Microsoft provides Windows Phone veterinarian diagnostic tools to farmers in Africa

940443p512EDNmainBizSpark-Vet-Africa-940x443 reports that Microsoft has partnered with Scotland-based company Cojengo to provide diagnostic tools and disease surveillance data to small-scale farmers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania.

The company is offering their VetAfrica app as part of Microsoft’s 4Afrika initiative.  The app features an image rather than text-based under interface and uses an Azure back-end and server side scripting to collect live data that can be accessed by farmers to quickly and accurately diagnose livestock illness and identify the most effective treatment.

Vets and animal health workers can also use the app to access resources when working in rural areas, or to carry out disease surveillance and reporting. In addition, monthly livestock forms can be completed more quickly, enabling vets to visit up to 20 farms in one day, rather than four or five. The app can collect data off-line and transmit it when WIFI or GSM data is available.

Founder Craig Taylor said: “In the developing world there is a lack of professional veterinary services available to farmers and with 80% of the population across East Africa associated with agriculture, it’s vital that people have access to professional veterinary services like we do in the developed world and help keep the farmer’s livestock as healthy as possible.”

Cojengo has launched pilot projects with the Kenyan government and a private veterinarian distributor aims to develop a full suite of health and agriculture apps once VetAfrica has been widely adopted.

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Microsoft Releases Office 365 Management Pack For Microsoft System Center

With the goal of simplifying the Office 365 Admin experience, Microsoft has released several updates in the past few months. Some of the new features are streamlining commonly used administrative tasks, proactive DNS records checks and more detailed reports , continuous enhancements to Message Center and more. With today’s update, Microsoft is now providing Office 365 admins with more ways to stay informed with Office 365 service……

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Snaptastic is a new full-featured Snapchat client for Windows Phone 7.x and 8.x


Snaptastic is now available in the Windows Phone Store. Snaptastic is a full featured client that allows you to send photo and video snaps, draw on your photos before sending, find friends, view stories and much more.

The full list of app features includes:

  • share pictures and videos with snapchat users
  • post snaps on your story
  • see stories, best friends and score of your friends
  • draw and add text to your pictures
  • search snapchat friends on your phone
  • save your picture on your phone
  • front and back camera
  • manage your snapchat privacy
  • clear a specific conversation
  • ability to add multi-line captions



Where Can I Get It?

Download it now from the marketplace.

Microsoft Updates OneNote For Mac With Lots Of New Features And Improvements

Microsoft today updated OneNote for Mac with several new features and improvements. Microsoft has added support to create, open, edit, and sync OneDrive for Business notebooks alongside personal OneDrive notebooks in the OneNote client. Find the full list of new features below. What’s New in Version 15.1: Print – Need to print your notes or a to-do list? Now you can with OneNote for Mac! You can also save your notes as a PDF…..

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New Tinder client for Windows Phone 8.1 devices

Home details location

Tinder for Windows is a beautiful Tinder client for Windows based devices

Currently released for windows phone 8.1 with desktop/tablet support coming soon. It is exclusively built for 8.1 devices. It includes additional features not available in the official app on Android and iOS.


  • Login details sync via cloud on multiple windows devices
  • Choose manual location from on-screen map
  • Save images of users in gallery
  • Action centre integration with match/message update

Tinder is a Facebook based service. Facebook login is needed.

If you’re running Windows phone 8.1, give it a try for FREE! You’ll love it!
Download for FREE here.

Microsoft Details The New Bing Site Safety Page For Webmasters

Last year, Microsoft announced the enhancements to the Bing Webmaster Portal with an improved malware reporting and re-evaluation pipeline which allowed webmasters to know more about compromises on their sites, and it also streamlined their re-evaluation request workflow. Recently, Microsoft has launched the new Bing Site Safety Page, a portal allowing all Bing users to understand why their favorite site is being flagged, how long the warning …..

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Bing Translator App Updated With WP8.1 support and transparent live tile

Bing Translator Windows Phone

Less than a week after the last update Microsoft Bing team has today released another minor update to the Bing Translator app for Windows Phone 8 devices.  bingtranslateqr

This version of the app brings support for Windows Phone 8.1, including a transparent live tile.

Find the updated app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Microsoft OneNote For iPhone Updated With Support For Inserting Files, Protected Documents And More

Microsoft OneNote team is on a roll! Following the OneNote update for Android and Mac, they have updated the OneNote for iPhone app as well. OneNote for iPhone app now includes support for inserting different types of files inside your notes, support for password protected notebook sections, PDF printing support and more. Find the full list of features below…….

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Microsoft Talks About Local Recommendations From Foursquare On Cortana

Foursquare Cortana Update

Earlier today, we reported that Microsoft has updated the Cortana digital assistant to support Foursquare local recommendations to users. Microsoft Bing team today confirmed the roll-out to people in the US with phones running Windows Phone 8.1 will have a new way to experience Foursquare recommendations.

Cortana talks on your behalf to the Foursquare service in the cloud and gets the best recommendations for your location and time of day.  If your interest is piqued by a particular recommendation, you can click on it and Cortana will open up that location on the Foursquare app where you can explore more about the place. In the event that you do not have the app installed, Cortana will take you to the recommendation in the Foursquare web experience.

Read more about it here.

Microsoft Releases Visual Studio Tools For Unity 1.9 (Formerly UnityVS)

Microsoft today released Visual Studio Tools for Unity 1.9 to developers. Microsoft announced earlier this month that they have acquired following SyntaxTree, the developer behind the popular UnityVS Visual Studio add-on for developers building games on the Unity framework. Microsoft is releasing it again under their branding along with the new update which will have the following new features. What’s new in v1.9 release?  Start your game and …..

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Local Smartphone Vendors Are The Key To Windows Phone Ecosystem’s Growth


Today, IDC released their preliminary data from the Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. The smartphone shipments growth was fueled by abundance of low-cost smartphones and the total shipments crossed 300 million units for the first time ever in a single quarter in 3Q14. The most interesting part of the report was the top smartphone vendors. Even though Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Lenovo and LG were on top of the list, more than a dozen vendors that are capable of landing in the top 5 next quarter. Most of those vendors are now operating in one or two countries.

Emerging markets supported by local vendors are continuing to act as the main catalyst for smartphone growth. Among the top vendors in the market, a wide range of Chinese OEMs more than outpaced the market in 2Q14

In the case of Windows Phone eco-system, it is all about Nokia(now owned by Microsoft) for shipment volumes. In fact, Microsoft ships about 95% of the Windows Phone devices. This trend clearly needs to change. Microsoft needs more local vendors to step up their Windows Phone game to grow the ecosystem further.

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HERE Maps For Windows 8.1 Is Now Available Globally, Updated With Many New Features

Nokia today updated the HERE Maps for Windows 8.1 app with new features and the app is now available globally. Check out the list of new features in this release apart from under the hood improvements. Manual Positioning: You can now manually set your location under settings menu. You can switch between Automatic and Manual positioning modes……

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Facebook Messenger App Updated To v6.0 In Windows Phone Store With Video Messaging Support And More

Facebook Messenger Windows PhoneFacebook Messenger app got updated to v6.0 in Windows Phone Store with some new features. For example, you can now send videos with one tap and even play them within the app. There’s a new recent stickers area where you can find the recently used stickers by you.

What’s New:Facebook Messenger Windows Phone qQ

Video: Send photos and video instantly with one tap. When people send you videos, play them right in the app.

Stickers: With recent stickers, find your favorite stickers faster.

Plus, other improvements to make the app faster and more reliable

Download it here from Windows Phone Store

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