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First Row the Events and Concert app gets a major redesign

First Row

First Row allows you to purchase your tickets right from your phone powered by SeatGeek.

Finding concerts, events and sports games on your phone has never been easier. First Row will immediately display all the shows in your area and can filter them based on performer, events, venue and even by dates on your Windows Phone.

First Row redesign allows you to:

  • Search upcoming events in your area
  • Show a list of popular events/concerts for the next 5 days
  • If an artist is coming to your area again, First Row will send you a notification about it
  • Pin your event/concert right on your start screen

First Row is a free Windows Phone App and can be found in the Windows Phone Store and in the Windows Store

Skip the Box Office with First Row, the Free Windows Phone and Windows 8 App

First Row Screenshot2Find concerts, sporting events, festivals and more with First Row, the free Windows Phone and Windows 8 app that lets you purchase event tickets from the palm of your hand or the comfort of your seat. Whether you’re looking for events across the street or across the country, First Row houses a comprehensive database of popular and upcoming events, as well as in-depth information to take you behind the scenes of your favorite show without ever leaving your living room.

Simply enter your zip code and desired search radius, then let First Row take you backstage to discover additional event information and ticket price options. Beat the lines by buying your ticket right through the app, then pin each individual event to your start screen and share them with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, along with Windows Live and SMS.

First Row’s clean, user-friendly layout displays an About page for each event, a Venue page that details the event location, a Pricing page to break down various ticket options, and finally the option to purchase your tickets right from your Windows Phone.

A location-based concert and event finder for your Windows Phone and Windows 8, First Row is a free app that you can find at the Windows Phone store and Windows Store.



Your Favorite Video Games are Here

Passionate about videogames?  So are we!  With Game Scout, you get all the latest videogame news, review, rumors and specific video game news every time.  Stay on top of your favorite console or PC games.  Take a trip down memory lane with classic retro game art.

Game Scout

Game Scout is available on Windows Phone and Windows 8 for Free!

Using the most extensive video games library out there, you are not going to miss a single game out there. With detailed information, trailers, screenshots, art gallery and our brand new Game-Talk engine you’ll be up-to-date with everything that’s happening with your favorite games.

Are you liking some of the fan art or screenshot of your favorite game? With Game Scout you are able to fully customize your new lockscreen wallpaper with top-notch cropping and image editing tools! And for those who just want to see a new image every day, we’ve got you covered with our DAILY new lockscreen image!

Get your videogame news when you want it, how you want it. From Halo to World of Warcraft to Mario to Pacman.

Full list of features:

  • News coverage for all major videogame platforms and next-gen consoles
  • Top-notch news sources
  • Search – you can search for any video game and get results!
  • Share any news or video game with your friends via email, text, social media and NFC
  • Enjoy Game-Talk and let your voice be heard about your favorite game
  • Lockscreen image of the day

Please download for free Game Scout in the Windows Phone Store and in the Windows Store

For all inquiries, suggestions, and feedback, please contact us at [email protected]

Grand Slam with Baseball Pro ’13 for Windows Phone

Live gamecast view of the game List of live scores Live games on your live tile
Live gamecast view of the game List of live scores Live games on your live tile

Baseball Pro ’13  is an all encompassing baseball app that delivers scores, stats, standings, social media, sports talk and news from the current Major League Baseball season.

Pages cover live scores, your Baseball Pro profile and MLB news, standings, and team listings. From the team listings you can drill down to team and player stats as well as game schedules. You profile will carry over if you’ve used Baseball Pro ’12 and uninstalled the app. The profile lets you tag a team as a favorite and create a Live Tile that will show live scores, the next game and let you jump straight to that teams’ page.

Baseball Pro ’13 also has a Fantasy Playoff Prediction feature where you can personalize your own playoff prediction and pick who is going to win the World Series this season. You also have videos, podcasts and a sport talk feature to let you discuss the latest baseball events.

Baseball Pro ’13 is a free, ad-supported app for your Windows Phone and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

Relive Your Favorite Movies and Shows with the New Listener+ Windows Phone App

Movies selection in Listener+ TV Series selection in Listener+ Stand Up Comedy selection in Listener+

Avoid getting caught watching your tablet at work with Listener+, the new Windows phone app that allows you to instantly listen to any movie, television series or stand-up comedy routine in our extensive library.

Not having time to sit and watch a movie is no longer a problem with Listener+. Rather than streaming an entire media file, Listener+ allows you to relive the complete dialogue and soundtrack from your favorite form of entertainment.

