Analyst says only 1 million Windows Phones were sold in USA last year

imageAccording to mobile analysts Chetan Sarma only 1 million Windows Phones were sold in USA in the whole of 2012.

The item was part of their report on the US wireless ecosystem, in which they note smartphones were 84% of all phones sold in USA in Q4 2012, and that the iPhone accounted for 59% if all smartphone sales then.

If accurate it indicates what a small percentage of the total Windows Phone market USA is, with Gartner estimating  around 17 million Windows Phones sold in 2012, making USA only around 6% of the market.

Of course Nokia’s biggest ambition is to be successful in the US market, and with Windows Phones now available on 3 major carriers sales there may increase significantly, but one wonders if Microsoft should stop wasting their time introducing US-only features such as the Podcast support and spend more time serving their wider audience.


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