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Lucas is a Microsoft hardcore user. He is actually using a Nokia Lumia 920, but has been using Symbian devices before. From Smartphones over Windows to Xbox he is completely up to date and knows almost everything that is going on in the tech world right now.

Nokia Germany explains how to make the switch to Lumia

Screenshot (17)

Switching to a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone can be very easy if you know the right tools, but if you do not, it can also be a pain in the butt. Nokia Germany seems to have acknowledged this and put a site online which explains how to migrate you data from your old device to your new one and even how to find the apps which matter to you.

For BlackBerry, iPhones and Android devices the procedure is more or less the same: First you have to copy your files with Welcome Home to Windows Phone, then you need to use the app AppSwitch to find all your apps and last but not least you need to sync your data from your PC or Mac to your new device with Microsoft’s Windows Phone app – that is how Nokia describes the switch.

Nokia also explains how to switch from your old Nokia to your new smartphone.

The (German) site can be found here and may be helpful to people who are not quite techies yet.

Marketing à la Nokia Germany – this is how you do it right!

Nokia, especially Nokia Germany, is known for some serious marketing. Be it funny Tweets, funny bashing of their competitors to things like these:

Today is official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, so Nokia sent some beautiful, colorful cupcakes to journalists and bloggers all around Germany – even the PR team of Samsung was sent a box full of the little cakes. Now, what was so special about these cupcakes Nokia gave away? Well, look yourself…Screenshot (16)

The note on each cupcake is saying “First is not always better. The Nokia Lumia 930 for a more colorful galaxy! #lumiaiscoming”. Given the fact that these were not only sent to independent journalists, but also to Samsung-only bloggers and even the Samsung Germany PR team, this is simply genius!

I really really think this is a gorgeous idea to promote something when all eyes are on a competitor at the moment – what do you think?

Switching from small to big–ditching the Lumia 920 for a 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone

I had the opportunity of taking a brief look at the Lumia 1520 at the Nokia blogger meeting late last year. I was pretty impressed with it but I also thought it was too huge for me. Anyway, some time ago Nokia sent me a Lumia 1520 trial device because I always wanted to test it in normal conditions as my main device. While I was annoyed by the size in the first hours I ended up buying myself one , as  you will read after the break.

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How do you carry your Lumia 1520?

Screenshot (12)

The Lumia 1520 is a huge-buttocks device and therefore does not fit in every pocket. For me personally the Lumia 1520 is a phone I can barely pocket into my trousers; I have a few jeans it fits in but there are some the half phone peeks out off, and there are many others with the same problem.

As a result of this some people are getting themselves holsters for phones (but seriously guys, do not do that! You look like an idiot with these!) or always wear jackets so they can put it there. I am that kind of person who always “hides” the phone in their trousers’ pockets. I got myself a screen protector as the pants’ stuff rubs directly on the screen and I really hate scratches which can be easily caused this way if there is only a little bit of sand or similar in your pocket, but with a protector I am good to go. If it is not too hot I put it into my jacket or coat.

But how about our readers? Where do you keep you gigantic phone? Do you like having something huge in your pants, or do you prefer putting it into the jacket? Maybe you are one of these people with a holster? Let us know in the comments below!

Picture: BestBoyZ

iTranslate now available for Windows Phone

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The popular mobile translator app for iOS iTranslate is now also available on Windows Phone. While Bing Translator does a good job, it only offers one possible translation. Also having popular apps from other platforms is good by itself, as people who switch from other platforms will feel much more familiar.

In a short test the app was found to be quite nice. The translating process is fast, the app is kept simple but is still nice looking – only the advertisement banner on the bottom was a little disturbing. The app even translated more complex sentences correctly, which is something only few translation services can do, and the read aloud feature also pronounces everything correctly as well.

The app offers a Pro version for an expensive at €4.49 which disables the ads and allows unlimited  length  of translation. Still, that is not a huge issue as the quality of the translations is A+.

See the full description after the break.

