All posts by midoBB 2.0 offers tons of new features

The Windows Phone app from midoBB is a nice alternative to access dictionaries in a format specifically adapted to the Windows Phone.

The update is already live at the marketplace for free. This app lets you select from multiple dictionaries and to save your search results. Additional features for includes:

  • Support for Audio pronunciation.
  • Ability to pin dictionaries to home screen for fast access.
  • English thesaurus dictionary. now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace

This application provides access to the dictionaries on in a format specifically adapted to the Windows Phone.
Dictionaries include :
  • English-Spanish dictionaries
  • English-French-English dictionaries
  • English-Italian-English dictionaries
  • English-Portuguese-English dictionaries
  • Plus many more dictionaries

Featuresqrcode :

  • fast and easy access to’s dictionaries
  • history of recent searches
  • save feature to have offline access
  • nearly all of the features of the online dictionaries including:
  • multiple dictionaries
  • extensive list of compound forms