Alan Mulally Will Officially Stay At Ford; Will Not Become Microsoft’s Next CEO

We reported some time back that Microsoft was more interested in having Alan Mulally on the board rather than its next CEO.  Mulally was primarily being pushed by investors to become Microsoft’s next CEO as they believed he would sell off many parts of the company.  Alan Mulally has officially confirmed what the world suspected. He’s not leaving Ford to become Microsoft’s next CEO.  He has promised to stay on with Ford until at least 2014, reports the AP.  The odds that he planned to leave Ford for Microsoft got pretty slim last month, when a Ford board member said, “Alan is staying through the end of 2014 and that’s all I know.”  At that time, Mulally said, “I love serving Ford … I have no change to the plan.”  Not everyone believed that he would say no to Microsoft if asked. But now that he has confirmed that he won’t leave for Microsoft and will stay at Ford until at least 2014. So that’s that. Ford stock is up…

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