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New dating app ‘Tinder Live’ features Push Notifications, more

Tinder Live Tinder Live

Rudy Huyn’s 3rd party Tinder app, 6tin, is a great workaround for the lack of an official Tinder app in the Windows Phone store, but unfortunately, it has one major drawback: no push notifications. Without push notifications, the only way to know that someone has messaged you, is to open the application and manually check. This shortcoming isn’t Rudy’s fault though, no third-party app is going to be able to implement this feature.

A new app for Windows Phone called Tinder Live, which actually leverages the Nearby Live social network and doesn’t rely on the official Tinder network provides an alternative to Tinder’s resistance to create an official app for Windows Phone. With over 2 million users on Nearby Live, you are bound to find plenty of other users near you.

Tinder Live. It is available for free in the Windows Phone store. You might also want to check out the Nearby Live app, which has recently been updated significantly and is also available for free on Windows Phone, Windows 8, iPhone, and the web.

Download Tinder Live from the Windows Phone Store for free.
Download Tinder Live
Download Nearby Live from the Windows Phone Store for free.
Download Nearby Live

SmartThings open to making a Windows Phone app


Home automation company SmartThings, which has just been snapped up by Samsung for a rumoured $200 million, has said on twitter that they are open to making a Windows Phone app.

When asked if they plan to developer a Windows Phone app in the near future, they said:

Our goal is to make SmartThings available to as many people as possible. Stay tuned!

SmarThings specialize in multi-protocol hardware which bridge the different standards used by multiple companies, and have a large developer ecosystem.

Hopefully being purchased by Windows Phone OEM Samsung will also help speed up support for Windows Phone.

Read more about the company on their website here.

Thanks Marco for the tip.

@MoneyDashboard considering a Windows Phone app– let them know there is demand


Money Dashboard is a Mint-like service in UK which will aggregate your bank accounts and let you keep a close eye on your spending, sucking data directly from your bank account.

The company does not currently have a app for Windows or Windows Phone, but according to their support will consider it if there is enough demand.

They write:

"We don’t currently have plans for a native Windows App. However, we are planning on doing a major project on our Android and iOS apps later this year.

As part of that, we will look again at the possibility of supporting Windows mobiles. For the effort involved in creating and support an Windows App, we need to have enough users who would find it useful. We’ll add you to the list of requesters, and if there’s enough momentum, we’ll give it very strong consideration.

Kind regards,

The Money Dashboard Team"

Having tried Mint and being somewhat dissatisfied (not enough graphs) I would certainly welcome having Money Dashboard come to Windows as a Universal App.

Let them know you are interested by sending them a message at [email protected].

Thanks John for the tip.

WORDWOX: easy to use text to speech (books, lectures, articles).

speech to text

WORDWOX is an application that allows you to transform text into speech.


You can listen to any text files on your phone or on the internet: books, articles, news, lectures, notes, or any other text.

You can save the text in audio format on your phone. It is very convenient, fast and free.

The application recognizes more than 40 languages. It supports the following formats of text files: txt, epub, and fb2.

Some features of the text to speech application:

To start playback from the specific place, simply press with your finger on the right word. You will see a yellow arrow, and then you can click on play.

Converting of an audio file is possible only when you open the conversion screen. If you closed the conversion screen or the application, then saving an audio file is paused. Saving will resume after you return to the screen.

Features of the text to speech app:

  • Playback of books lectures and articles.
  • Listening to the text on the Internet.
  • Saving text files in mp3 format (text formats: txt, epub, fb2).
  • Listening to saved audio files in the application.
  • Free technical support from the developers.
  • Automatic language detection when converting text to speech.
  • Flexible personalized configuration: 3-speed playback, male and female voices, selection of the size of the text.
  • Automatic detection of more than 40 languages.

For all questions please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Launch websites directly from cortana with URL Buddy

URL Buddy

One of the things cortnana lacks is the ability to launch websites directly.. With URL buddy you can launch your favourite websites right from cortana..

 photo de4ca57d-0cfa-4952-a802-030b3121d87a_zpsb86f05de.png photo 25ee1348-8a55-4645-888e-6a26eb1a44bf_zps2a162676.png

URL Buddy allows you to save a list of your favourite websites with your choice of voice commands.. After saving , you can launch your favourite websites from cortana by saying URL load followed by the voice command you chose or URL Buddy load followed by the voice command you chose..

Fast SImple And Convinient !

