Accessory adds 12x Telephoto Lens to your Nokia Lumia 920

by Surur - 2 years ago - @wmpoweruser

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You know your smartphone has caught on when you start getting such an unusual accessories as this 12x telephoto lens and tripod kit built just for it.

The kit works by simply inserting your Lumia 920 into the protective case included and screwing in the lens. No special Apps or tools are needed. The kit is said to increase the optical zoom range of Lumia 920 camera dramatically, letting you take extreme long distance photo or video directly with any camera apps. The lens can adjust the focal point from 3M by simply turning front lens element light.

The kit comes with a mini tripod to provide a stable platform for shooting. The package also include cleaning cloth, lens cap and protective case for cleaning and carrying need.

The whole kit is only $31.99.  Read more at here.