App Review: Free Music Explorer

Free Music Explorer helps you find music on YouTube and download it to your phone.

The initial interface of Free Music Explorer is beautiful. They essentially copied the native Music app’s layout, but it looks great. You can instantly see a featured song, top albums, and new releases. You can also search for albums and artists, and receive actual song results instead of YouTube results.

However, things go downhill from here. You can’t stream a song and multitask. You can’t even turn off your phone while listening to a song from YouTube. That means you first have to download the song’s audio and THEN listen to it. Other apps can stream YouTube audio in the background while multitasking, so it’s definitely possible.

The interface for viewing your downloaded songs is also extremely primitive and clunky. It doesn’t let you filter songs by artist or albums. It just displays everything in an unsorted list. You can make playlists, but there’s no way to view all songs by Imagine Dragons for example.QRCode

Overall, Free Music Explorer is great at discovering songs and is functional for downloading YouTube clips (audio, video, or both), but playing your downloaded music is a pain. Download it in the Store for FREE.

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