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How To Download Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview For Your WP8 Device

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview app

Microsoft today announced the release on Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview for all Windows Phone 8 devices. Either your WP8 device is Lumia 520 or Lumia 1520, you can download the developer preview now.

How to Download Windows Phone 8.1 Developer preview on your device?

What is developer preview?

Windows Phone Preview for Developers gives registered developers access to prerelease Windows Phone operating system updates for their development phone, directly from Microsoft. Since, this preview program was created to give developers time to test their apps, and to validate that their apps run as expected on a real phone before an operating system update is made generally available to your customers, expect few bugs here and there.

What you need to download this developer preview?

To get Windows Phone developer preview updates, you need to be a registered developer or be running a “developer unlocked” phone.

Find the full set of instructions on how to get those after the break,

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Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview Is Now Available For Download

As expected, Microsoft has now released Windows Phone 8.1 preview for developers. Even though this program is focused on developers to test their apps, anyone can download this latest OS build on their device. Find the detailed instructions from the link below.

Let us know your Windows Phone 8.1 preview installation experience on your WP8 device.

Evleaks Reveals No.of Upcoming Nokia Device Codenames


Evleaks today revealed codenames of upcoming Nokia mobile devices. Totally, eight codenames were leaked, find them below.

  • Ara,
  • Leo,
  • Moonraker,
  • Onyx,
  • Peridot,
  • Superman,
  • Tesla, and
  • Vantage

Nokia revealed Lumia 930 and Lumia 630 WP8.1 devices at Microsoft BUILD conference earlier this month. You should be happy to know that Nokia already has 8 other devices in the lineup to be released.

How To Get Ready For The Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview?

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview app

Based on the tweet from Joe Belfiore, we are expecting the release of Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview on Monday. If Microsoft announces it on Monday, before you can download WP8.1 preview OS on your device, you need to first get your device ready for it.

Microsoft has advised few things you need to do before you can update your device.

  • To get Windows Phone developer preview updates, you need to be a registered developer or be running a “developer unlocked” phone. Check for detailed instructions on how to do it after the break.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your phone for the update. To check how much you have available, in the   App list, go to Settings  > Phone storage. For more info about how to move things off your phone to make more room, see  Make room on my phone to update it.
  • Make sure your phone is well-charged, so you don’t lose power during the update.
  • If you’re worried about cellular data charges, use Wi-Fi and manually download the update. See   How can I minimize my data usage? to learn more.

There are also few other things you need to keep in mind before updating your device. Read it after the break.

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Bollywood Hungama Releases Its Updated App For Windows Phone Devices

Bollywood Hungama Windows Phone

Bollywood Hungama has now released an updated app for Windows Phone devices in Windows Phone Store. Bollywood Hungama originally released their app in Windows Phone Store back in 2011 and it didn’t receive any major update since then. It’s good to see them releasing a new revamped app.

Live Bollywood ? Love Bollywood ? then look no more. , The worlds most widely read Bollywood daily now presents the tinsel towns most happening and glamorous events, news and more on a app in your phone. Get behind the scenes or visit the most happening parties with all the stars at all the times. Get to know what’s running at the box office and how is faring through the reviews section in the app which brings you the most accurate and trusted reviews of movies. Listen to the latest music launches from the jukebox and what’s more, just follow your favorite stars on their twitter timelines.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 8.1 Security Features Overview Whitepaper

Windows Phone 8.1 Enterprise

Microsoft has recently released a whitepaper on the security features in the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 release. Windows Phone 8.1 delivers important enterprise-grade capabilities such as Mobile Device Management, Windows App Platform Convergence, S/MIME for Secure Encrypted Email, Security, Assigned Access, Enhanced App Management, Certificate Management, Enterprise VPN and Wi-Fi  and more.

From highly secure identity features, such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with virtual smart cards and PINs to its defense-in-depth, multilayered approach that addresses organizational security requirements in numerous ways, Windows Phone 8.1 is designed with security in mind. Explore these features in more detail and learn why, because Windows Phone 8.1 shares many of the same underlying components, including those related to security, as Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems, it offers predictability, reliability, and commonality in how Windows Phone 8.1 devices can be used and managed in an enterprise environment.

Download it here from Microsoft.

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Windows Phone 8.1 Update Coming Early Next Week


While everyone of us are eagerly waiting for Windows Phone 8.1 update, Joe Belfiore today confirmed the timing of the release. Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview is not coming this week and he has provided us hint that it is coming early next week.
Most probably, we will get Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview on April 14th or April 15th. Are you ready to update your WP8 device?

Red Stripe Deals This Week In Windows Phone Store: Asphalt 7 Heat, Pictures Lab, Dungeon Stalker 2 And More

Red Stripe Deals April 2nd week

Red Stripe Deals for this week is now live in Windows Phone Store. Xbox game Asphalt 7 Heat, indie games Xtreme Joyride, Dungeon Stalker 2, and utility apps Pictures Lab, My Trips and My Movies are now available for discounted prices.

