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Guest Editorial: Windows Phone 8 and What it Means to the Competition.

The Write Up

Windows Phone 8 has now been out about two weeks and with it’s eye-catching hardware, beautiful UI, and plethora of new features; has captured the hearts of more people than even I expected. Nokia’s Lumia line has been consistently sold out all over the world and is still in high demand while HTC is certainly pulling out all of the stops in bringing their most beautiful device to date into the Windows Phone market. Huawei seems to be ready to innovate for the first time in quite some time and Samsung is bringing up the rear with the same ol’ stuff they’ve been putting out since the Samsung Behold days but there’s a market for everything.

As a student developer, I try to keep a very clear mind about phones as a whole. At present I own a Tegra HTC One X, an AT&T Galaxy Note II, an iPhone 4s, and the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920. It could simply be a honeymoon period but for the past two weeks the Lumia has been my daily driver. I have also been frequenting the forums of numerous tech blogs and news articles, scouring the web for any complaints and praise for both the Note and the Lumia. As it stands, the Lumia seems to be the more sought after of the two with the Note being slightly underwhelming compared to it’s predecessor. The Lumia is not without it’s flaws though, the battery life has been subpar on a number of the devices, there is a bug in the NFC usage that causes immense battery drain, and the photos could be slightly sharper. However, for every shortcoming, most of which Nokia says will be repaired with a software update, there are more than enough selling points to justify it. After two weeks, I finally felt it was just to do a review comparing Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

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