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Calories: read nutritional values, check your weight and much more on your WP8

Calories allows you to check your diet and get in shape!

With this app you can monitor everythings you eat, with almost 800 items (McDonald’s too) including food and drink.

In the main menu, you can search easily your food by its category. Once found, you can read its calories per 100 grams (or 10 cl for drinks). It’s present also a basic calculator to calculate calories on different quantity. And if that was not enough, swipe on the right and read more information about your food: fat, protein and carbs are shown through pie chart. Swipe again and you see a list of sports (more than 25) with the playing time needed to lose calories indicated. *

In the second section of the main menu, you can found a lot of calculators: daily calories requirement, BMI, amount of calories you ate today and your ideal weight. There is also a new feature: if you do not want to write everytime your personal information, you can save them and fields will be always precompiled. A message will ask you if you want save them at the appropriate time.

Do another swipe in the main menu, and a list of  search methods is shown: general search, search by category or complete list of all items. There is also a “favourites” menu: you can add food to favourites in its details.

Swipe one more time and you are now in Extra section.  This Extra features are:

1) calendar, that allow you to save all what you eat day by day. *

2) In exclusive for italian user, list of special cakes. *

3) A section that allow you to send your food at developer. After max 2 hours, you can see the sent food in the app.

New features are coming, like diets.

Early I talked about saving personal information. In this menu, accessible via AppBar, you can also insert your weight one time for day, and app will show you a chart with your weight trend.*

App available for all WP8 devices, in all countries.

Download it for free here.

*features reserved for Premium user. Become Premium user with small donation of 0.99€/$ – 0.79£

Nielsen: Windows Phone finally grows in US, overtakes Blackberry


Windows Phone has been stuck on 2% of the smartphone installed base in US for ages, making it look like the one country where the OS just did not have any impact or even prospects at all.

It seems the latest quarter has finally seen some movement in this, according to Nielsen’s data, with Windows Phone now finally taking 3% of the market, seemingly at the expense of Blackberry, who dropped to 2% of the market.

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How I said goodbye to Cortana and saved my battery


As can be seen from the graph above, I have been having a pretty rough time battery life-wise recently, culminating in oversleeping by 45 minutes this morning when my alarm did not go off because my phone’s battery died while I slept, the first time ever for me with a Windows Phone.

As can also be seen from the graph, the phone has been spending a lot of time on the charger, but even then failing to charge fully, mainly due to continuing battery drain by something in Windows Phone 8.1.

I have now concluded that that something is Cortana, and after deactivating that succubus my battery life nearly immediately returned back to normal.  My phone was now cool to the touch, and was only draining a few percent an hour, versus more than 10% earlier while sitting idle.

Cortana is cool, but having a phone that will actually wake me up in the morning is a lot more important, and now scanning QR Codes is easier too.

Have any of our readers had the same issues, and have you tried this solution? Let us know below.

OneDrive app for WP updated, now supports WP8.1 file picker

The OneDrive app for Windows Phone has been updated, and while it does not provide the file manager some of our readers have been waiting for, due to the improved and more powerful file picker in WP8.1 it does now offer much more.

Using the new app users are able to upload files from their Downloads or any other public folder, and are able to upload pictures from the new Picture Hub using the Share contract.

Version 4.1 offers:image

  • Now looks great on large screen phones
  • Upload multiple photos, videos and files at once
  • New immersive view for viewing and managing photos
  • Open files from OneDrive in other apps
  • Share files to OneDrive from other apps
  • Sort files and folders
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The Windows Phone 8 version has also been updated to version 3.6 and features:

  • New look ideal for phones with big screen
  • New immersive visualization to see and manage photos
  • Sorting of files and folders
  • Fixed bugs and improved performance

The updated app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.


Tonido Personal Cloud app upgraded to WP8.x


In a press release CodeLathe today launched a new Windows Phone app for its Tonido personal cloud product which lets users sync and share files and proves a mobile access solution that enables data access to your desktop anytime and anywhere, from any device.