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Official Ampya music streaming app coming to Windows Phone this year

Screenshot (8)

Ampya, a German music streaming service owned by the TV channel group Sat1/Pro7 AG has once again  confirmed  an app for Windows Phone is on the way. The last time we asked we only got a confirmation that an app is being planned, but this time we even got a release date, kind of.

The official Twitter page of Ampya, @ampya, said the app will come this year, but unfortunately only in the 3rd quarter. This is quite a long time considering they needed about a year for the development. However, it is good to hear the plans have not been dropped and the app is still coming.

Also in Germany we have a saying: What takes longer will become even better. Let’s just hope this will apply to that app as well…

Are out German readers already excited about the Ampya app? Let us know below!

Unofficial Steam Chat app coming to Windows Phone

steam chat

The app gap on Windows Phone is the main thing people are critizicing about the OS,  it is becoming smaller, and even Nokia is aknowledging it.

Now another app is coming to Microsoft’s mobile phone platform: Steam Chat. Steam is a very popular gaming service, comparable with Xbox, for computers with hundreds of thousands of users.

The video after the break shows the app is not ready yet but already looks pretty nice.

Are you already excited about the app? See the video teaser after the break.
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Interview: Malte Götz, app developer

bild2He has a talent for app development, which was the reason we reviewed his app 10 min recipes here. I am talking about Malte Götz, a young app developer from D’Dorf, Germany. We agreed to meet in Cologne and we asked him a few questions about his work as a developer and about himself. Since developers are very important for a mobile OS’s ecosystem, young developers are even more so, as they have their while career to contribute,  and Malte demonstrates well that being young does not mean you cannot have a lot of  experience and skill already! Find the interview after the break!

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Did you know? Picsart is available on Windows Phone.

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Picsart, a not unpopular image editing app, is available for Windows Phone for some time already. Besides basic features like resizing and cropping images you even get Photoshop features like the clone tool. You can also draw inside pictures, use clipart or masks, add text or borders. In terms of features it is probably one of the most advanced photo editing software on Windows Phone, but it is also a fast growing social network.

The app has a nice look and works very fast. You can find it here for free.

Deal: Lumia 520 for €95 at REAL


German super market REAL is offering the Lumia 520 for only 95 Euro today only in all its stores.

The very popular low end windows phone already had a very good price point in relation to its features, which was the reason it became the best selling Windows Phone ever.

It sports a 4″ 480x800px screen, a five MPX camera without LED, Nokia HERE Drive navigation, supersensitive touch and a 1GHZ dual core processor with 512MB RAM. It is a great device for kids or people who don’t need a high end smartphone or are getting their first smartphone ever.

What about our readers? Will they be picking one up?

Measure your heart rate on your phone in seconds without needing to buy a Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 claimed to be the first phone with a heart rate sensor when it was announced. However, this may be only true in terms of hardware, since every phone with a LED flash and a camera can measure your heart rate, too.

The LED lights through your finger and the camera detects you heart rate – simple as that. In the Windows Phone store there are apps for this too. One of them is Instant Heart Rate.

f00dd14b-cf26-4ab1-9963-f0b79c35c495[1]There are only a few things to say about it: It works, it works quickly, and it looks great. That is everything. There is a free trial available and if you want to buy it, you have to pay 1.99$, which is quite much for such an app, but not totally unfair.

Otherwise, if you want a free app, which works the same, only is a little slower and doesn’t look that good, you can check out Heart Rate.

ee609243-6d4b-4ea4-ad16-2e1043d8cb9f[1]Not so innovative anymore, what, Samesung? ;)

What Microsoft needs to do with Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox

Untitled_1Many, many new Windows Phone 8.1 features have been leaked already but there is still much more to come –  It was by far not everything! No one can argue Windows Phone 8.1 is not a step in the right direction and it will be a huge update which will boost the OS in so many ways.

Still, if Microsoft wants to succeed, it needs to do more – not with Windows, not with Windows Phone, not with Xbox – but with all of them.

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