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Volume, a powerful sound volume management app

Have you ever been brutally woken up at night by some loud notification coming from your phone? Or maybe your phone started ringing during an important meeting, just because you didn’t remember to turn off the sound?

Not any more! Take a look at Volume, a great sound volume management app for Windows Phone.

Volume is a simple but powerful app that can automatically manage the sound volume of your phone. You can easily configure it to best match your lifestyle and preferences.

Aside from the automated volume management, this app provides convenient shortcuts to control the sound volume manually. Those shortcuts can be pinned as live tiles for quick access from your home screen.

Volume can also integrate with your calendar and automatically turn off the sound during important meetings and other appointments. This feature is designed carefully so that it is really helpful. Your calendar probably contains many events, and you don’t need your phone silent for all of them. Volume handles this nicely.

Another convenient feature of this app is its notification system. Volume can notify you whenever it changes the sound automatically, so that you always know what is happening. You can select different sound and voice notifications to really adjust it to your liking.

Even in this first version Volume is one really useful app. More features will be coming in next versions like location-based profiles, more notifications sounds and others.

The Volume app is created by Enless Soft, the people behind Battery, the most successful battery management app for Windows Phone with nearly 2.5 million downloads.

Please note, that Volume only works on Windows Phone 8 devices.


Version 2.0 of Battery is out!

When the first version of Battery landed in the Windows Phone marketplace, it instantly became a total hit. Step by step it conquered #4 in “best rated” and #9 in “top free” for “Tools & Productivity” category in USA. Today, 420 000 downloads and 14 000 ratings later, version 2.0 is out!

Among other improvements and fixes, the new version of Battery introduces the long-awaited statistics feature (screenshots above). You can now see in a convenient way how your battery performs, what are your battery-draining habits and everything else you might want to analyse.

You can browse aggregated statistics by month, week or day. Charts are also available and for those of you who want all the information, raw log of all recorded battery events is also provided. Furthermore, Battery shows what percent of the time you are using certain feature, for example it can tell you what percent of the time you have your location service on.

During those five months since the first release of Battery, the list of supported features has grown enormously. Today Battery is probably the most feature-full battery app for Windows Phone. Take a look for yourself:

General features:

  • shows current battery charge percent
  • shows remaining time until power off
  • shows remaining time until battery is fully charged (when the phone is connected to external power source)
  • shows phone connectivity status (WiFi, Bluetooth, Location, Data connection, Airplane mode)
  • shortcuts to connectivity settings
  • magnificent live tile
  • lock screen integration
  • exceptional Modern (Metro) design

Notification features:

  • notification when the battery is low
  • notification when the battery is discharging quickly
  • notification when the battery is fully charged
  • enable/disable each separate notification
  • disable notifications at night

Live tile features:

  • background color based on the current charge percent
  • icon color based on the current charge percent
  • shows the current battery charge percent
  • shows the remaining time until power off
  • shows the remaining time to full battery charge
  • small tile support
  • wide tile support

Statistics features

  • Monthly, weekly and daily statistics
  • Charts
  • Raw battery event log

An impressive list, right? But that’s not all. More features are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Battery, a great free app for Windows Phone 8

With Windows Phone 8, many new features came to our favorite mobile operating system. One of them allows apps to query the current state of the phone battery. And here comes Battery, a great battery management app.

Battery is a small and useful app that gives you all the information you need about the battery of your phone. But there is more! From within the app you can quickly see the status of different battery-draining phone features, like WiFi, Bluetooth and others. One tap and you are in the settings screen where you can enable or disable the feature.

Battery also has a great notification system. It can notify you for different battery-related events: when the battery is getting low, when the battery charging has completed or if your battery is draining quicker than normal.

And, let’s not forget the live tile! As in all apps by Enless Soft, the live tile is designed with special care. It is highly customizable and really, really beautiful (middle screenshot). It can be set to either change the background color or the icon color based on the remaining battery charge. Small tiles are also supported.

While there are still some missing features, Battery is one great app. Extended battery statistics, lock screen integration and other features are coming in the next versions.

Please note, that Battery only works on Windows Phone 8 devices.

Birthdays Diary, a great birthdays app for Windows Phone

Have you ever forgotten about the birthday of a friend? Or maybe remembered it, planned to send a greeting, but then it just snapped out of your head? Now we all have something to help us, on our lovely Windows Phones.

Birthdays Diary is a great little app that aids you when it comes to birthdays. It can show you all birthdays coming soon and also allows you to greet your friends immediately. You can browse birthdays by day, week or month. You can also quickly jump to see birthdays for a specific date or search for the birthday of a friend.

One of the best things about Birthdays Diary is its live tile. It allows you to peek at coming birthdays from your home screen. The tile looks really beautiful and is very customizable. You can select what information is displayed on the front and on the back side. For example, you can choose to see a random coming birthday on the front and the number of all birthdays for today on the back side.

Birthdays Diary has an official Facebook page. To discuss the app directly with the developer, you could go to the official forum thread on xda-developers.

Jigsolve Me! updated to version 1.3

Jigsolve Me!, one of the best jigsaw puzzle games for Windows Phone, has been updated to version 1.3.

About the game.

Jigsolve Me! is a free, simple and fun jigsaw puzzle game. As in all picture puzzle games, your goal is to match all puzzle pieces to complete a picture. The unique about jigsaw puzzles is that they consist of oddly shaped interlocking pieces. Unlike simple tile puzzles with square pieces, jigsaw puzzles are much more fun to play with.

