All about the new Wallet Hub

Windows Phone 8 will have a new hub called Wallet, which integrates all your bank and coupon apps and manages your payments with a secure PIN.

With your Wallet, you can instantly view balances of all your bank accounts, mileage on airplane memberships, and more. It’s like Pageonce, but integrated natively and doesn’t require you giving your information to another company since the hub works directly with the official apps of each company.

All apps will have the capability to plug into Wallet, and can display info like balance, account info, transactions, and more. You can click each app to get detailed information, and then launch the actual app if you still need more.

And the Wallet also supports Deals, so that apps like Groupon can display coupons. These deals also support an API for displaying QR or barcodes, so you don’t even have to launch the app to use the coupons. Once Wells Fargo’s app comes out for WP8, I’m definitely dropping Pageonce and replacing it with Wallet :)

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