Ask Ziggy Voice Assistant v2.0 Now Live In Windows Phone Marketplace

by Pradeep - 3 years ago - @pradeepviswav

Ask Ziggy Voice Assistant app is back with v2.0 with many new features and improved UI. Last week WPCentral posted a preview of this release which you can watch it above.

App Description:

 * Tell Ask Ziggy your name.
* Personalized daily brief.
* What does my day, agenda, schedule look like.
* Create reminders.
* Call, email, text contacts fixed.
* Ask any question you want.
* Split your bill and include tip, math calculator (calculate +-/*,percentages,square root).
* convert units of measurement.
* Get local and remote date, time, and weather.
* Find your location, and search for directions ( I need food, gas, I’m hungry, Starbucks, etc…)
* Updated Metro Look and Feel
* Location Services
* Email and text your question + response

The app works quite well for American accent than others. Anyway the app is free, so give it a try. Download the app here from marketplace.

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