What’s new? 

The most important addition to version 1.3 is the ability to import and solve custom images. Once imported, your image is added to the gallery and you can play with it whenever you want. What’s more, you can import an image not only from within the game, but also instantly while browsing your pictures.

In this update fifteen new images have been added to the gallery. They are all really beautiful and make a nice addition to the game.

In-game performance was improved and now even a game with many pieces runs smoothly. Optimizations were made for the image gallery as well, so image browsing is also better.

Jigsolve Me! has an official Facebook page. To discuss the app directly with the developer, you could go to the official forum thread on xda-developers.


LED Flashlight updated to version 1.2

LED Flashlight, one of the best flashlight apps for Windows Phone, has been updated to version 1.2. As you might have guessed, this app utilizes the LED light on your phone to brighten up your darkest moments. It is a very simple, but polished flashlight app. And it’s free.

Version 1.2 adds even more silver shining. The most important new feature is the ability to configure the live tile of the app. It is now fully customizable. You can select from five icons, several background effects and you can configure colors. There are a few built-in themes available, which will give you a beautiful look with only a single tap. You can see some examples in the following screenshots:

LED Flashlight has an official Facebook page. To discuss the app directly with the developer, you could go to the official forum thread on xda-developers.


Lightning Dial updated to version 1.4

Lightning Dial, the free shortcut organizer app for Windows Phone, was updated to version 1.4. In case you never heard of it, this app allows you to create shortcuts to web pages, contacts, settings, marketplace, etc. Once defined, shortcuts are presented nicely in a grid and can be invoked quickly.

Customizable live tile.
Among the most important new features is the ability to customize the live tile of the app. Since this is a shortcut organizer and speed dial app, it is designed to be pinned to your start screen for quicker access. Having the ability to customize the look of the live tile is really important and makes a nice addition. Some examples can be seen in the following screenshots:

More shortcuts. 

For those of you who needed more shortcuts, it is now possible to enable two additional shortcut pages. Including the three originally available, this sums up to five pages. With twelve shortcut positions on each page, you can now have up to sixty shortcuts.

You can download Lightning Dial for free.


Jigsolve Me!: nice and free jigsaw puzzle game

Jigsolve Me! is a free, simple and fun jigsaw puzzle game for Windows Phone. As in all picture puzzle games, your goal is to match all puzzle pieces to complete a picture. What’s unique about jigsaw puzzles is that they consist of oddly shaped interlocking pieces. Unlike simple tile puzzles with square pieces, jigsaw puzzles are much more fun to play with.

In Jigsolve Me! you can either choose from four quick-game settings or start a fully customized game. If you choose the latter, you will be able to select the image, the size of the pieces, whether you want rotation and some other options. The game includes 30 images separated in categories. Want more? In one of the next updates you will be able to download many more images from within the game.

A great thing about Jigsolve Me! is that it actually uses the whole screen for solving the puzzle. No ads or any other unnecessary objects are displayed during gameplay. This is important for any smartphone game, but even more crucial for a jigsaw puzzle.

Another good feature of the game is the ability to save and load games. You probably won’t need this on easy or normal difficulty, but if you decide to go with the higher difficulties, such feature might come in handy.

Even with full screen gameplay, you might sometimes feel overcrowded with puzzle pieces and have a hard time “seeing the big picture”. This is easily dealt with using the “lock” feature. You can lock a puzzle piece (or a couple of pieces) by tap-and-hold. Locked pieces are always displayed behind other pieces and are not moveable. With this feature you can easily put solved pieces out of your way.

You can download download Jigsolve Me! for free. Also, you might want to visit the Facebook page of the game.


Free speed dial and shortcut organizer app

We all love our smartphones and we all have our “favorites” when it comes to things we do from our phone. Whether it is sharing our status, calling our loved ones or texting co-workers, there are always these things we do again and again. Have you ever felt like you want to organize them and be able to get them done faster?

Now you can do it on your Windows Phone!

Lightning Dial is a free app that allows you to create shortcuts and organize them. Those shortcuts provide easier and quicker access to things you do frequently. The following is a list of shortcuts that are currently available in the app:

  • Call phone – speed-dial a contact of your choice
  • Send email/SMS – quickly send an email or SMS to a predefined address/number. You can even select the default message and subject and only fill in the blanks
  • Browse a web page – opens a web page of your choice in the browser
  • Share your status – instantly post your status on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks supported by Windows Phone
  • Open connection settings – if you have to change some of these frequently (like turning Wi-Fi on/off), it will be much faster with a shortcut than going through the settings menu every time
  • Open the marketplace – open the Windows Phone marketplace for music or apps
  • Open Bing Maps – see your current location in the Bing Maps application
  • Do a search – quickly do a search using the advanced built-in search dialog (this is different than clicking the Search button on your phone)
  • More shortcuts coming in future versions

What’s great about this app is that it has a very intuitive and simple user interface. Shortcuts are organized in a grid and you can drag-and-drop them to reorder or delete. You are presented with three pages of shortcuts. The main page is displayed when you launch the app and the left and right are just a swipe away.

It is true that some of those shortcuts could be pinned to the home screen as Live Tiles. However, after the Mango release more and more apps are being released with great dynamic Live Tiles and you might soon find your home screen with far too many tiles to be usable. Why lose space with a static shortcut tile when you can have all your shortcuts in one app?

You can download Lightning Dial for free.