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Reminder App updated

Reminder has been updated with a pretty major improvement to the localization of the product.  You can now get it with translations in most languages.  Also, there are a number of bug fixes that will help with in-app purchases as well as a number of other places.

Reminder is integrated with the Unification app, so if you use that, you should get this so that you can have your reminders also show up in that notification app.

QRCodeThis is a solid app for setting reminders and keeping them all in one place with the ability to backup all your reminders to SkyDrive or restore your data from SkyDrive.  Please check it out!

You can get Reminder here.  Or just scan the QR code below.

Reminder App: Keeping track of your life


Reminder is an app that you will wish was included with the phone from the beginning.  It allows you to set reminders to go off but without the need to put anything in your calendar.  It keeps your calendar clean and just showing actual appointments you have instead of being filled with the reminders you may have for each day.

For free, you get time-based reminders that you can use as much as you like.  If you want some of the additional features, they are available through In-app purchases.  Those features include:

Location based reminders: get reminded to do something when you arrive at a particular location.  You can use your current location or add addresses yourself.

Time and location based reminders: get reminded to do something when you are at a particular location at a particular time.  If you aren’t at that location, no reminder will happen.

Calendar reminders: get reminded to mute your phone when a meeting is beginning and unmute when the meeting ends.  In the settings, you can pick the status(es) that will trigger the reminder so it will only occur for meetings you care about, for example, if your status is set to Busy.


There is an update coming shortly that will allow you to backup and restore your database from SkyDrive.

Also, the app is running a Full-featured Trial that allows you to experience the full app!  Just purchase the Full Trial inside the app to get all features and see when it will expire.  The trial is a free purchase

Reminder is a Windows Phone 8 app.  You can get Reminder here.  Or just scan the QR code right.

Announcing EmailMe for Windows Phone

EmailMeEmailMe is an application that allows you to quickly send yourself an email.  For example, you are walking out of work and remember that you need to do something at your desk.  You can use this app to quickly email yourself at work the message so you won’t forget it.

You can already do the functionality that this app provides, this app is all about allowing you to do it faster.  You can save a few seconds each and every time that you use this app instead of going into your email directly.

There is a version for Windows Phone 7.x as well as Windows Phone 8.  The 8 version supports speech so you can say your message even faster with it.

Both apps will save your message if you leave the app (get a phone call for example) so that you won’t lose what you have typed thus far.

QRCode You can get EmailMe here. Or just scan the QR code below.