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As an avid gamer, I see the Windows Phone as a solid platform for mobile gaming. I will review almost every WP7 game and give you an idea if it is worth your money or not! In addition to gaming, I have been using Windows Mobile since 2005, and understand just about everything there is to know about the Windows Phone platform. Xbox Gamertag: DirtSurfer07 (add me!)

Week in Review: March 3rd

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the week!

More info about Action Center leaked

  • Developers can add/remove/group notifications seamlessly
  • Looks like it’ll be as good as Android/iPhone notifications + grouping

Facebook Messenger app released

  • Finally a quality Facebook messaging experience, developed by Facebook themselves
  • Push notifications actually work, conversations actually update, and stickers/pictures/seen by are supported!

Smaller on-screen keyboard might come with 8.1

  • A slide talking about 8.1 showed a mini on-screen keyboard, which could possibly be a new feature.
  • Large phablet devices could certainly benefit from a keyboard that doesn’t take up over half of the screen.

Week in Review: February 24th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we recap the top stories of the week!

WP 8.1 Start Screen background pictures leak

  • Apparently the background pic is applied to the tiles, and the background remains black or white
  • You’ll also apparently be able to select between 2 and 3 columns on devices like the 920

Facebook Messenger in development

  • Windows Phone will finally get the Facebook Messenger app
  • Integrated Facebook messaging will be removed from 8.1, and apparently the Messenger app will be pre-installed

HTC promises new WP handsets

  • HTC’s America president claimed that more Windows Phones are on the way
  • No further details were provided

Week in Review: February 17th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the week!

Backup in 8.1 slightly improved

  • Developers will have instant access to backing up app data to OneDrive
  • The OS will backup your Start screen layout and IE user history

Nokia teasing something big for MWC 2014

  • Released a Vine video saying that “something out of this world coming your way”
  • It seems to be WP related due to the #Imagin8 hash tag and use of a Lumia 1020
  • My guess would be Snapchat? The Vine features a girl taking lots of selfies

Nokia users can now disable vibrate on the capacitive buttons

  • The newly updated “touch” system settings app allows you to disable vibrate when touching the Start/Back/Search keys
  • It might require Black? It hasn’t worked for some users

Week in Review: February 10th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the week!

WP 8.1 Developer SDK reveals tons of new features

  • Windows 8 and WP apps are closely united through common API’s
  • Multiple volume controls
  • Weekly view in calendar
  • Geo-fencing API

8.1 supports background Start Screen images

  • Also, IE 11 will support tab sync between your computer and phone

8.1 adds “Do Not Disturb” features

  • Called “Quiet Hours”
  • Similar to iOS, can select hours to block calls/texts
  • Can allow up to 40 contacts to still contact you while in Quiet Hours

8.1 rumored to be coming in June/August, developer preview sooner

  • Developers should be able to get WP 8.1 in April, in time for the BUILD conference
  • However, the general release probably won’t be till June/August 2014, quite a ways away.

Invitations for WP 8.1 SDK sent to developers


This afternoon, top developers received an email inviting them to join the Windows Phone SDK Developer Preview Program. In the email, it was stated that…

You’ll get a head start on the new platform in exchange for trying out some new APIs and spot-checking app compatibility.

The SDK will include some new emulators running 8.1, which will probably be leaked by those who do not respect non-disclosure agreements.

The new SDK also promises new APIs, some of which are likely to include interacting with the new notification centre, but others will also help developers create more powerful applications.

Stay tuned to WMPoweruser to hear the latest! Once the SDK is released to the select developers, new features are sure to be leaked.

Week in Review: February 3rd

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we recap the top stories of the past week!

Notification center screenshots leak

  • Called the “Action Center”, accessible from a swipe from the top
  • Includes notifications grouped by app, and quick settings toggles
  • Apps apparently will be able to silently add/update/delete notifications

WP 8.1 rumored to have a new large tile size

  • A Twitter leaker posted the rumor, might not be the most reliable
  • No screenshots have leaked yet showing what the tile will look like

Popular game Flappy Bird now available!

  • WP is finally only a little late to receive this new popular iOS and Android game
  • It’s a Cave-like game with a retro theme

Week in Review: January 27th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the week!

Numerous fake 8.1 leaks

  • A number of “leaks”, including a video showing of Cortana, were released over the week
  • Most, if not all, are simply fakes. The creator of the video, WPLeaker, admitted that his video was fake.

8.1 coming April 2nd to developers

  • Tom Warren confirms that 8.1 will be available via the dev program by Build (April 2nd)
  • General release still hasn’t been stated

WP crosses 50 million users

  • According to AdDuplex, there are 38 million WP8 handsets, and 12 million WP7 handsets in use

Week in Review: January 20th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the week.