“As Tonido reaches mainstream – crossing over million users, our users expect our solution to provide the best experience in all major platforms,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of CodeLathe “ With this new Windows Phone app,  we are one of the very few companies that truly support all major mobile platforms. “

The redesigned app uses Windows modern UI to improve user experience and takes advantage of all the powerful features of Windows Phone. The app allows users to remotely access files on computer running Tonido using their Windows Phone. Tonido does more than just provide access, it also streams compatible video and music files from computer to Windows Phones and also brings more features over from the iOS and Android app to Windows Phone.

The app features:

  • Access all remote files
  • Share files with friends and colleagues
  • Download and upload files from phone
  • Automatically organize your photos, music and video collection
  • Create and Manage music playlists for your music
  • Stream video and music

image“We believe in providing a great user experience through a native app that takes advantage of the underlying platform,”   said Anis Abdul, CTO of CodeLathe “Our Windows Phone app is designed ground-up for Windows, using all of its capabilities and modern UI.”

The Tonido server app is available for free download at

The Tonido Windows Phone app is available for free on the Windows Phone Store.

Hidden USB settings found in Windows Phone 8.1


It turns out if you search for the world “USB” in the built-in Bing app in Windows Phone 8.1 it pops up an option to choose to see USB settings, above, which offers the ability to be asked before letting your phone connect to a computer to synchronize, and also to be notified when you connect to a slow charger.

Unfortunately at present the settings do not work, but presumably this is one of those unfinished bits which shows Windows Phone 8.1 is not quite polished yet.

Nokia app voucher promotion now also available in Germany

Nokia-Ent-Camp-Wide-Games2x1-jpgToday Nokia officially announced the app voucher promotion in other countries. While so far the app only worked in countries like the UK, for example Germany was not able to download the app.

With the app everyone who bought a Lumia 1520, 1320, 1020 or 625 after the 21st April (beginning with the 22nd) can verify themselves and get a 25€ app voucher for their apps.
However, there are two restrictions: You need to be at least 18 years old and the voucher expires after 120 days.

The promotion is going until the 30th July 2014 and the needed app can be found here.

Source: Nokia

Flash Sports: Watch live sport games on Windows Phone

Live Events Watch live broadcast Recordings

Finally, you can watch your favorite sport games live on Windows Phone; the long-awaited app is now available in Windows Phone Store.

Flash Sports will bring live sports directly into your phone. With Flash Sports you will enjoy watching football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, racing, WWE and almost any live broadcast. Don’t worry, you will never miss a game anymore, you can watch a game and in the same time you can record other games and enjoy replaying them anytime you want.

Key Features:


  • Watch or record live sport games
  • Watch a game and in the same time record other games in the background
  • Quickly browse list of live and upcoming games
  • Browse sports categorized by sport type and view calendar of events.

A trial version is available, you can Download it from the Music+ Video section of Windows Phone Store. The full version costs only $2.99

IE11 brings browser-based performance improvements to Windows Phone


GSMArena has run some benchmarks comparing Windows Phone 8 GDR3 to Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview.

They found significant improvements, primarily tied to the improved browser rendering engine in IE11.

The Basemark OS II benchmark shows improvement in all devices, while Browsermark 2 shows up to 30% improvements in IE11 vs IE10 Mobile.


GSMArena also noted improvements in the SunSpider test of around 5% and in the HTML5 browser test.

The benchmarking shows that beyond the new features there are even more reasons to upgrade to the new OS when the final version finally becomes available in June.

Glance-screen gone tits up? We may have the solution


Today many Windows Phone users have been complaining of a strange bug with their phones – their normally reliable and unobtrusive Glance screen has turned upside down.

It turns out the source of the problem is an unlikely source – the new Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1, which obviously accesses the OS at a much deeper level than suspected.

The bug occurs when the remote desktop is connected and in landscape mode where the bottom of the screen is on the left side of your phone.

