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Video Review of WP7 Game – Orb

ORB is a fast-paced 2D action game requiring skill to keep your rolling ball on solid tiles and to not fall down. Use fans to jump across large gaps and boost fields to get the full thrill.

This 3D ball game has really good graphic, and it’s also smooth and addictive.

1.Very simple UI, and the design of the UI is low-profile but good looking.
2.Good music and good sound-FX
3.The graphic is great, and the gameplay is very smooth.

Orb is $1.29  and can be found in Marketplace here.

Video Review of a WP7 App – Playtomo

This application contains 20 addictive games that the developer claims are easy to pick up and difficult to put down, and which can be played against your facebook friends.


1.This game connects perfectly with Facebook. Users can see Facebook friends who play the games, or they can share the trophies to their own wall. They even have a nice Facebook page for this game which the users can track current status right on their computer.
2.Free and ads free.
4.Including 20+addictive games.
5.Very friendly UI.

1.No “Settings” icon on the main menu.
2.Repetitive background music. Different games have the same background music.

ps. This application can also be found on other operating systems, including iOS and Android.

The developer promises new games will be added regularly to the app. The game is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

Video Review of WP7 Game – Ninja Birds

In Ninja Birds you are Ninja Bunny, tasked with saving the precious stockpile of carrots from the invading Ninja Birds. You have to battle your way through 16 levels, collecting bunny money and purchasing upgradable weapons and armor to help you succeed.

1.This game is free and has 16 levels.
2.Able to purchase weapons to upgrade the main character (Bunny).

1.The UI is not user-friendly and the design does not look very appealing.
2.The characters look dull because the lack of facial expressions and body movements.

1.The developer should lock some levels because people can play through all the levels without clearing the stages.
2.The developer could add a story for the main character.

This game is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

Video : Computex 2011 – Acer W4

The only thrilling information about the WP7 at Computex was the Acer W4. This phone will be pre-installed with Mango. There were two Acer W4s displayed at Computex – one was at the Microsoft Booth, the other was at the Acer’s booth. Unfortunately they were only mock-ups however.

We expect to see the handset show up in the September time frame in both European and US versions.

Video Review of A WP Game – Chicken Implosion

This game has all the elements of a good addictive mini game. The challenge, according to the developer, is:

The chicks want to be your best friends but suffer from a strange curse: if they leave their home for a long time they will explode!
Save your new friends before they explode!

1.Free, but the ad banner’s position is quite annoying.
2.Good graphic.
3.Including three stages.

This game is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

Video Review of WP7 App – NBA Game Time 2011 Playoff Edition

This application is the 2011 Playoff version (the official release), which means you cannot really find too much information, but if this application will only be used until the finals, the contents of this app is enough.

1.Very simple UI, and easy to navigate.
2.Some videos are in High Quality.
3.The design of this application is great.

1.Some videos do not fit the screen, and the loading could be painfully slow even when using wifi connection.

NBA Game Time is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

Video Review of WP7 App – WP7Applist

This application is released by the website, WP7Applist, and it offers you all the details about each app existing on Marketplace.

1.Live tile includes total app counts.
2.Free and ads free.
3.The whole content of this app is well-organized, and it offers the users every application in detail.

1.Deals & Price Drops also includes apps that are 100% off of their original prices, but there is also one category about apps that are going free, and which makes the category looks redundant.
2.They do not show all the reviews which are done by the users on Marketplace, and they also do not show the amount of people who rated one particular app.

WP7Applist is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

WP7 Game Video Review – Armored Drive

This game is developed by the famous Elbert Perez, he certainly knows the elements of making a good game. In this game, you will need to armor the vehicle to pass all the obstacles that might appear everywhere.

1.There are plenty of armors to upgrade the vehicles, and they make the game pretty enjoyable.
2.Each time you die, or restart a game, different tracks will show up, which does not make the game monotonous.
3.Including Leaderboards.
4.Even though this game has a visible ad space, this ads does not affect the actual game play at all.
5.Free of charge.

1.Even though the upgrades are enough, they are pretty easy to collect, and it only takes two to three hours to buy all the upgrades.

1.The developer can add different modes for the game (Time Attack or Survival Modes), so the lasting appeal would be much longer.

Like most Occasional Gamer games the game is free and add supported, with a global online leader board.

Armored Drive can be found in Marketplace here.


WP7 App Video Review – The Onion 7

The Onion 7 is an unofficial release, which is developed by Crazy-Hot solution. Even though it’s unofficial, this app still delivered loads of good contents for its readers.

1.Including video and radio news.
2.The application runs smoothly.
3.Random breaking news can be shown on the live tile.
4.The contents are well-organized.

1.Low quality videos and pictures. (Perhaps the developer does it on purpose because the content loading may be quicker.)
2.Video news need to reload again if switch the video news to full screen.

This application is free  and can be found in Marketplace here.

Video Review of WP7 App – USA Today

This app is an official release, and it is the best news application on Marketplace.

1. Free and ads free.
2. Simple UI.
3. Able to adjust the font size of the news articles.
4. Snapshots (Surveys) make this application very interactive.
5. Abundant HQ videos and photos.
6. Including scores for a few sports.
7. Photos (One part of USA Today) allow the users to see high quality pictures.

1. They do not tell the users whether the headlines include videos (or pictures) or not.

The app is free and can be downloaded from Marketplace here.

WP7 App Review – Oricrafter

This app shows you how to make  origami (folding paper art) using 3D models to instruct the users how to fold the paper, which makes it very easy to understand. The whole application runs smoothly, and the design of the UI is very neat.

I would suggest the developer make similar applications to teach people how to tie a knot or tie a necktie, which will also be very educational.

Oricrafter is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

WP7 Game Review – Manhattan 2020

This is a nice retro looking game, which is suitable for killing times, but there are a few things that should be added.

1.Free of charge.
2.The sound effects and music are outstanding.
3.The graphic is good, and the background of Manhattan cityscape is not repetitive.

1.The ad banner is annoying.
2.The developer did not put “Pause” into the game.
3.This game does not have sound on and sound off.

Subjective Suggestions
1.This game is actually really hard, so the developer could add more levels into this game. Also, in different levels, they could make different cityscapes, but if they really want to make this game “Manhattan only”, they can use different times(morning, noon, or evening) for different levels.
2.Leaderboards could be added to this game.

This game is free in Marketplace here.