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Don’t expect a Windows Phone Playstation Store app any time soon reports that rumours of a Playstation app for Windows Phone are in fact just that.

A supposed verified Sony employee, posting on Reddit, has put the kibosh on the story, noting that Sony had a “huge backlog of features; priority goes to features that make us money.”

He also noted that there were no plans for a Windows Phone app in the future, as the user base is too small.

The app was rumoured in February, with Microsoft said to be coding it, but I think it is pretty clear if you want your phone to be supported there is only one new Nextgen console to buy.

Office Touch for Windows coming to Windows Phone “in coming months”

Long time Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott has posted on that he expects Microsoft’s new version of Office designed for Touch to come to Windows and Windows Phone “in coming months”.

The updated software is courtesy of Microsoft’s new Universal apps initiative and he notes that this app will be a superset of the Office for iPad app, featuring even more functionality, and will be ideally suited for the coming even larger 6-7 inch Windows Phone phablets.

Calling the iPad version of Office “Office Mobile”, he said “Windows Phone will soon catapult past them with the same full-featured Office Touch that Windows tablet and PC users will get.”

He notes the work is part of a new focus on Microsoft on Windows Phone for work, with the updates OS now a lot more manageable and filled with new enterprise-friendly features.

We have seen many readers complain about iPad and Android getting updated versions of OneNote while Office for Windows Phone has not been really updated in 4 years.  Are our reader excited? Let us know below.

Joe Belfiore announce Microsoft Xiao Na for China

cortana Chinese Xiao Na

GSMDome reports that Joe Belfiore has announced the Chinese version of Cortana called Xiao Na at an event at the Conrad Hotel in Beijing last night.

Joe is quoted as saying:

“Cortana just came on stage to announce the good news of China! Cortana is the first and currently the only mobile operating system built-in personal assistant! I am very proud of the work we have done Chinese team, please give us a lot of attention and valuable comments and suggestions!”

The name was also announced on Microsoft’s Weibo account as Microsoft Xiao Na.

Joe said that the work done with the Bing team on Cortana was quite specific to China, and now the company is forming a Beijing-based team to focus on China-specific work for PCs, phones and tablets.

Google Now is not available in China,

Read more about it after the break and at GSMDome here.

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Microsoft provides Windows Phone veterinarian diagnostic tools to farmers in Africa

940443p512EDNmainBizSpark-Vet-Africa-940x443 reports that Microsoft has partnered with Scotland-based company Cojengo to provide diagnostic tools and disease surveillance data to small-scale farmers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania.

The company is offering their VetAfrica app as part of Microsoft’s 4Afrika initiative.  The app features an image rather than text-based under interface and uses an Azure back-end and server side scripting to collect live data that can be accessed by farmers to quickly and accurately diagnose livestock illness and identify the most effective treatment.

Vets and animal health workers can also use the app to access resources when working in rural areas, or to carry out disease surveillance and reporting. In addition, monthly livestock forms can be completed more quickly, enabling vets to visit up to 20 farms in one day, rather than four or five. The app can collect data off-line and transmit it when WIFI or GSM data is available.

Founder Craig Taylor said: “In the developing world there is a lack of professional veterinary services available to farmers and with 80% of the population across East Africa associated with agriculture, it’s vital that people have access to professional veterinary services like we do in the developed world and help keep the farmer’s livestock as healthy as possible.”

Cojengo has launched pilot projects with the Kenyan government and a private veterinarian distributor aims to develop a full suite of health and agriculture apps once VetAfrica has been widely adopted.

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Bing Translator App Updated With WP8.1 support and transparent live tile

Bing Translator Windows Phone

Less than a week after the last update Microsoft Bing team has today released another minor update to the Bing Translator app for Windows Phone 8 devices.  bingtranslateqr

This version of the app brings support for Windows Phone 8.1, including a transparent live tile.

Find the updated app in the Windows Phone Store here.

AdDuplex: Nokia Lumia 630/635 off to a good start


Germany, 24th July

AdDuplex has posted their monthly look at the Windows Phone market, and reports that Microsoft’s new low-end hero is off to a good start.

2 months after release the Nokia Lumia 630 is now the 13th most popular Windows Phone globally, moving up from the 20th position last month, while the 635 moved from position 31 to 27.

While globally the handset is still less than 3.5% of the market, in individual countries the handset is doing a lot better.

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WP8.1 Live Lock screens set to bring amazing lock screen weather animations (video)

The Windows Phone India Enthusiasts Facebook Group has brought us this video, which is a preview of #1Weather with Live Lock screen support.

The app is by the same team as #1 Toolkit and the video shows that the new Live Lock Screen API is much more powerful that we expected, and in the end may be a great contribution to Windows Phone.

See another demo of the great looking app after the break.

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Nokia Superman and Tesla apparently confirmed, coming soon


The Verge has joined in the rumours of the selfie-focussed Nokia Lumia 720 successor, and also added some more of their own.

They report that Stephen Elop has this week showed off the Nokia “Superman”, which is a 4.7 inch handset with a 5 megapixel front-facing camera at internal Microsoft meeting.

He also showed off the the Nokia “Tesla”, which they called an “affordable high-end phone” with a PureView camera.  That device will look similar to the Nokia Lumia 930, but be slimmer and less bulky.

Some high end devices are expected to arrive “very soon” according to an internal memo by Microsoft’s Jo Harlow and will probably launch with Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1.

HTC One for Windows passes WIFI certification, still heading to Verizon only


NokiaPoweruser has managed to tease out the model number of the more or less confirmed HTC One for Windows, and discovered its entry in the WIFI certification record.

The HTC6995LVW is confirmed to run Windows Phone 8.1, and according to AdDuplex features a 5 inch 1080P screen.

Unfortunately the model names once again confirmed the device is only heading to Verizon, which is a real pity given how popular such a handset would be internationally, and reminds us unfortunately of the Nokia Icon/930 saga, which was a real missed opportunity for Windows Phone.

The handset is expected to be released late in August and run the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1, GDR1.

HTC "One (M8) for Windows" coming to Verizon in Q3 2014

Engadget has been able to offer up some more information about the upcoming Windows Phone version of the HTC One M8.

The device will apparently be called the “One (M8) for Windows” or simply be code named the W8, and will retain much of the features of the Android version, including BoomSound speakers and the depth-sensing Duo camera.

Engadget also revealed the handset will support Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which would be a first for Windows Phone, and suggests the handset will ship with WP8.1 GDR1.

The device is expected in Q3 2014, and in any case before the end of September this year. WPC speculates the handset will be an identical clone to the M8, will cost around  $600 commitment free and $200 on contract and come with a Dot view case on the 21st August.

For Developers: Windows Phone gets CMake support


Writing on the Windows blog, Microsoft has revealed that early support for CMake in Windows Phone and Windows 8 is now available.

CMake is a cross-platform project files generator that enables re-use of shared C++ code across multiple IDEs or project systems. An early build of CMake that allows you to target Windows Store and Windows Phone apps is available on CodePlex here.

Microsoft is working with Kitware and CMake community to incorporate feedback and integrate it soon in the public CMake repository.

To learn more on using CMake for Windows Store and Windows Phone apps, MIcrosoft has created a short quick-start exercise (with sample code and installer) that developers can try out here.


Popular iOS and Android selfie app Facetune comes to Windows Phone

Facetune is a fun and powerful portrait & selfie photo editor. It gives you the ability to retouch and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits with ease, from the convenience of your phone.

The app provides easy-to-use, powerful tools to perfect every photo or selfie, making each one look like it came straight out of a high-fashion magazine.

The app can:

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