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Nokia Lumia 530 on sale for only £8.50 per month on contract


The Nokia Lumia 530 can now be had for as little as £39.95 commitment-free, and from only £8.50 on contract.

That brings the handset all the way down to feature phone level, and blows away any barriers to ownership of a Windows Phone.

If this handset gets good acceptance, it may become a bigger game changer than even the Nokia Lumia 520.

To see the full range of devices and tarrifs at Carphone Warehouse here.

Thanks TR for the tip.

AdDuplex: Nokia Lumia 630 off to a strong start, and 960×540 Windows Phone shows up


AdDuplex have posted their monthly Windows Phone stats collection on the 25th August.

The most interesting data from the survey is that the Nokia Lumia 630 is progressing quite well in the market, now taking up 3.5% of the installed base, suggesting a few million of the devices have been sold in the last few months.

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Images Of Nokia Lumia 735 LTE And Lumia 730 Dual-Sim Devices Leaked

Nokia Lumia 735 4G Lumia 730 Dual Sim 1

Microsoft is soon expected to reveal Lumia 735 and Lumia 730 Windows Phone devices. The main difference between both of these devices will be the network capability, while Lumia 735 will feature 4G chip, 730 settles for Dual Sim 3G targeting developing markets.

The handset is 68.5 mm by 134.7 mm and is expected to include a uni-body polycarbonate design, 4.7 inch 720p screen, dual-SIM capability, 6.7 megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front camera, Carl Zeiss lens, Snapdragon 400 processor and Adreno 305 graphics, with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. The device lacks hardware navigation and camera keys.

Find more images after the break.

via: ThePocketTech
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Rudy Huyn’s 6Secret entering Private Beta soon

Rudy Huyn has completed initial work on his 3rd party Secret client, 6cret.

The app will allow Windows Phone users to tap into the gossip network which is currently only available for iOS and Android users.

Rudy of course has a reputation for delivering high quality apps for 3rd party services not available for Windows Phone yet, and often when these apps do arrive on Windows Phone his apps remain superior in terms of fit, finish and features.

Nokia Announces HERE Maps For Samsung Galaxy Android Devices

HERE Maps Samsung Galaxy

One of the key differentiation feature available on Nokia Lumia devices was the HERE location apps. After Microsoft acquired Nokia Devices and Services division, HERE team operated independently under Nokia. Recently, they revealed their interest in releasing apps for many other platforms. Today, they made it official that HERE Location apps are coming to Samsung Galaxy Android devices for free, thanks to licensing deal with Samsung. Just like how HERE apps works on Windows Phone devices, Galaxy users can now enjoy free offline maps and turn-by-turn navigation in over 200 countries. Also, advanced features like live traffic, real-time transit schedule are also present in this app.

HERE for Samsung’s Galaxy phones can pair with the Samsung Gear S to sync routes with the smartwatch. Additionally, it works with Glympse and with Samsung’s Car Mode. As Lumia devices has lost one of its key exclusive apps, Microsoft should step up its game to differentiate Windows Phone platform with more compelling apps like HERE Location suite. What do you think?





UC Web Beta Updated In Windows Phone Store With All New UI

UCWeb Beta Windows Phone

Popular 3rd party web browser UC Web was updated today to v3.9.9.474 Beta in Windows Phone Store. This update brings all new UI for the home screen, improved user experience with new address bar, better tab switching and more.


  1. New Cooler UI Totally new speed dial with a cooler UI.
  2.  Richer Site Navigation Beautiful graphics make it easier to find the latest hot sites.
  3. Merged Address Bar and Search Box Offers you a more intelligent input experience.
  4. Better Tab Switching More intuitive gesture control for switching tabs.

Thanks to Ritwick Dey for the screenshots!

Steam Live Tile app for Windows Phone

Steam Live Tile:

The ultimate Steam companion application for Windows Phone is here! With Steam Live Tile, you can stay on top of everything Steam related in unique Windows Phone style.

Find out information about your Steam profile that isn’t even available on Steams own site such as your total gaming hours.

Profile Live Tile:

Pinning your profile to a Live Tile will allow you to get all the information you need about you or your friends profile with a huge amount of information. Live Tiles are also fully customisable, allowing you to change the background, the border colour and even the update intervals for the data concious. And for you Gaben lovers out there, yes there is a Gaben background for your enjoyment.

Steam News Tile:

Pinning the Steam News tile will also keep you up to date on all the latest Steam news, deals and more.


Steam Live Tile is available now for Windows Phone absolutely free. Get it here!

Microsoft “looking to bring” new Android OneDrive features to Windows Phone “in the coming months”


Microsoft has just added some very useful features to the Android version of the OneDrive app.

The app will now connect to both your personal and work OneDrive from the same app, and the app now also features a 4 digit PIN to keep your personal pictures a bit more secure.

Both features sound pretty desirable, and Windows Phone users will be happy to hear:

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T-Mobile USA confirms the HTC One for Windows is on its way

htc one for windows We earlier posted rumours that the HTC One for Windows was coming to all 4 US carriers, including Sprint and T-Mobile, with AT&T already confirming that they will offer the device.

T-Mobile has now also confirmed the handset is on its way, courtesy of Des,  Senior Product Guy at T-Mobile and Tech Evangelist, who posted: Continue reading

More signs of Windows Phone rebound in Europe

kantar logo headerThe latest Kantar results for the 3 months ending July 2014 are out now, and the numbers show some signs of a European recovery, likely led by the Nokia Lumia 630 and to a lesser extent the 930.

At 9.9% market share Windows Phone numbers are once again up in UK,  while Windows Phone sales has once again overtaken iOS in Italy at 13% of the market.  The OS also continues to keep big year on year increases in Spain, though at 4.8% it is down on last months 7.5% numbers.

Sales are however down in France and Germany, I think reflecting lack of traction of the Nokia Lumia 930, particularly in Germany, which always had a preponderance of high end Windows Phones.

In USA market share is marginally up at 3.9%, and in Australia there are also month on month improvements.

Overall in EU  market share is up year on year at 8.5%, while iOS on the other hand is down to 1.6% Year on Year.

We should see the full impact of new handset releases over the next 2 months, but it appears that Windows Phone is finally starting to turn the corner after a very fallow spring.

See the full numbers after the break.

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Flipagram hits the Windows Phone Store


The popular photo/video app Flipagram has finally hit the Windows Phone store!

A “Flipagram” is a short video that is made by using your old Facebook, Instagram, or saved pictures and your choice of music to easily share with friends and family.

Give life to your best photo moments
+ sitting on your phone
+ laying flat on Instagram
+ or hiding out in Facebook albums

Choose the perfect music
+ Your music library
+ from millions of song previews for free

Set the right timing & speed
+ Instagram (15 seconds)
+ Flipagram (30 seconds)
+ Time per flip to make a flipagram of any length

The app is very well made, and offers in-app purchases for extra features such as watermarks.


Download for FREE from this link or from the QR Code.



via Nokia Conversations