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Best app for music makers and DJ’s goes big on features


We present you our reborn app RaveIT PRO – for all those with an ear for music and some spare time to develop great tunes. You can use our sound sample library and create tracks, save them as .wav’s  or even set them as ringtones! Great user experience will allow you to kick off in no time. Experiment with samples, change pitch, control BPM and get creative with RaveIT PRO. If you get bored of samples we provide – record your own ones and continue making crazy beats. And of course share your feedback with us and we will work towards making it even better.

The next huge thing is that starting on November 16th we will be offering our app free of charge, so go get one for yourself and of course recommend to friends and grandmas!


Features are as follows:

- Record your own samples- Unlimited saves to SkyDrive as .wav

- Save as ringtone

- From 16 to 128 tabs

- 32 levels of pitch

- Save/load tracks

- Up to 10 Channels

- 2 UI modes

- 91 sample

- Shake your phone to clear the tabs

- 40 – 250 BPM

RaveIT Pro:


RaveIT Pro v2.2 released


Today I present you my app RaveIT Pro. RaveIT is a sequencer or a drum machine app, where you can make your own tracks from the supplied samples. RaveIT Pro version lets you record your own samples and export tracks to skydrive. In the new release highly requested features like more channels  and more samples were added. Also it includes few vital bug fixes. I would appreciate any feedback you can give to make this app even better. You can download the free version and if you like it, get RaveIT Pro for $1.99 from the store with bunch of cool features and no ads.

Features are as follows:

  • Record your own samples
  • Unlimited saves to SkyDrive
  • No Ads
  • From 16 to 128 tabs
  • Save/load tracks
  • Up to 10 Channels
  • 2 UI modes
  • 91 sample
  • Shake your phone to clear the tabs
  • 40 – 250 BPM

RaveIT Free : RaveIT Pro:

RaveIT Pro for Windows Phone released

A few days ago we released RaveIT app paid-pro version, this is a drum/sequencer app for all the music makers and ravers, which brings all the user heavily requested functionality:

  • Unlimited exports as .wav to SkyDrive
  • Record your own samples!!
  • Extended 91 sample pack including scratches for the rappers
  • No more ads

And of course all the free version features:

  • 16 to 128 tabs
  • Save/load tracks
  • 5 Channels
  • 2 UI modes
  • 40 – 250 BPM

Also with this version comes with greatly improved load times. So if you make the beats or like to play with music, this is totally worth a try.

Any suggestions or contact can be made in our Facebook page.

You can download the app for $1.99 from here.

RaveIT 2.0 Drum Machine app for Windows Phone Released

Dear reader, I present you my most successful app: RaveIT is a drum machine/loop station/sequncer simulator and is a nice toy for all the music lovers. Two weeks ago this app received a huge update, it has brought totally new experience.

Two different UI modes lets you choose between comfy and overview styles. Large set of new audio samples and of course ability to save and even export to .wav files. This is a free app and only drawbacks are Ads and limited saves to SkyDrive. If you like music and you are well entertained while making it, you should definitely try this out!

All the new features are as follows:

  • - Max of 128 tabs
  • - Save and load tracks
  • - Export 5 of your tracks as .wav to SkyDrive
  • - 2 UI modes
  • - 64 samples

Do not forget to rate and review, your feedback will make it even better.

You can get the app here.