Angry at the Birds?

Angry at the Birds takes a different spin off of the popular game Angry Birds, and puts you in control of the pigs.

Overall Score: 3/5AngryattheBirds

While Angry at the Birds has some cool gameplay ideas, it needs more complexity and some more enticing lasting value in order to be good.

Gameplay: 4/5

You control the pigs, whom can throw baseballs and slice the flying birds in order to stop the birds. The gameplay stays challenging yet addicting as you compete for a high score. Part of the game feels like Fruit Ninja, but another part of the game takes a different turn and has you shoot those baseballs at the birds. However, it could be better if it featured combos or score multipliers. But it is lots of fun to play as it is now, thanks to its satisfying difficulty.

Presentation: 3/5

The visuals are good and fit really well with the theme of the game. The sound effects, however, are very basic and constantly repeat each time you kill a bird. The music in the background is simple and nice (casual sound of birds chirping), but unfortunately you can barely hear it sometimes.

Lasting Value: 3/5

Since the game is pretty addicting, it does alright in lasting value. But things like not having an online leaderboard or a slice-combo board would make the game a lot more exciting.

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Title: Angry at the Birds
Price: $1.29
Publisher: Dr Develop

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