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Rudy Huyn working on a Secret app


Secret is a new anonymous social network designed to make it easy to spill secrets without being discovered. Secrets range from the the mundane to the industrial to national security (mostly mundane however).


(An example of some Secret posts)

The app is currently not available on Windows Phone, meaning we are missing out on some of the hottest gossip, but fear not, as Rudy Huyn is ready to plug the gap.

He has started development on a Secret app for Windows Phone called 6cret, which should tap into Secret’s network.

The app is nearly complete, but has not entered beta yet, but it should not be long.

Is this an app many of our readers are waiting for? Let us know below.

PayPal Talks About The New Revamped PayPal App In Windows Phone Store

Last week, we reported about the updated PayPal available in Windows Phone Store. PayPal today detailed the update on their official blog. The app was made available globally and with that you can users can enjoy the same seamless PayPal experience when using your Windows Phone to shop and pay as they do on Android and iOS platforms.
They also highlighted the strong partnership with Microsoft,

At PayPal, we’ve had a long history of working with Microsoft to create seamless payment experiences across more devices – from the Xbox to Microsoft Excel and Windows Phone.  We’re always looking for ways to make it even easier for you to use PayPal across devices, online and in-stores, and our revamped Windows Phone app is just the latest example.

Find the updated app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Source: Paypal

Wifi Passbook gets an update to 1.5

Wifi Passbook icon

WiFi Passbook is an application that was created out of the need to have the information from the various WiFi networks a user regularly connects to, readily available after he resets or changes his device.

When a user connects to a WiFi network, he can add the details (SSID and key) to the database of the application. The application stores this data as well as the location of the network. The user can then backup his database on OneDrive.

If at some point the user has to reset or change/upgrade his device, he can install the application on his new phone and have the same information immediately available by restoring it from OneDrive. From then on, whenever the user wants to connect to a network he had stored, he only has to start up the application. The app will detect his position and show him the WiFi networks that are closest to him so that he can select and copy the appropriate key for the desired network.

The application was updated to version 1.5 with some bug fixes and a map visualization of the WiFi networks you have saved.

WiFi Passbook is available on Windows Phone Store for 0.99€ with a trial version that is limited to saving only up to 5 networks.

Official Papa John’s app hits the Windows Phone Store

US and Canadian Pizza lovers can now rejoice, as the official Papa John’s app is now in the Windows Phone Store.

The app lets you order from the entire menu, including pizzas, sides, drinks, desserts, and extras, and features special offers, including from your local store and online promotions.

No account is required to order and the app will serve both US and Canadian customers.

imageUsers can pay via cash on delivery, credit card or Papa John’s gift cards, and the app will store your previous orders for quick re-order on the next occasion.

Download the free app from the Windows Phone Store here.

Vine working on an update for their Windows Phone app


The last time the official Vine app for Windows Phone was updated was in 2013, and since then the service has added a number of new features.

Companies releasing a Windows Phone app and then not updating it is of course a common complaint amongst Windows Phone owners, but it seems, at least according to Vine twitter support, this is an issue which they are aware off.

When Vine user Blakely asked when Vine was going to update their app they responded that they were aware of the issue, and that they are working on an update.

Hopefully we will not have to wait too long for the app to hit the store.

Plex App For Windows Phone Updated With Transparent Live Tile And Bug Fixes

image cameraupload_360.gif.pagespeed.ce.FeEJRAi7an[4]

The official Plex just got updated in Windows Phone Store to v1.6.4.4 with new features and fixes. Plex allows you to access all of your personal media on any screen. You can easily stream your videos, music, photos and home movies to your Windows Phone from your home computers running Plex Media Server.


- (UI) Alphabet jump lists for movie, show and music sections
- (UI) Save last-applied filters and sorts for each library section
- (UI) Play all albums button in artists page
- (Sync) Log transfer rates for sync transfers
- Transparent icon
- Updated HTTP Live Streaming stack
- (Media) Music playback issues on Windows Phone 8.1
- (UI) Library section icons from mobile servers weren’t being displayed
- A number of user-reported crashes
- (UI) A number of bugs in our Semantic Zoom implementation
- (UI) A number of issues with synced content
- Sync transfers might fail on IPv6 networks
- A number of user-reported crashes

Find it in the Windows Phone store here.

The Multi-Purpose Timer App Frequenzer

It’s about the multi-puropse timer app Frequenzer for Windows Phone. The app counts the round time and gives you a frequent voice or alarm feedback. It can be used for various kind of things, such as sports, fitness (tabata), manual timelapse/hyperlapse photography, games any other affairs…

It comes with no adverts and a simple but unique design with very smooth animations to give everybody the full user experience. It feels lovely!

To sum up the main features:

  • Simple, fast and reliable
  • Unique and smooth user interface
  • Runs under lock screen
  • Text-to-Speech integration
  • Free of adverts
  • No internet connection required

You can check out and download Frequenzer for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Listen to articles and documents in a convenient way with Share to Speech

Share to Speech is a universal app exclusively available for Windows platform that raises the bar of text to speech to a such level that many people will find it as a preferable way of following the articles.

