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DevTracker is now also available for Windows Phone

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A while back we have announced DevTracker on Windows 8 for developers  to track their apps on Windows  and Windows Phone platforms.

DevTracker is now available for Windows Phone platform with similar functionality and feature set with it’s Windows 8 version:

•Search and follow apps in Windows Phone Store and Windows Store

•See when new reviews are available.

•See reviews and ratings from more than 60 countries in a single view.

•Translate review titles and comments.

•Trial version to follow 1 app for free.

You can get DevTracker from Windows Phone Store.

DevTracker for developers – Keep track of reviews & ratings for your Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps

Translate reviews into your language

Designed for Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers; DevTracker allows you to keep track of reviews and ratings of your WP and WinRT apps.

This is a unique tool for the developers that have apps on both platforms. Microsoft provides separate portals for those two platforms, and DevTracker will let you follow your apps from one single app.

To mention about couple of features DevTracker provides to developers:

  • Ability to search and keep track of apps in Windows Phone Marketplace and Windows 8 Store
  • See when new reviews are available.
  • See reviews and ratings from more than 60 countries in a single view.
  • Ability to translate reviews into English.
  • Label reviews which will help you categorize them (bug, neutral, positive, feature and so on).
  • Graphically view the distribution of review counts by countries.

The developer of DevTracker Erkan Deveci who is also publishing games for both platforms under the name of Deveci Games claims that he is also working for a Windows Phone version of this unique WinRT app.

DevTracker is free on Windows Store to follow 1 app and offers in app purchases if you would like to follow more than 1 app.

Label reviews to take action later Follow your Windows Store and Phone apps

Here is the link to DevTracker.

Basketball Pro for Windows 8 is now available


A while back, Deveci Games has announced that they will exclusively be targeting Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms only.

Deveci Games has announced this week that Basketball Pro which originally was published on Windows Phone 7 is now available on Windows 8 platform with more features included:

- One gesture game-play.

- 5 power shots, 5 classic courts, 10+ balls.

- Live Ranking: See your ranking while you play.

- Leader-boards

- Visually more realistic special shots ‘Fireball Shot’ and ‘Shadow Ball’

- Premium Items: Unlock any feature or remove in-game ads with MS points.

It seems like Deveci Games is following the same price strategy as they had on WP7 platform: Ad supported free games.

Now with Windows 8 platform supports in-app purchases, Deveci Games is offering items that removes in game ads to improve the game-play experience for their players.

You can download Basketball Pro on your Windows 8 device from the Store.

See more screen shots after the break.

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Deveci Games now exclusively targetting Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Deveci Games

Deveci Games has posted on their Facebook Page, announcing that from now on they will only be publishing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms:

Today, Deveci Games has officially hit 1.000.000 ( one million ) game downloads milestone in Windows Phone 7 platform.

I have published 15 games since April 2011, 3 of them – Speed Car, Speed Car: Reloaded, Last Survivor – placed in Top 10

Free Games in USA and most of the other countries. Basketball Pro, Last Commando and Break! are the other successfull titles

that have placed in Top 100 Free Games in USA and the other countries.

Being an indie game developer and doing this in my spare time, I really enjoyed developing games for such a great platform;

Windows Phone 7.

I would like to announce that from now on, Deveci Games will only be publishing games for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8


Deveci Games is excited to welcome you on those upcoming platforms with it’s best WP7 and new great titles!


Devici’s apps can be found in Marketplace here.

Deveci Games publishes a trailer for their new WP7 exclusive game

Deveci Games who has published several top free games in WP7 marketplace is preparing to publish a new WP7 exclusive game this month.

They posted a short trailer of their upcoming game. Its gameplay looks likebut featuring some special weapons like a Flamethrower and a Rocket-thrower. We can also realize from the trailer that the levels are not static anymore like in Last Commando but there is a camera that follows your character as you move.

Beside all, the game is all about Zombies!

They mentioned that the game will consist of a Survival Mode where you will try to survive some number of zombie attack waves and a Mission Mode where you will be given missions to accomplish.

The game features level system, achievements ( not XBOX Live), more than 30 weapons and much more …

Look out for more news as the game nears Marketplace.

PREVIEW: “Deveci Games” announces LAST COMMANDO to be released this week.

Deveci Games twitted today, announcing their new top down shooter game named “LAST COMMANDO” to be released this week.

Below are some of the features of the game:

  • 18 different weapons including AK-47, M4A1, Desert Eagle, SV98.
  • 10 different stages total of 50 levels: Mansion, Hospital, Backyard, ….
  • High quality textures, impressive sound effects.
  • Achievements: More than 100 achievements to complete. Achievements helps unlocking weapons.
  • 3 game play difficulties
  • Engaging gameplay with two virtual thumbsticks

Watch marketplace for LAST COMMANDO to be released this week.

You can check gameplay and footage videos below.
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Preview: Speed Car RELOADED

The wait is over. Speed Car is back.

One of the top WP7 games Speed Car’s new version “Speed Car: RELOADED” will be released this week and will be FREE.


  • 45 cars having different durability, weapon slots, base speed.
  • 5 different levels: Beach, Aquarium, City roads …
  • 5 Weapons: Bazooka, AK-47, Wheel Trident, Flamethrower, Nails
  • 3 different police chase scenarios: Police Car, multiple police motorcycles, Police Barricade
  • Upgrade your car Engine, Transmission, Exhaust and Turbo
  • Slow motion effect for barricade scenario

See another video and more screen shots after the break.

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