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Lab Links, a New Puzzle Game, has Arrived on Windows Phone

Purple Splash Studio and Zynpo have released a new puzzle game, Lab Links, available in the Windows Phone Store today.

Lab Links is a fun, rewarding, and addictive puzzle game where you are the apprentice to a mad scientist who sets you on the task of powering up and fixing his weird and wonderful machines.

This is an original spin on classic puzzle games that will have you racing the clock, fending off pesky rats, working around unexpected obstacles, and perhaps even saving the world…

Download a free trial here from Windows Phone Store.


  • Full game with multiple twists and turns, eye-catching graphics, and fun cut scenes.
  • Fully functioning store to unlock crazy, mad fashion, and futuristic rat-zapping tools.
  • Multiple in-game achievements to collect for major bragging rights.
  • Three extra game modes to purchase for countless hours of fun.


Zynpo Chess – Online chess game for Windows Phone

Zynpo Chess is a new online chess community available now on the Windows Phone. Also, coming soon to the web at as well as Windows 8 and other mobile device platforms.

Zynpo Chess provides an exceptional, large scale, multiplayer chess experience. Connect to a lobby where you can advertise and join live networked games with other players. The initial release is stocked with features such as leaderboards, rated and unrated games, custom in game time increment options, person avatar images, game history, board navigation and much more. The in game experience is exceptional with features such as chat, abort, resign, adjourn, take back, draw, additional time requests and much more.


Come see for yourself by downloading the free Phone client via the Windows Phone Marketplace here.

Zynpo Chess is currently in a BETA stage. Please report all bugs, feedback and suggestions to [email protected]

See two more screen shots after the break.

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