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Xmas list : You companion for you Christmas shopping

Christmas list allows you to manage your Christmas shopping or other shopping list.
Give yourself a budget, identify the persons to whom you want to offer gifts and associate them with gifts.

A video presentation is available on youtube

full list of features :

  • Create, edit and delete a list
  • Associate a bugdet and notes for each list
  • Summary of progress in buying gifts
  • Add, edit and remove person
  • For each person added, associate one or several gift
  • Each gift can have a price and a picture
  • Backup and restore your data to skydrive

Xmas cost 0,99$ and offer a trial version.
Download from the store here or scan the QR code.

NatureScreen : Let the nature take the upper hand in your smartphone

With NatureScreen, your lock screen will update automatically with beautiful Nature photo. Updates vary between 1 time per day to 1 time per hour depending on the selected source image.

Full list of features :

  • Configure your lockscreen in 3 steps
  • Choose an image from several internet sources
  • Update the image

Download NatureScreen(WP8 only) here or scan the QR code.

LockAgenda V2 : Background image, new templates and more customization options

With this update, you’ll be able to choose an image provider to change your background.
There are 21 differents sources + 8 from bing. The update frequency varies from one per day to one per hour depending on the source.

You also have access to 2 new templates of display and 6 options to customize the display of your appointments.

full list of features :

  • Configure your lockscreen in 4 steps
  • Choose an image from several internet sources or from your phone
  • 4 types of display for your appointments
  • 6 options to customize your type of display
  • Filter all day and private appointment
  • Filter account
  • Choose the first day of week

Download Lockagenda (WP8 only) here or scan the QR code.

Track your bowling score with Bowling Stats for Windows Phone

Start screen

It’s with pleasure that i annouce you that Bowling Stats is available since 11/3/12
With this application you’ll be able to add and modify your bowling games.

Your games can be display under 3 views :

  • - By week
  • - By week and category
  • - By category and week
For each level of aggregation, the average is calculated

There is also 3 graphs available :

  • An overview
  • Average by day
  • Average by week

With those screen, you’ll be able to follow the evolution of your game

The app can be downloaded through this link or with the QR Code