Blind Battle #1 – Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 Filming Outdoors while Walking

It’s time for you, our readers, to decide which phone is best! This is the first of three blind tests. Please do not say which phone is the Lumia in the comments!

Watch the video from YouTube (embedded above) or download the full quality comparison video from SkyDrive, and then answer the poll below! Feel free to talk about the video in the comments below, but only refer to the phones as “Phone 1″ and “Phone 2″ or else we will moderate your comment in order to keep the comparison as unbiased as possible! The phones and results will be revealed in about a week!

Take the survey after the break:

(Both phones were filmed using default settings (other than enabling 1080p on the Lumia) and neither phone had a “dirty lens”)

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