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Peregrine Twitter Client Updated for Windows Phone 8


One of the free twitter clients for Windows Phone, “Peregrine“ has just been updated to take advantage of the new Windows Phone 8 infrastructure, resulting it much better performance and better integration with the phone.

Of some of the new features is lock screen support, so you can see how many tweets, mentions and messages you have without even unlocking your phone. There’s also support for small, medium and large (wide) tiles as well.

Peregrine continues to have the “pull-to-refresh” feature, which is now much improved in this new release, and quick-glance to see unread mentions and messages without having to pivot to these columns and waiting for them to load. It also continues to remember your last position when you left the app, so you can quickly resume where you left off – this feature has been further improved in this new release as well with a much faster and more consistent resume of the scroll position.

Peregrine has always been free and supported by limited ads, but this new release adds In-App purchasing to allow you to disable the adds for $0.99.

Download Peregrine v2.0 for your Windows Phone 8 today here.

Major update to Peregrine Mango Twitter client

Auto-completion Some of the settings for the background task

Live-tile support:

The free Peregrine twitter client just received a major update, setting it apart among free and even paid twitter clients. The app was already selected a “Top 5 app” by AppStoreHQ a few weeks ago, and this update makes it even better.

Since v1.0 Peregrine has been a Mango app, getting superior scroll performance, and using compressed web requests (something not possible prior to Mango) to load data much faster – especially over a slow connection. The latest release adds features such as:

  • Live Tile : Shows number of unread tweets, mentions and messages.
  • Background checks : Can check for new tweets, mentions and messages while the app is not running. This is all configurable, and disables when battery saver mode is on, or you can choose to only check when not on a data connection to save on your data plan. Some twitter apps uses push notification instead, but this requires a server which usually moves the app into the paid category.
  • Notifications : Notifies you if a there are new mentions, messages or tweets (all configurable) while the app is not running.
  • Auto-completion of usernames: A feature missing in a lot of Windows Phone twitter clients, which helps you to spell that username just right when tweeting.

peregineGrab the update today for free, and start tweeting on your Mango device!