WP 8.1 rumored to come in April

  • Mary Jo Foley states that the WP 8.1 update will RTM just before April
  • Anticipates that the update will start being released to consumers by end of April
  • Efforts to unify Windows 8 and Windows Phone have apparently been pushed back

Specs of Lumia Icon/929 leak

  • These specs were leaked right on Verizon’s own website
  • The new Verizon handset will support Verizon’s payment system, ISIS.
  • Other specs include a 20 MP camera with optical stabilization, 1080p display, and 32 GB of storage

Asphalt 8, a popular racing game, is now free for all devices

  • Get it on your WP8 or Windows 8 device for free!

Nokia sold 8.2 million Lumias in Q4 2013

  • Unfortunately, this is down from last quarter, which was 8.8 million
  • However, this is still an 86% increase from last year!

Week in Review: January 13th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the week.

Nokia Black rolling out to unlocked Lumia 920′s and 820′s

  • Unlocked devices tend to get updates faster

Tinder pulls third-party app 6Tindr from Windows Phone store

  • The third party app developed by Rudy Huyn very closely copied the logo and name of Tinder
  • The app also accessed the Tinder API without permission
  • We’ll have to wait and see whether Rudy will be able to make an agreement with Tinder

Blackberry still has no plans to bring BBM to Windows Phone

  • Small Windows Phone market share is quoted for the reason

Week in Review: January 6th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we recap the top stories of the past week!

Windows Phone climbs ahead iPhone in numerous foreign countries

  • Currently the 2nd most used smartphone in India, Mexico, and 12 more countries
  • More Windows Phones shipped in 24 countries than iPhones in third quarter.

Candy Crush might come by end of Q1 2014

  • Although quite late, the popular (and now fading) game is rumored to be coming to Windows Phone.

App folders available for Nokia devices

  • Simply install Nokia’s “App Folder” app
  • Lets you create numerous folders of apps, and various settings
  • Opening a folder is slower than expected, though.

WP8 will be upgradeable to 8.1, confirmed by Microsoft

  • In case you had doubts, Greg Sullivan from Microsoft confirmed that all WP8 handsets will be upgradeable to WP 8.1.
  • However, how long it will take your carrier to actually approve and release the update is still a burning question.

App Review: Nearby, an alternate social network

Previously called WNM Live, Nearby is a rebranding of a different social networking app. The new update brings a fantastic face lift to the app. The main interface is elegant and beautiful. Notifications load instantly, and even update while inside the app. Overall, Nearby is a quality app, leagues ahead of the Facebook app Microsoft created.

However, Nearby lacks in one of the most important areas: the actual social network. Very few people use it. Despite the name, basically nobody is “nearby” me.

You can join different groups, but those are also significantly lacking. There’s a group for my city, but there’s only one member in it… and my city has a population of one million! Numerous other groups like hiking groups are sparsely populated. But it seems like flirting with internet strangers is quite popular.

There are a few complaints with the app itself too. When you first create an account, you can’t exit out of the app. And while some screens are beautiful, others are drastically bland and unappealing. And, for some reason, comments are displayed in reverse.

QRCodeBut despite those small issues, the app has plenty of features. You can IM with people, attach photos, and more. You can filter posts by distance. You can view profiles, favorite people, and upload your own photos. And there are definitely enough people to communicate on the network. However, you’ll most likely be communicating with people that are not “Nearby” you, and are probably from different cities or countries. If you enjoy meeting new internet people, check out Nearby for free!

Week in Review: December 30th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the past week.

Nokia Black update coming to China in next week

  • Will be available for Lumia 1020 and 925
  • Lumia 920 and other users will still have to wait a few months

Sony rumored to be creating a Windows Phone

  • Apparently prototypes have already been made
  • Mid-2014 release date is being rumored

New patent hints at cube-based interface

  • The patent appears to have multiple cubes instead of live tiles
  • Apps would also be switchable via a cube interface

Week in Review: December 23rd

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the past week!

Windows Phone may soon be jailbroken

  • Hackers called POANDSOUL claim to have successfully jailbroken the Lumia 920
  • Video was released, showing that they could enable 3 columns on the 920′s Start screen, among other things
  • Could mean a Cydia-like app store for Windows Phone

Microsoft releases Solitaire, Mahjong, and Minesweeper

  • All are free, and are Xbox Live titles with achievements
  • They do have advertisements though

Lumia 1520 only $49 on contract through Amazon

  • Price applies to new contracts only
  • If upgrading a contract, it is $99
  • For comparison, AT&T still sells it for $199

Camera comparison between 1520 and 1020

  • WindowsPhoneItaly took numerous comparison shots with the phones
  • 1520 was almost identical unless you inspect the images closely
  • Overall, produces excellent shots!