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InPrivate Browsers – Browse like no one is watching on WP8

InPrivate browser InPrivate browser InPrivate browser

InPrivate Borwser - QBM5 - IconFor to long browser history has haunted, but no longer.  Never again will you have to answer “Why is this link highlighted”, “Did you really search for ‘insert name here’”, “What on earth is Canadian noodle fishing”.

With InPrivate Browser, its like your browsing history never happened.

  • No cookies to embarrassing sites will be saved on you phone.
  • No sites with highlighted links show where you have been.
  • No detailed list of urls that you have visited.

Just a nice private experience with you and your phone, that will be erased as soon as you hit exit.

Watch videos, browse the web, do whatever you would like with InPrivate Browsing and it will be like it never happened.

InPrivate Browsers comes in a Pro and an  Ad Supported version

InPrivate Browser Pro InPrivate Borwser Free
InPrivate Browser PRO InPrivate Browser Free

Sleep – Now available for Windows Phone 8

Ambient noise has been used for thousands of years to sooth the restless of all ages, from screaming babies to grumpy grandpa’s soothing ambient noise can give you a better night sleep starting immediately. Block out the overbearing noises of the work around and just sleep, like nature intended.

Choose from 15 different base tones and 5 accent tones to create your unique sleep experience.

1. White noiseSleep QBM5 QR

2. Breaking waves

3. Howling wind

4. Ticking Clock

5. Soothing rain drops

6. And many more….

Choose from hundreds on sound combinations to find you perfect sleep.

Pin your favourite tones to the start screen or use voice commands to start you tones at will.

Download Now

iPhone S FX Free – Sound Effects Keep You Entertained

iPhone S FXiPhone S FXiPhone S FX

iPhone S FX Sound Engine

If sitting back and enjoying a good laugh sounds good to you than this is your new favorite app.  iPhone S FX is a simple easy to use iPhone sound Engine that lets you pump out the common iPhone noises into your surroundings.  The fun comes in when all the iSheep surrounding you check their pockets, over and over.

  • New Email
  • SMS Recieved
  • Shutter
  • Mail Sent
  • Charge
  • and many more


If you have a hard time controlling your laughter in public this may not be good for you!

Download here

Toggle – Bringing settings to your start screen

toggle toggle toggle


Toggle – The newest app by QBM5 brings the ease of settings straight to your home screen.  Quickly and easily pin WiFi  Bluetooth, Data, Lock screen and other settings shortcuts to your start screen.  This could save literally hundreds of seconds a month in pointless searching.

  • Airplane
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Data
  • Location
  • Email
  • Lock screen

Toggle also support voice commands.  It is as simple as Saying “Toggle WiFi  and your WiFi settings are at your finger tips. Download Toggle Now

Pin Notes Great way to set reminders to your home screen

Pin Notes Pin Notes pin notes

Pin Notes is a great new way to pin notes, reminders and alarms to your home screen.

QR CodeThis new app is exactly what you are looking for.  Easily and quickly pin notes and reminders to your start screen.  Think of it as a sticky note for your phone.

  • Always forgetting to pick up the kids from school, there’s an pin for that.
  • Need a quick reminder of what to get from the store,   There’s a pin for that
  • Don’t want to forget your mom at the airport, there’s a pin for that.

Stop forgetting things and start pinning the reminders to your start screen.

Download Pin Notes Here

Trapped Birds – Physics based puzzle game will leave you wanting more

trapped Birds trapped Birds trapped Birds

Trapped Birds is a fun and addictive game that utilizes the FARSEER Physics engine to produce a realistic physics based environment. The premise of this game could not be simpler.

trapped Birds

A mother bird has been trapped inside a round hamster ball and is desperate to reclaim her eggs. In order to reach her eggs she must complete a series of ever more difficulty daredevil like jumps. Each level gets progressively more complicated to defeat.

Do you have what it takes to reunite this wayward family and save the day? Find out now.

App received over 10,000 downloads its first week and is working its way to the top of the charts as we speak.

Download The Next Big Thing Here