Thanks to a simple, easy-to-use interface, Listener+ allows you to effortlessly browse through more than 1,500 films, television series and comedy routines. In addition, the app saves your most recent media file, allowing you to pause and resume play without skipping a beat.

Download Listener+ and enjoy up to five of your favorite movies, television shows or stand-up comedy routines for free with our trial mode, then upgrade to the full version for only $0.99.

Go Ringside with Steel Champions, the Knockout New Boxing Game for Windows Phone and Xbox 360

Get blow-by-blow action with Steel Champions, the new first-person perspective boxing game that transforms your Windows Phone or Xbox 360 into the ultimate fighting ring. Hit the ropes as M.A.X, the robot contender who takes on three divisions and fourteen mechanical opponents in a fight for the Adamantium Championship title.

Join M.A.X and his team through round after round of android action, and boost your training between matches to unlock a bonus special punch that makes your opponents want to throw in the towel. Check out the trial version for Windows Phone or Xbox 360 indie Game, or upgrade to the full version for $0.99 and see if you have what it takes to be the next Steel Champion.

Download the free trial of Steel Champions today and fight your way to the top! Steel Champions for Windows Phone and for Xbox 360 Indie Game.

Be Your Own Movie Critic with Filmwave, the Free Windows Phone App

Be your own movie critic with Filmwave, the next-generation free Windows Phone app that is garnering hundreds of daily downloads from movie lovers across the globe.

Only Filmwave allows you to recommend, critique and discuss any movie – whether it’s in theaters or in the film vault – all without the need to create a profile. Instantly review your box office experience and share with friends, then delve deeper into related films with Filmwave’s unmatched advanced search capabilities.

Download Filmwave today and see why fellow movie critics everywhere are giving it two thumbs up. Filmwave is a free, ad-supported app now available at the Windows Phone Store.

Read more about Filmwave at the developer site here.

Get First Row ticket for events and concerts with First Row for Windows Phone

First Row allows you to purchase your tickets right from your phone or send them via email for a later purchase.

Finding concerts, events and sports games on your phone has never been easier. First Row will immediately display all the shows in your area and can filter them based on performer, events, venue and even by dates on your Windows Phone. You can search for specific artists or browse what’s going in your city.

First Row app users will be presented with a stylish panorama with the following screens:

  • Popular: The most popular event for the next day based on popularity
  • Upcoming: Upcoming shows in your area
  • Information: Information about the app and related Neuralnet’s apps on the Windows Phone Store

Want your friends to come along? First Row will allow you to share the event via Facebook, Twitter or send it to your friend via Text. First Row app also includes a live tile with the most popular upcoming show right on your start screen.

First Row is a free ad-based Windows Phone App and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Football Pro ’13 update is live!

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The Ultimate Football App has come back with the Football Pro ’13 update.

Football Pro ’13 with a growing community of 50,000+ fans is the number one choice to follow the action of the National Football League on the go. Football Pro ’13 will give you fast, trustworthy scores, up to the minute stats and standings.

Never miss another touchdown again!, whether you follow your favorite Football Team or glance at every single game, Football Pro ’13 offers you the most comprehensive coverage available on your Windows Phone.

Football Pro ’13 Features:

  • Fantasy Playoff: Personalize your own fantasy playoff prediction and pick who is going to win the Superbowl this year!
  • Favorite Team Tile: Follow your favorite team as a secondary live tile and gain easy access to your team’s page.
  • Live Scores: Get the latest scores while the game is under way.
  • Latest News and Roster: Check the latest news for every team and league wise, and get the full Roster with detailed information about all players.
  • Latest Videos: Take 5 minutes and watch the latest podcasts about the National Football League.
  • Live Sports Talk: Share your comments and knowledge with everybody on your team’s page.
  • Player Tweets: Follow your favorite NFL player tweets right on the app.
  • Live Radio: Not at home?, Not at a sports bar?, With Football Pro ’13 you can listen to the live game via our Football Pro ’13 Radio!

Download the free app at Marketplace here.

For all the artists in Windows Phone – ARTistic has arrived

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Every person as an artist inside of them that needs to be inspired. Too often, our artistic side is ignored and life begins to get boring. ARTistic Windows Phone App was created to entertain, empower and inspire that artist hiding inside of all of us. Established and emerging artists are able to exhibit, promote and share their work using a phone application. This Windows based phone application was developed to embrace the community of artists and people who are devoted to art.