It offers feature set that no other app on any platform can match:

  • start the speech in seconds from any app that supports sharing, including Internet explorer, Office and nearly all news apps
  • a data connection is used only to download the text of the article, no streaming of sound over the internet that can’t fit into a data plan
  • queue the speeches into the speech list, walk/jog/do housework and listen
  • 13 languages supported with auto language detection
  • share to the phone using the Windows 8.1 app and articles will appear automatically in a short time (and will be available later even without the data connection)
  • share to the PC and listen with the Windows 8.1 app
  • tracking of unread articles and an indicator on the live tile.

The Windows Store app is currently featured at no. 1 spot on the Windows Store and was awarded on Windows 8.1 Developers Contest.

QRCodeLite edition contains the core of the app for free. If you want just the phone version you should go with this edition as its two phone related in-app purchases are still cheaper than full suite.

Full edition is currently discounted to 3.99$ (will be 4.99$) and it includes 7 day free trial.

Truecaller App Updated To Bring Truecaller Premium Support And More In Windows Phone Store

TrueCaller Windows Phone

TrueCaller app in Windows Phone Store just got updated to v4.1.0.0 with many new features including TrueCaller Premium. You can now do a search within your social circle. Know a name, but not a number? Truecaller can help you search within your social circle to find to right person and quickly and send them a contact request.  Find the list of new features below.

New in this version:

+ Introducing Truecaller Premium:
- Search for people within your social circle by name
- Send contact requests to Truecaller members outside of your personal network (Contact requests are a Premium feature )
- Get notified when someone shares their contact details with you
+ Select who can see your contact details in your settings.
+ Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

A new feedly client for windows phone with slideview and cortana integration

Ini Reader Left View Ini Reader Main View Ini Reader Right View

iNi Reader is a new feedly client for windows phone 8.1 with a modern user interface. Feedly is a news aggregator application for various Web browsers and mobile devices running iOS,  Android and Windows Phone, also available as a cloud-based service. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others. Feedly was first released by DevHD in 2008.

The application supports a slide view like the official feedly android application. The application is developed by Indhira Marimuthu, a student from University Of Oulu in Finland.

The application supports below features

  • Beautiful slide view
  • Colorful Themes like Windows Phone
  • Organize and edit categories and feeds
  • Cortana integration
  • Search / Add new sources using keyword or topics
  • Search for content using keyword
  • Mobilizer view
  • Speak articles support
  • Lock screen support (detailed and quick status)
  • Multiple live tiles support

You can click here or scan the QR code below to download iNi Reader for windows phone 8.1 ($0.99, 3 MB, 15 days free trial included).

iNi Reader QR Code

Check the complete overview of all features of the application in this youtube video after the break.

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Evernote For Windows Phone Updated With Improved Notebook List For Business Users

Evernote for Windows Phone

Evernote for Windows Phone app was updated to version in Windows Phone Store. This is a minor update that includes improved notebook lost for business users which will allow them to filter notebooks and more.

What’s new?QRCode
Notebook list improved for business users

- filter business and personal notebooks
- display contact name for each notebook
- easy access to all business notebooks
- simplified experience

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Xbox One SmartGlass App Updated In Windows Phone Store, Allows You To Purchase Xbox One Games & Add-ons

Xbox One Windows Phone SmartGlass

Microsoft today started the roll-out of August system update for Xbox One which includes several new features like 3D Blu-ray support, ability to purchase games from mobile and more. To support these new features, Microsoft today updated the SmartGlass app in Windows Phone Store to v1.0.5.0 with the following new features.

New in this release:
•   Like a Game Clip
•   Like an item in the activity feedXbox One Windows Phone SmartGlass QR
•   View items that have been shared to you from a message
•   Purchase Xbox One games & add-ons
•   Browse for recent and popular games & add-ons
•   General stability and polish improvements

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Runtastic PRO Updated To v3.0 In Windows Phone Store With Several New Features

Runtastic Pro Windows Phone

Runtastic PRO is one of the best available fitness tracking app on Windows Phone Store. This app was updated to v3.0 in Store with several new feature including Heart Rate Integration, hydration feature, improved layout and more. Find the full list of improvements below.

New Features:
* Heart Rate Integration: Track your heart rate with the Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor (PRO only)
* Heart Rate Zones: Train in the ideal heart rate zone, i.e. fat burning, to reach your goals (PRO only)
* LIVE Tracking & Cheering: Share location & receive messages for motivation to keep pushing
* Transparent Live Tile on your start screen
* Hydration feature: See how much you should drink to recovery from dehydration post-activity (PRO only)
* BirdView in map
* Japanese Voice Coach (PRO)
* New app languages: Russian, Turkish and Polish
* Improved layout

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for $4.99.