If you rotate it to be landscaped flipped to the right side, your glance screen will go back to normal without the need for a soft reset.

Have any of our readers been affected by this issue? Let us know below.

For Windows Phone Microsoft is “highly committed to Qualcomm hardware”

Speaking to the Times of India, Vineet Durani, who heads Windows Phone division in Microsoft in India, said that Microsoft had no plans to support chipsets other than Qualcomm’s.

"We don’t have any plans to explore chipsets (processors and RAM etc) made by others… At this point of time companies making Windows Phone have to use the Qualcomm hardware," said Durani. "I can’t comment on the future but I can say that we are highly committed to Qualcomm hardware. Qualcomm is a great partner and I don’t see any reason to look at anybody else right now because the objective really is to push out great devices… affordable devices and we feel that we can do it with the Qualcomm hardware."

Microsoft has recently opened up Windows Phone for free to low cost OEMs like LAVA who traditionally use MediaTek chipsets. Microsoft however insisted despite this they still insist on devices being performant.

"The only difference (from Android ecosystem) is that we require certain level of hardware performance for a Windows Phone device. We have licensing agreements with Chinese ODMs and (local) companies can directly approach the ODMs to get Windows Phone devices. They don’t even have to talk to Microsoft India," said Durani.

He said that hardware requirements are to make sure that Windows Phone users get a good experience. "Because you are adhering to a certain set of specifications, the performance of all Windows Phone devices is at a level that is acceptable to us," said Durani.

Do our readers agree with Microsoft’s strategy, or will it hurt Windows Phone in the medium term? Let us know below.

Oxygen Forensics Suite offers to let the Department of Homeland Security suck your text messages from your Windows Cloud


Oxygen Forensics Suite has announced support for the My Windows Phone cloud storage which comes with all Windows Phone handsets, and which increasingly contains more and more information about Windows Phone users.

While their service still requires your user name and password, they claim to be the only forensic service able to get your contacts and text messages from the cloud service, while other forensic services can only get your pictures.

The Oxygen Forensic Suite offers:

  •     Acquire information stored in My Windows Phone accounts directly (login and password required)
  •     Physical Windows Phone device is not required to acquire or decrypt the data
  •     Acquire and parse Contacts and Messages
  •     Use all the powerful analytic features available in Oxygen Forensic Suite including the Timeline and Links & Stats

Oxygen Forensics Suite offers a unique Timeline feature which provides a convenient, single-place access to all activities and movements performed by one or several users arranged by date and time. Investigators can track user location at every moment, build and map their historic routes, and clearly see all activities performed by the user at each location.

Oxygen’s statistical analysis tools allow investigators discover social connections between the users of multiple mobile devices. Calls, text messages and various messengers’ conversations are analysed to produce charts and tables revealing the users’ closest circle at a glance.

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2014 guarantees zero-footprint operation, leaving no traces and making no modifications to the content of the devices. This makes it the tool of choice among government and law enforcement agencies, security services, and forensic organizations in more than fifty countries.

Oxygen Forensics customers include various US and European federal and state agencies such as the IRS, US Army, US Department of Defense (DOD), US Department of Justice, US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Transportation, US Postal Service, US Supreme Court, European Commission, London Metropolitan Police, French National Police and Gendarmerie, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and many others.

Cyberport claims Nokia Lumia 930 could hit shelves in less than a month


Many of us Nokia Lumia 920 owners are waiting very eagerly for the Nokia Lumia 930, which is the natural upgrade to that device, to hit shelves.

According to large German retailer Cyberport it may be sooner than we expect, with the company claiming they expect the handset to ship as early as the 15th May.

Of course online retailers have been known to exaggerate somewhat for attention, but if true it means we do not have very long to wait anymore.

The Nokia Lumia 930 has a 2.2 Ghz Quadcore Snapdragon 800 processor, a 5 inch 1080P screen, 2GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.

Are many of our readers grabbing this long-awaited device? Let us know below.