BASEBALL NOW updated with voice support

by simzz - 2 years ago - @simzzdev

BASEBALL NOW updated with voice support



Just in time for the upcoming season,
BASEBALL NOW has been updated with voice support. In addition to its leading game-live tile feature, you can say your favorite team’s name to go directly to their custom page.

For example, just say: “Baseball Now, Dodgers”, to go directly to the L.A. Dodgers hub page. Saying: “Baseball Now, Scores”, will take you straight to all the baseball scores for the day.

Baseball NOW is the premier baseball app for Windows Phone, complete with the following features:

    • Standings
    • Live Tile
    • Stats
    • State of the art scores/game tracker for each game.
    • Animated wallpapers
    • Official Tweets from MLB
    • Baseball News
    • Track your favorite team with logo/tile
    • Free, ad-supported app
    • Pin games to live tiles
    • Voice support

The app is not affiliated with Major League Baseball.

Baseball NOW is 100% free, is ad-supported, and can be found in the Marketplace here.

Don’t forget to check out Sports Now on your Windows 8 / RT PC or tablet
(From the makers of Baseball Now).