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Sky Blaze Super Summer Campaign

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Dawnbreak Studios Super Summer Campaign for Sky Blaze is now up and running! When downloading or updating the famous fireworks game before the end of June, Easter Island will be unlocked for you as a new playable landmark, and it´s all FREE!

After the campaign is over, you will still keep your brand new landmark forever but it can never be aquired again after June has ended.

Following is the full description for Sky Blaze:

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Sky Blaze V1.4 out now!

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The top rated free Windows Phone game Sky Blaze has recently been updated to version 1.4. Multitouch has been added  for gamers who like to use dual thumbs instead of an index finger to swipe rockets on screen.

A new way to pay for IAP has also been added, a service named “Fortumo”. Fortumo makes it possible to pay for in-app purchases simply by sending a text message from your phone. That way you do not need to have a credit card connected to your phone to make the most of Sky Blaze.
On top of that a new playable landmark was also added to the game. This time, The Giant Pyramid in Giza, Egypt was chosen due to requests from Dawnbreaks community.
Want to have a saying in which landmark is added in the next update? Head over to Dawnbreak Studios Facebook page and make your voice heard! Your suggestion might just be the next big thing!

The full description for Sky Blaze follows:

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Sky Blaze v1.2 out now

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Sky Blaze for Windows Phone has been updated to version 1.2! In the latest update some additions were made to the gameplay, adding 10 brand new rocket waves to complete. A new famous playable landmark was also added and this time Chichen Itza in Mexico was chosen due to requests from fans.

Want to have a saying in which famous landmark is added in the next update of Sky Blaze? Head over to Dawnbreak Studios Facebook page  and make your voice heard. Your suggestion might be picked the next time!

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New Windows Phone game Sky Blaze released today!

Dawnbreak Studios, producers of the famous Windows Phone game Ragdoll Run, have announced that their new game Sky Blaze has been released today in the Windows Phone Store.

Sky Blaze is a fast paced arcade game where the player’s goal is to smash rockets in order to produce colorful explosions across the sky. It is an endless game with randomly generated levels where players can compete for the best high score either locally on their phone or globally in the online high score lists.

Swipe green rockets while avoiding the red ones. Blue rockets builds powerful combo chains to maximize your high score and yellow ones starts small minigames.

Sky Blaze is a free download with In-app purchases but the system to make a purchase is constructed to be fair against players. Unlike many other mobile games, Sky Blaze does not keep asking for your money. Instead, you can make an optional one-time purchase to unlock all the content of the game and you even get to decide the price. Pay bare minimum to unlock everything or throw in some more money to support the team? Either way is fine and you decide.QR Code

The launch trailer for Sky Blaze can be viewed HERE and you can get the game for free HERE!

Give the game a spin and make sure to leave a rating!

Ragdoll Run 2.1 is out now!

Ragdoll Run is a free game available for both WP7 and WP8 which has recently been updated to V2.1. This time a new “Powers” section has been added to the ingame shop. Players can now upgrade the abilities of ragdolls as well as buying coin lassos to capture more coins and increase their revenue. On top of that a ton of new costumes for ragdolls has been added as well as new wallpapers and a beautiful new theme for the game.

This is everything new in V2.1:QR Code generator

  • Added 12 new costumes for ragdolls in the Ragshop
  • Added 1 new ingame background in the Ragshop
  • Added 9 new wallpapers (lockscreens) for you phone in the Ragshop
  • Added “Powers” section in the Ragshop including Abilityboost, Coin Lasso, Revenue boost and Reviver

The free version of Ragdoll Run can be downloaded HERE or at the QR Code.

Ragdoll Run Premium can be downloaded HERE for $0.99. The Premium version unlocks 25.000 Ragdollars for ingame shopping (normal cost: $1.99) and unlocks the Premium exclusive characters Bobo and Snorre.

Ragdoll Run 2.0 is finally here!

After months of hard work, Ragdoll Run 2.0 has launched at the Windows Phone Store! So what does 2.0 bring to the table?

The biggest improvement is that a shop has been added to the game, which has been the single most requested feature from the gamers. The ability to save coins and jewels has been removed and all collectibles in the game has instead been unified in a in-game currency called “Ragdollars”. Players earns Ragdollars from every race and can use Ragdollars to buy new costumes for all characters, in-game themes and beautiful lockscreens for their phones. Ragdoll Run now has in-app purchases so if a player needs more Ragdollars they can simply buy packages with either Paypal or by simply sending a text message.

Gamers who has already collected a bunch of coins and jewels in earlier versions will of course not be left out. When updating to 2.0, all earlier collected coins and jewels will be converted to Ragdollars.

