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Masters of Trivia – A new free game for WP8 available now

Masters of Trivia Game Play 1 Masters of Trivia Game Play 2 Masters of Trivia High Scores

Masters of Trivia is an online picture trivia game. You play it in real time against everyone else.
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The game is a quick, time based game, you want to answer as many questions as you can in 40 seconds. When the time is up, your answers and the high scores are shown before a new game starts.

If you keep answering correctly, the point value for each question goes up but as soon as you get one wrong, it goes back to the starting value (a lot like the TV game show The Weakest Link).

If you get stuck you can use hints to remove a wrong answer. Hints cost 10 or 15 credits, you can earn credits by adding questions, getting all the questions correct in a game or winning the weekly masters tournament.

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Navigation Shortcuts for WP8 updated with improved searching

Navigation Shortcuts makes it easy to start navigating to your destination quickly.

You can pin tiles for destinations with pictures or icons to the start screen to quickly launch your default navigation software (any navigation app that supports Microsoft’s DriveTo protocol will work, this includes Nokia Drive)

The app really shines with the voice commands it adds to your phone. You can start navigation by simply holding down the start button and saying Navigate, Home (or any other destination name).

Version 1.2 improves the search capabilities when adding destinations (using Nokia’s Here Places API)