developers usually supporting at least 2 and often 3 different operating systems, such tools can be useful in saving time and reducing the cost in manpower, which should help Windows Phone in growing its app library.

Silver will be available as a public preview soon. You can sign up on RemObjects’ website.

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Subway Surfers gets updated with a new track and more features

Subway Surfers gets updated with a new track

Kiloo, the developer of Subway Surfers has just released an update for the Windows Phone app. The latest update includes a new track/location, which is China. The update also includes the ability to add powerful Board Upgrades to selected boards.

That’s not all. There is also a new challenge that has been added with the latest update, titled as “Coin Cautious Awards”. The update comes with hidden dragons on tracks, that will let users unlock weekly prizes if found. 

The changelog for version 1.28 follows bellow:

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IDC Lowers Tablet Projections Again For 2014 As Demand Slows Down

After the introduction of Apple iPad, analysts predicted that tablets will take over the PC market and many other funny claims. In the past two quarters, tablet sales growth has slowed down. Following softer than expected demand, IDC today lowered its worldwide tablet plus 2-in-1 forecast for 2014 to 233.1 million units. The new forecast represents a 6.5% year-over-year growth rate, which is well below the 12.1% growth rate…….

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