Art plays an important part in society. Art helps make people well rounded with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. It helps people think beyond their limits of pervious boundaries. The ARTistic Windows phone application helps bring art and graphic design to literally everyone’s fingertips. The enjoyment and pleasure that are brings is immeasurable. Beauty is brought to the world in a way that everyone can understand no matter where they are globally or what language they speak.

imageARTistic features:

  • Create a free profile as an artist
  • Upload photos, art, craft or anything artistic on your part
  • Detail analytics for each of your ART
  • Add favorites to your ART list
  • Review and Comment other fellow ARTists uploads
  • Ability to download ARTist uploads
  • Live ART Tile and Pin specific ART to your home screen
  • Pinch, Zoom and Rotate ART when viewing on full screen

Art is all around us and now it is even available on Windows Phone. It is important that everyone has access to the art world because it’s pure nature helps open minds with this FREE application.

Download ARTistic for Windows Phone

Imperium – The First Free RPG for Windows Phone


Imperium is the first turn-by-turn role playing game exclusively for Windows Phone created by indie game studios, NeuralGames.

Imperium is an exciting world where you are able to obtain, train and cherish more than 60 Imperators in your quest to defeat the evil conquerors and save the world. With fun but challenging battles, you’ll have to make your way through a number of Tournaments with 15 Houses each in order to reach the final battle.qrcode

Over 60 Imperators are available for you to obtain in battle and train them to defeat the evil conquerors. All Imperators are based on elemental types such as: Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth and more. With more than 100 attacks at your disposal the combinations that your Imperators can have are endless.

Imperium is always a growing community! Always be on the look out for Special Events and Prizes.

Find Imperium for free at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

NFL Pro ‘12: A Comprehensive Football App For Windows Phone 7

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For all the avid NFL fans and followers, here’s a piece of good news. If you are on Windows Phone 7, then you will never need another football app once you start using the latest addition to the Sports section of the Marketplace, NFL Pro ‘12 currently the #2 FREE app in Sports. The app offers such completeness and ease of navigation that it is sure to become your number one stop whenever you need to look up latest scores in any game, or just about any information you might want about any of the fixtures or teams. Read on to get a look at this fantastic app.

The app starts off with an offer for you to set up a profile for “NFL Pro ‘12”. The procedure of creating a new profile is not fussy at all. All you need to do is choose a nick (option to check its availability is also there), and tell the app which team is your favorite. This profile will let you post comments to the app and also in Fantasy Playoff Prediction. Yeah, you read that right. We know there are whole apps for Fantasy football, but this feature is just one of the sections of “NFL Pro ‘12”. You can start predicting scores of any games and compete against fellow NFL Pro users. The app keeps complete track of your performance in the fantasy league.

nflpro12qrOnce you see past the awesomeness of the Fantasy feature, the app is pretty good in the basic stuff, too. The live scores of ongoing games update intermittently, and tapping on any particular score line will take you straight to that game’s online page, where you can not only find detailed match summary but also a complete match report. Combine this with the option to check availability of tickets and opinion from experts regarding the expected outcome of the clash. “NFL Pro ‘12” comes with the option to browse latest happenings through searching the app on the basis of teams, which, in turn, are presented under their respective regions. The Standings page gives you an overview of where the teams stand in the season right now. Even before the commencement of a fixture, you can read a detailed preview of the upcoming clash along with a comprehensive list of statistics. Grab all of this and more for free at the Web Marketplace link provided below!

NFL Pro ‘12 is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

A Complete Video Games News app has arrive! – Game Scout

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The Ultimate Game Reviews and News App has arrived to Windows Phone 7! Game Scout will give you Fast, Trustworthy News, and the Latest VIDEOS!

Never miss another game again!, whether you follow your favorite console or want to have a broad look at the entire video games spectrum, Game Scout offers you the most comprehensive coverage available on your Windows Phone 7.

Game Scout Features:

  • Latest Videos: You are able to watch the latest videos right on Game Scout!, get reviews, gameplay, special events and much more!
  • Create and Write your Own Review: Easily create your favorite game on Game Scout and write your own review as well as read other fans reviews about their favorite games and your own.
  • Favorite Console: Follow your favorite console and personalize your Game Scout experience to the console of your choice.
  • Live Tile: Game Scout Live Tile will update automatically to show you the latest games posted on Game Scout.
  • Latest News: Check the latest news for every console in the video games genres with detailed information.
  • Coming Soon Games: You are able to set a reminder for any coming soon games, which will set an alarm for you 1 day before the game comes out.

You can get Game Scout for FREE! Find it in Marketplace here.

Game Scout has come to Windows Phone 7!, Please enjoy this Application and have fun playing with it!