  • Asphalt 7 Heat – $1.99  : Hit the speed of heat in the newest, fastest, most visually stunning edition of the famed Asphalt series.
  • My Trips – $0.99 : The most highly rated and advanced companion app. Now you can take your plans with you on your phone when you travel!
  • Pictures Lab – $0.99 : Pictures Lab is the original with high quality filters, features and great user experience. It’s fast and responsive and you quickly get your job done with just a few moves.
  • Xtreme Joyride – $0.99 : Rev up your engines! Xtreme Joyride puts you in the hot seat! Race against players across the world and step up to the challenge! Boost your ride with Nitro and take speed to a whole new level!
  • My Movies – $2.99 : My Movies allows you to catalog your entire movie collection from our assumable world’s best international database of more than 750,000 DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD titles.
  • Dungeon Stalker 2 – $0.99 : Get ready to enter a fully 3D real-time world of dungeons, monsters, devious characters and magic places where only the strongest will survive.

Source: Microsoft

Bing Suite Of Apps Updated In Windows Phone Store

Microsoft today updated their Bing suite of apps in Windows Phone Store. This seems to be minor update with bug fixes and performance improvements. The only visual change I could notice was that all these apps have dropped ‘Bing’ branding in their name after the update. For example, instead of ‘Bing News’, its just ‘News’ now.

I’m not a big fan of this little change because I need to search for these app names separately in my App list. Earlier, all these apps were grouped by ‘Bing’ name in the App list and will appear one after another in the list. Find the download links of these apps below.

weatherqr sportsqr financeqr
Bing News Bing Sports Bing Finance
weatherqr sportsqr financeqr
Bing Food and Drink Bing Travel Beta Bing Weather

Zomato Windows Phone App Gets A UX Refresh With v5.0 Update

Zomato Windows Phone app

Zomato is a beautifully designed, easy-to-use social restaurant finder app that lets you explore all the dining options in your city. It started with Indian cities and currently available in 41 cities across UK, India, Brazil, UAE, New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, Portugal, the Philippines, Qatar, and Sri Lanka. Zomato app for WP8 devices just got updated to v5.0 with all new user experience.

What’s New:

Welcome to the most delicious Zomato experience yet (we honestly feel our older versions are rubbish in comparison).

Smart, faster-than-Usain restaurant search. Find what you’re craving quicker than ever, and add your favourite restaurants to SpeedDial, because hunger doesn’t understand the concept of time.

The all-new FoodFeed that’s guaranteed to make you hungry. See reviews, pictures, and recos from folks you choose to follow, and show off your own food journey.

Oscar-winning performance improvements. Okay, we’re kidding, we still have as many Oscars as Leo, but the performance improvements are real and significant. You’ll see.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Nokia MixRadio Website And Mix Sharing Now Available For India

Nokia MixRadio India

Nokia MixRadio website and Mix sharing was previously not available for Indian users even though they can enjoy this service via Nokia devices. Today, Nokia finally fixed this issue and both Nokia MixRadio Website and Mix Sharing are now available to Indian users.

How to use this feature?

1) Go to Nokia MixRadio on your Nokia device.

2) Listen to some mixes.

3) There is share button on the top right, tap it.

4) Share that link to friends on Twitter, Facebook, etc,.

5) When your friend click it, the Mix will be opened in a beautiful web UI and he can even listen to a preview of the tracks.

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Microsoft Increases Memory Limit For Apps In Windows Phone 8.1

wp 8.1 mem cap 1

Windows Phone is always known for performance and it comes as a result of strict memory requirements for apps. Developers have to plan in advance on how to utilize the resources allocated for their apps. In Windows Phone 8, developers had a 150mb memory limit even on a 2GB RAM device for their background tasks. But with WP8.1, Microsoft has increased it to over 300mb. Also, a foreground App can use up to 825mb of memory on a 2GB RAM. Check the above and below images for comparison.
wp 8.1 mem cap 2

Anyone can build a simple app, but a complex app requires more thought. Building a serious app on a device with significant memory and CPU constraints can pose some interesting technical challenges. You also have choices about the breadth of markets you want to address with your app. In this session, we’ll look at your choices, and how you can work within the resource constraints to build compelling, resilient apps. We’ll also deep-dive into the platform Resource Manager, examine what’s new in Windows Phone 8.1, and explain the rationale behind the resource management policies.

Watch the session after the break.

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Nokia App Social App Updated With Enhanced Live Tile Support And Various Other Improvements

Nokia App Social Download

If anyone you know buys a new Windows Phone device and asks about the best apps to download, point them to App Social from Nokia. It is a great way to discover new apps, you can find all the great apps your friends and popular users are using in the apps feed
or you can create and share lists of apps to attract likes and followers for your lists. This app got updated to v3.11.1.882 with following changes in  Windows Phone Store.

New in this release:

- Get notifications for new top apps, new followers and replies to comments
- Comments and notifications now take pride of place on the Live Tile
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.