An apology is due …

by Lucas - 2 years ago - @lucask9819

Many of our reader complained about my review of the Lumia 920. They said “it’s rushed”, or “written by a 5th grader”. Indeed, I tried to write it as fast as I could. Don’t get me wrong, I am using the 920, and I tested everything, which means I could write a good and detailed article, but I thought you guys would want to get an overview of this amazing device as quickly as possible. Also, I tried to write as professionally as possible. I obviously did not do my best (I’m from Germany, so maybe there will be a few sentences which may sound a bit unprofessional, but I can do a lot better than I did!).

The opinion of our readers is very important to the whole team, including me, so I will do a new review, but it will take more time, because I will describe everything in more detail. I will make individual articles for each aspect, like the camera or the screen. You can also expect much better reviews from me in the future.

If you have specific questions about the Lumia 920, send me an e-mail, please, and I will answer the questions in the review. All the questions already asked will be included as well.

I am very sorry for the rushed article.

Best regards to all readers,


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