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Voice Calculator for Windows Phone

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Voice Calculator uses the Voice Recognition portion of Windows Phone to allow the user to speak a calculation he or she wants performed into the phone.

Voice Calculator goes through the input text and performs the order of operations on the recognized calculation.

If Voice Calculator stumbles upon a word that it doesnt recognize it will give the user an option to associate with a certain math operation. This allows the app to become smarter over time, as it will begin to learn the common missed words the voice recognition function picks up.

Supports Order of Operations

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiply
  • Divide
Voice Calculator – Free version Voice Calculator – Paid Version

Paddle Quest – Free Windows Phone Pong game

Paddle quest takes the idea of a pong clone to a different level with attributes and power ups. Slowly level up your paddle by playing against the AI and earning Paddle Points to purchase new power ups. Keep track of your stats with a bar graph that helps you visualize your wins, losses, rebounds, spins, and drags.

Plans –

Multiplayer is currently under development and achievements will be added in the future.

Marketplace Link – Paddle Quest | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

UI Designer For Windows Phone lets you design your app on the move

UI Designer

The Idea -I built the UI Designer in hopes of allowing anyone anywhere to design UI for the Windows Phone.

The Functions – The UI Designer currently has 6 basic controls you can add, Text Boxes, Text Blocks, Buttons, Check Boxes, and Radio Buttons. You can customize various things about the control such as title and color of the control. The ultimate goal is to have every function available to users by the final update. We will also be developing a full blown YouTube curriculum along with it.

The Trial -The trial includes a limit on the number of controls you can add to the page at one time, but allows you full access to the various customization options.

The Paid Version -The paid version unlocks full access to all the controls.

Marketplace Link