With more than 2 million downloads, Ragdoll Run is one of the most downloaded games for Windows Phone. Following is everything new in Ragdoll Run 2.0:

Whats new? (v2.0)

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  • Added unified currency “Ragdollars” (Collected coins and jewels will be automatically converted to RD)
  • Your total score from every race will now earn you Ragdollars
  • Added In-game shop “Ragshop”
  • Added 24(!) new costumes for characters in the Ragshop
  • Added 2 new In-game backgrounds in the Ragshop
  • Added 3 new wallpapers (lock-screens) for your phone in the Ragshop
  • Changed the unlock criteria for Cookie, Flurry, Papa Joe, Snorre and Jolly
  • Changed the value of Coins
  • Changed the value of Jewels
  • Balanced Chicky’s ability “Easter Egg”
  • Added new icon to Ragdoll Run


Ragdoll Run comes in two versions, one Free which can be downloaded HERE and one Premium version for $0.99 which can be downloaded HERE. The Premium version removes ads and unlocks 25.000 Ragdollars to use for in-game purchases (Normal cost: $1.99). The QR-code can also be used to download Ragdoll Run.

Ragdoll Run V1.8 out now!

Ragdoll Run V1.8 is out now at the Windows Phone Store! This is what has been improved:

What’s new (V1.8)

  • Added Live tile when Ragdoll Run is pinned to the start screen on the phone
  • Updated abilities for Dixie and Zipper to include all Power-ups
  • Changed the unlock criteria for Cookie

Ragdoll Run is one of the top most downloaded games in the Windows Phone Store.

Download the Free ad supported version HERE!

Download the Premium adfree version which also unlocks two special characters HERE!

Ragdoll Run v1.6 is here!

Dawnbreak Studios has released an update to the famous game “Ragdoll Run”! This time the main character from Dawnbreaks game Papa Joe takes up the challenge to race for the worlds best highscore!

QR Code generatorWHAT´S NEW? (V 1.6)

  • Added new character Papa Joe
  • Added Sapphires
  • Changed default control to “Tap to jump”

Get the Premium ad-free version which unlocks two extra characters HERE or use the QR!

The free version of Ragdoll Run can be downloaded HERE!

Ragdoll Run 1.5 out now!

QR Code generatorThe top free game Ragdoll Run has been updated to version 1.5! The Premium version of the game has received a new character called “Snorre”. Both the Free and Premium version has received rubys for players to collect and raise their highscores.

Happy gaming!

Get Ragdoll Run Premium here or follow the QRCode.

Ragdoll Run v1.3 out now!

Ragdoll Run v1.3 is probably the best update yet for the game and features two new characters. The first one is available both in Free and Premium version of the game, called Flurry the snowman. Bobo the Yeti is the second character, available in Ragdoll Run Premium.

QR Code generatorThis is the full list of what´s new in 1.3:

  • Added new character Flurry
  • Added new character Bobo (Premium Character)
  • Added Emeralds
  • Changed Game Over screen to display relevant information
  • Now you can keep all collected Coins and Emeralds
  • Expanded Local High score to display top 30 players
  • Expanded Global High score to display top 100 players
  • Added new level sections
Ragdoll Run Premium is available at $0.99 here or at the QR-code. Ragdoll Run Free can be downloaded here.

Ragdoll Run v1.2 out now!

Ragdoll Run has been updated to version 1.2 and the focus has been to improve responsiveness and compability on older phones. This is what’s new:

  • Added a Settings menu
  • Alternative controller options
  • Graphic settings to improve gameplay on older devices
  • Three different Difficulty options
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Added large coins (worth two normal coins)

Ragdoll Run is currently in the top 5 free games in most countries and has beendownloaded more than 250.000 times.

Ragdoll Run Premium, which removes ads can be downloaded here!

The free version with ads can be downloaded here!

Ragdoll Run v1.1 + Premium for Windows Phone

Ragdoll Run has been out at the Windows Phone Marketplace for a week and currently holds the number one place for top free platformers in the United States and Russia. To celebrate, Dawnbreak Studios has launched the first update which brings two additional characters, smoother controls and some minor fixes.

On top of that, Dawnbreak Studios has released a Premium version of Ragdoll Run for $0.99. Ragdoll Run Premium disables ads and provides more screen space for the game.

Get Ragdoll Run at: here.

Get Ragdoll Run Premium at: here.

Ragdoll Run – A new take on freerunners

Easy to pick up. Impossible to put down.

Dawnbreak Studios presents a mindblowing new take on freerunners. Venture into a spectacular world of ragdolls and compete against the whole world online! Thanks to the colorful 3D graphics and intuitive gesture-based gameplay, this is the perfect game for both children and adults.


Swipe up to jump. Swipe down when on green blocks to rotate the stage. Now you are good to go!


Choose a character and start running! We will add new ragdolls continuously in updates, which will of course always be free. All ragdolls have different abilities, guaranteeing different play styles.


High resolution 3D graphics in 60 FPS serves a visually stunning experience and the playful art style makes Ragdoll Run stand out from the competition.


Want to compete locally on your phone or against the whole world online? Or take part in Ragdoll Runs weekly

challenges? It’s all your choice.

QR Code generatorFeatures

  • High res 3D Graphics in 60 FPS
  • Unlockable characters
  • Online leaderboard
  • Intuitive gesture based controls
  • Soundtrack by Alexander Darland

Find Ragdoll Run in the Windows Phone Store here.