UK Residents: Win A Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Phone Device

If you are from UK, here is a chance to win Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Phone device. Lumia 530 is the latest WP8.1 device released in the UK that comes with Quad core CPU, 512MB RAM, 4-inch display and more. is now running a competition in which you can win a Lumia 530 device. All you have to do is take a photo that best sums up 5.30pm in the afternoon to you and post it to Twitter with the hashtag #noknok530 and they’ll pick the one we think best sums up the fun and free spirit of the Nokia Lumia 530.

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Chinese Government Agency Provides 20 Day Deadline For Microsoft To Give Explanation On Anti-trust Issues

As you all know, Chinese government has started an anti-trust investigation against Microsoft’s business practices in China. Hundreds of Chinese government officials conducted raids to Microsoft offices in China to investigate this issue. Today, Chinese government agency SAIC (State Administration for Industry and Commerce) has announced that they…….

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More information on the Halo Channel released


Halo Channel is a new service coming to Windows Phone towards the end of the year, and will be the hub for all things Halo, including the new web series Halo: Nightfall.

In an interview with 343 technologies Halo series executive producer Kiki Wolfkill detailed some aspects of the show, the channel, and showcased some teasers about what else we can expect.

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Microsoft Teases Its Upcoming Lumia 730 Selfie Phone With A Selfie

Nokia Lumia Selfie Phone Teaser

In couple of days, Microsoft is expected to reveal two or more new Windows Phone devices. One of them is expected to be the successor to Lumia 720. This Lumia 730 device codenamed ‘Superman’ is expected to have focus on the front camera experience. Based on previews reports, this device will have 5MP front camera to serve selfie lovers.

We’re looking at you! Join us for a very special webcast live from Berlin, Germany on September 4, 2014 at 10am CET to find out what we’ve got in store…

The handset is 68.5 mm by 134.7 mm and is expected to include a uni-body polycarbonate design, 4.7 inch 720p screen, dual-SIM capability, 6.7 megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front camera, Carl Zeiss lens, Snapdragon 400 processor and Adreno 305 graphics, with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. The device lacks hardware navigation and camera keys.
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Hundreds Of Nude Celebrity Photos Leaked Due To Apple iCloud Hack

Hundreds of nude photos of celebrities were posted online today on 4Chan. These images came online via a hacker who reportedly got these images by intruding into number of Apple iCloud accounts and iPhone devices. Nude images of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence Victoria Justice, Emily Browning, Kate Bosworth, Jenny McCarthy and Kate Upton were made public already and the hacker is claiming that he has more photos of celebrities and provided the following list of names……

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Nonstop Basketball Action

“Nonstop Basketball Action” is a fast paced basketball game. The team with more points wins, other then that, there are no rules. You decide how you win. The hard play or the fair play. Opposition might have his own ideas about that.

There are many features which help you win. Use eguipment to your advantage. Take a look at your players stats and boost them with items to suit your needs. There are also “Special Items”, which are unlockable by completing achievements. These items give a boost to player stats and each item has an extra special ability to help you win.
Also you should use the environment to your advantage. There are activities, which allow you to perform a nice dunk or simply evade the enemy. These activities might backfire sometimes, so use them at your own risk.

There are three game modes:
Bleedout- a game mode, where you have to “survive” as long as possible. The longer you “survive”, the faster your score bleeds away. When you reach zero, the game ends. So having a nicely geared teammate at your side goes a long way.

Missions- is a game mode where you are confronted with incresingly difficult challanges. Where the first mission is basically a tutorial and the last is quite a challange. New missions will be added as free update.

Classic- mode consists of 6 matches. You play against every other team, once on home field and once on theirs. The order in which you confront them is up to you. At the end, winners will be awarded handsomely.

or QRCodeThere are Online Leaderboards, so you can compare your results with other players.

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Finally, Microsoft Has Removed The 2GB File Size Limit On OneDrive

One of the most awaited improvements on Microsoft’s online storage service OneDrive was the individual file size limit. It was limited to 2GB for years. Microsoft already acknowledged that they are working to increase the file size limit and now they have finally done it. Many OneDrive users on Reddit are now reporting that files of sizes more than 2GB are………..

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Budget+Expenditure App for FREE


Budget+Expenditure is a new innovative personal budgeting and daily spending tracking app in the Windows Phone store that allows you to keep track of all your personal income and spending’s on a monthly basis.

This app allows you to create a new budget for each month and for each budget, it allows you to create expected income for the month. The different income sources can be either from salary, or business profit or share sales. Once the expected income has been created, the app then allows you to create a list of planned expenditure for the month. The system allows you to create different categories of planned expenditure including, Feeding, Fuel, Family Responsibility, Utilities, etc. In addition, the system allows you to create new income and expenditure types. The app automatically keeps track of the planned spending’s entered in the system and it prompts you with a notification if your total planned expenditure has exceeded you income.

After creating the income and planned expenditure for the month, the app also then allows you to keep track on a daily basis of how your money is being spent for the different planned expenditure. The app allows you the create actual spending’s based on the planned expenditure. While creating an actual spending for a planned expenditure, the app automatically confirm the amount being spent on the actual spending is within the limit budgeted for in the planned expenditure.


A summary of the core functionalities in the app:

  • Create budget for each month
  • Select budget currency
  • Create different incomes for the budget
  • Select income types like salary, shares, etc.
  • Create planned expenditure for month.
  • Create daily spending’s for each planned expenditure
  • View chart of spending profile in the dash board

You can download this app now in the Windows Phone Store or you can download by pointing your camera to the QRCode above.

Carphone Warehouse is now selling the Nokia Lumia 630 for £89.95

Carphone Warehouse now selling the Nokia Lumia 630 for £89.95

Carphone Warehouse (UK) is now selling the Lumia 630 for £89.95 on Pay As You Go. The smartphone was available for £129.95 and now the price has been slashed to £89.95 (£40 off).

The Nokia Lumia 630 comes with a 4.5-inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen, which translates into a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. The Nokia Lumia 630 sports a 5-MP camera with autofocus.  Under the hoods there is a 1.2-GHz quad-core Cortex-A7 processor and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset. The Lumia 630 also comes with 8 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded by up to 128 GB using a microSD card.

Are you planning to purchase the Lumia 630? Share your thoughts in the comment section bellow.

HTC One for Windows brings 1080p 60fps video, slow motion and more to Windows Phone


The HTC One for Windows Phone has been heralded for bringing the best designed Android phone to Windows Phone, but HTC has also done a great job bringing some of their software features to our ecosystem also.

While Nokia is very well known for their great cameras, the company has so far resisted bringing some features very commonly found on Android handsets to Windows Phone.

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Microsoft Releases Kubernetes Visualizer For Managing Docker Containers On Azure

At the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), Microsoft announced their partnerships with and OpenNebula to enable interoperability of applications and services with Windows Azure and Hyper-V. Similarly in July, Microsoft announced their work on Docker’s libswarm project and Kubernetes, two cluster-management solutions available for Docker containers, and several other open source cloud projects………

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