You can grab URL Buddy for Windows Phone 8.1 From here

 photo QR_zps41f83386.png  photo 27372660-1b2a-4fc1-9ed3-5911ccf613f9_zps0497a996.png

Microsoft Research clarifies that they are not trying to compete with Snapchat

Earlier today Microsoft Research released WindUp into the Windows Phone Store.

The app, like SnapChat, lets users share content that are time limited and that expires after a set period.

In a blog post Richard Harper, Principle Researcher at Microsoft, made it clear that the app itself was just an experiment, and was designed to:

“enable me and my team to explore patterns of content creation and exchange.  It isn’t meant to compete with anyone else’s service, and it isn’t meant for commercial purposes.”

He called the app only a prototype, but still hoped that people used it and “share their experiences with us, and we look forward to the feedback and the insights we’ll gain.”

Personally I feel the statement makes little sense, and has the tone of a response to some-one (maybe SnapChat) whose toes were stepped on. 

Given that the app appears as time limited as the content I suspect Harper will not be collecting too much data any time soon.

BBM for Windows Phone updated, exits beta

On their blog Blackberry has announced that their Blackberry Messenger for Windows Phone app has now exited beta, with version now available.

The final update brings:image

  • Improved application launch times
  • Fixes an issue some users faced where BBM would display in English when the device language was set to Spanish
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Download the app from the Windows Phone Store here.

3 Popular Android Games hit the WP Store


  • Table Tennis 3D

I have been waiting for this game for a while now. This is the first realistic 3D table tennis game and its very, very good! This game is simply called Table Tennis on Android, but is by the same developer.

The game features:

Online Multiplayer, Realistic Physics and Intuitive Controls make this the Best Table Tennis Game for Mobile. Swipe your finger to send the Table Tennis Ball flying in a direction you want, it’s easy to learn and challenging to master. Feels like playing Real Table Tennis!

- International Table Tennis League
- 20 Unique Table Tennis Players to Challenge
- Table Tennis Career
- Online Table Tennis Multiplayer
- Realistic Physics
- Beautiful 3D Graphics
- Leaderboards

table tennis

Download Table Tennis 3D for free here.



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Uber Windows Phone App Updated With In-App Fare Quotes And More

Uber Windows Phone app

Last month, Uber released their official app for Windows Phone devices with all the basic features needed to get started with the service. Today, they updated the app in Store with new features such as fare quotes within the app and more. Previously, to get fare quotes, you were directed to Uber website on Internet Explorer. But, this update brings in the better user experience with in-app fare quotes.Uber Windows Phone app QR

New features: 

?Fare quotes within the app
?Shareable links with trip map and ETA
?The ability to split your fare with friends for a more affordable ride

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Xbox One Smartglass app expands to new markets, adds new features

Microsoft has updated their Smartglass remote control app for the Xbox One gaming console.

New in the beta app is:

  • Share and post activity feed items
  • Post status updates to your activity feed
  • See your activity feed on your profile
  • Display messages in a new conversations view
  • Record game clips
  • In-app display of release and feature notes

imageProbably the most important new feature is that they app now supports new markets, such as Australia, and that the TV and OneGuide is now also available in new markets.

Download it from the Windows Phone Store here.

Source: WPScoops.

Microsoft Research’s Snapchat-like WindUp app hits Windows Phone

It seems not all Microsoft’s development is heading straight to the iPhone. 

Microsoft Research has just released a new Snapchat-like messaging client with auto-deleting messages.

The app lets you share pictures, videos and audio snippets, as well as text and lets you decide how long a message will last – set it to expire after a time or view limit of your choice.

imageWhile I think our readers would of course prefer Snapchat to come to Windows Phone, I think the app would be well received in areas where Windows Phones does have a large market share (e.g. UK, Finland, Italy etc) and it is nice to see Microsoft support their own platform for a change.

Download the free app from the Windows Phone Store here.

Source: WPScoops

WP8 Paypal app updated with bug fixes and UI improvements

The official PayPal app for Windows Phone has been updated today.

imageVersion offers user interface improvements, to make adding and withdrawing funds easier, improved messaging for users who have PayPal Security key on their accounts, and several bug fixes and user interface improvements.

Find the updated app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Telegram Messenger updated with Voice Messaging, Photo Hub integration, more

WhatsApp competitor Telegram has updated their (somewhat unofficial) Windows Phone Messenger app to version 1.3.4.

New in this version is Voice Messaging (both send and receive) and also photo hub integration.

The full changelog include:image

  • voice messages (listen and send)
  • Photos Hub integration
  • new toast notifications
  • secondary tiles on the Start screen
  • bug fixes

Find the free app in the Windows Phone Store here.