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Do you believe that Microsoft is doing enough to promote Windows Phone?


The Kantar numbers are out, and it seems that the results are a mixed bag. Android continues it’s huge growth, whereas Windows Phone is gaining and losing in some markets.

This leads to the elephant in the room, is Microsoft doing enough to promote the OS? Many people believe that only Nokia is doing all the promotion and bringing in the applications, whereas others are crediting Microsoft for Windows Phone’s presence and growth.

Do you think that Microsoft is doing enough to bring new customers to the platform, or are they underperforming? Comment on your thoughts and opinion.

Nokia Lumia 950: Predictions For The Next Generation Flagship


As the readers of this site know, the Lumia 920 was released around November and the Lumia 925 was a mid-life refresh for the phone; same internals while fixing the biggest complaints. In a few months, Nokia will be unveiling a next generation flagship phone that will compete directly with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the next generation iPhone. This list of features is entirely speculative, so don’t take this as a rumor. This list is accounting for what the competition has and what is to come for Windows Phones.  The name was chosen because of a leaked prototype that was very bare-bones…

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Reader Question: Are there any apps that you really miss or want?

For the longest time, the people that look at Windows Phone in a negative light always seem to complain the most about a “lack of apps“.  However, since the Windows Phone ecosystem has more than 125 000 apps (some places say 150 000), app count is no longer a major gripe in contrast to other OSes, such as Playbook OS/BB10.

That does not mean that there are all the apps that are seen as “Essential” by users of other platforms.  Many apps are missing.  Now then, the question is for those who jumped from iOS or Android (And even users of Windows Phone from day 1):  What apps do you miss or wish to have?

Post what you believe is essential and missing in the comments below.

Don’t like Google’s behaviour? Complaint To The Consumer Watchdog

Google is at war with Windows Phone, and us users are the victims. They have been systematically cutting the quality of services they offer to Windows Phone users, culminating in today’s events, which casts a different light on earlier issues, such as recently breaking 3rd party YouTube apps on Windows Phone, and of course removing Exchange ActiveSync from Google Mail.

As regular users we can of course not petition the FTC ourselves, but we can make complaints to organizations such as the Consumer Watchdog, who can.

This doesn’t only concern Windows Phone users, but EVERY SINGLE USER OF TECHNOLOGY.  If they can get away with doing it on Windows Phone, who says the won’t do it to other non-Google platforms, such as the Amazon Kindle Fire or the Android phones used in China which doi not use Google’s services. They may even cut off the Microsoft Surface from accessing some Google services in an effort to kill the Windows RT tablet initiative.

If they pull that off, they will grant themselves a monopoly in many sections of the tech world, such as mobile (Android), web browser (Google Chrome), IP of their choice and Google fiber and so on.

Do your bit to stop this from happening.  Contact the Consumer Watchdog by clicking here.

Petition for Google apps on Windows Phones

To this day, Google has ignored Windows Phone users by making the controversial and arguably anti-competitive decision to not build apps for the platform beyond a very basic search app.  Here is a petition that the goal is to make Google hear the Windows Phone community and to get them on the path of making polished apps on the Windows Phone platform.

Sign by clicking here.