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Missed Church Today? Try Roman Catholic Daily Readings

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According to the 2012 census, the number of Roman Catholics of the world is about 1.196 billion. Smartphones can be of great help to the faithful.

Roman Catholic Daily Readings, is an app that delivers just what the title promises.  Opening the app shows the Roman Catholic daily mass readings for the current day. It also allows you to share them via email, SMS or social networks.  On Windows Phone 8 you can even have the app speak the readings aloud for you.

Roman Catholic Daily Readings can be downloaded here or by using the QR code.

Change Your Lock Screen Text Without Losing The Image You Love


As we know, there are a TON of lock screen apps out there, but they all focus on the image.  A lot of people want to add something to the lock screen without changing the image.  Enter Lock Screen Text.  This app allows you to simply change the text on the lock screen, while maintaining whatever image is there.

By default the text on your lock screen shows your next calendar appointment, but the fact is there are people out there that don’t use the calendar and would prefer something else on the lock screen.  If you are one of these people, Lock Screen Text makes a lot of sense.

So far the app has received over 60 positive reviews.  People are adding poems, love notes, to-do lists, emoticons, secret messages, and all sorts of other cool stuff to the lock screen.  I have even seen some ASCII art.

The app is free, and you can grab it at the Windows Phone Store here or by using the QR code above.