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Microsoft “looking to bring” new Android OneDrive features to Windows Phone “in the coming months”


Microsoft has just added some very useful features to the Android version of the OneDrive app.

The app will now connect to both your personal and work OneDrive from the same app, and the app now also features a 4 digit PIN to keep your personal pictures a bit more secure.

Both features sound pretty desirable, and Windows Phone users will be happy to hear:

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T-Mobile USA confirms the HTC One for Windows is on its way

htc one for windows We earlier posted rumours that the HTC One for Windows was coming to all 4 US carriers, including Sprint and T-Mobile, with AT&T already confirming that they will offer the device.

T-Mobile has now also confirmed the handset is on its way, courtesy of Des,  Senior Product Guy at T-Mobile and Tech Evangelist, who posted: Continue reading

More signs of Windows Phone rebound in Europe

kantar logo headerThe latest Kantar results for the 3 months ending July 2014 are out now, and the numbers show some signs of a European recovery, likely led by the Nokia Lumia 630 and to a lesser extent the 930.

At 9.9% market share Windows Phone numbers are once again up in UK,  while Windows Phone sales has once again overtaken iOS in Italy at 13% of the market.  The OS also continues to keep big year on year increases in Spain, though at 4.8% it is down on last months 7.5% numbers.

Sales are however down in France and Germany, I think reflecting lack of traction of the Nokia Lumia 930, particularly in Germany, which always had a preponderance of high end Windows Phones.

In USA market share is marginally up at 3.9%, and in Australia there are also month on month improvements.

Overall in EU  market share is up year on year at 8.5%, while iOS on the other hand is down to 1.6% Year on Year.

We should see the full impact of new handset releases over the next 2 months, but it appears that Windows Phone is finally starting to turn the corner after a very fallow spring.

See the full numbers after the break.

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Flipagram hits the Windows Phone Store


The popular photo/video app Flipagram has finally hit the Windows Phone store!

A “Flipagram” is a short video that is made by using your old Facebook, Instagram, or saved pictures and your choice of music to easily share with friends and family.

Give life to your best photo moments
+ sitting on your phone
+ laying flat on Instagram
+ or hiding out in Facebook albums

Choose the perfect music
+ Your music library
+ from millions of song previews for free

Set the right timing & speed
+ Instagram (15 seconds)
+ Flipagram (30 seconds)
+ Time per flip to make a flipagram of any length

The app is very well made, and offers in-app purchases for extra features such as watermarks.


Download for FREE from this link or from the QR Code.



via Nokia Conversations

Latest Xbox Music finally brings back Live Tile, other improvements

wp_ss_20140828_0001The somewhat overdue update for the Xbox Music app on Windows Phone 8.1 has finally brought back that old Windows Phone 7 feature  – a live tile which reflects the music you are listening to.

In version 2.6.224 you will find:

Microsoft also fixed:

    • Performance / page loads
    • Preventing any unexpected app exits
    • Reducing our memory footprint, resulting in less app suspensions & terminations during multi-tasking
    • Addressing playlist duplication issues
    • Cleaning up Recent Plays interactions

For me the only issue left really is that I would prefer the album art to remain on the Live Tile even when the music is paused, like on WP7, but that of course is just a preference.

The updated version of the app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Wires + Batteries + Light bulbs = Circuits

It is only two weeks since blugri released their previous game ‘Buzz Bee’ on Windows Phone. This time, they come with a completely different kind of game named ‘Circuits’.

Everyone who likes puzzle games will absolutely love Circuits! In this game, the player taps on wires, batteries and connectors to fix the electric circuit and light all the light bulbs. The game includes 360 levels in easygoing, challenging or madness mode. Levels can have on top of this different challenges: play with limited moves, with time-outs, or avoid short circuits.

The look & feel of the game was inspired by industrial materials and components, such as concrete and electric control panels, but with a retro and playful twist. There is also a funky music tune that gives the player extra energy to solve the puzzles!

Blugri guarantees hours of puzzle-fun!

QRCodeAnd there is more: blugri included top-notch leaderboards so players can compete with other players or with their friends. This is the official start of the blugri “Friends & foes” game community. All their future games will build on this community, and they promise interesting new features will be added soon.

The game is available for free on the Windows Phone Store, Blugri are also on Facebook and they announce new games and beta testing options on their page, so they’re worth a like.


Deal Alert 2: AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 now only $79.99 commitment-free


The Nokia Lumia 635 is rapidly taking the place of the Nokia Lumia 520 when it comes to great deals.

Frys Electronics are selling the AT&T version of the handset for only $79.99 contract-free

The deal is only for a limited time, and expires tomorrow.

To grab the new Windows Phone 8.1 handset, see the page at Frys here.

Via WPC.

Deal Alert: NewEgg selling the Nokia Lumia 1520.3 for only $519.99 unlocked


NewEgg is selling an unlocked Nokia Lumia 1520 for only $519.99, a massive discount on the usual $999 price.

The handset, with AT&T LTE bands, also features Qi wireless charging, omitted by AT&T in their version.

It also features a full 32 GB of internal storage, which is not available on all 1520 handsets on AT&T.

The offer is for a limited time only, and the handset can be found at NewEgg here.

Update: BHPhotoVideo also has a great deal on the device, offering it for $489.95 with a free 8 GB microSD card.

Thanks Xtian and Nashville WP Devs for the tip.

Wunderlist updated with new Live Tile options

Wunderlist has updated their beta Windows Phone app.

The app lets you make lists, set due dates for the items, subtasks and generally project manage. Most importantly the app lets you share and synchronize lists between devices and users.

imageThe app will also let you publish the lists to the internet, though this feature is for paying customers only.

The new update lets you pin live tiles to start screen and also fixes some bugs, including a web socket issue.

Find the real time syncing app in the Windows Phone Store here.

For those unfamiliar, see a video explaining the service after the break.

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Joe Belfiore insists WP8.1 DP/ Bitlocker issue has been fixed



We reported this morning that the Lumia Cyan update is rolling out to Developer Preview devices, but that some users with Bitlocker were still reporting issues.

Windows head Joe Belfiore has responded that this should not be the case, as the issue has been fixed, and the only ones affected should be a small group who received updates directly from Microsoft.

Have any of our readers been affected by the Bitlocker/WP8.1 Developer Preview issue over the last 24 hours? Let us know below.

Microsort Cancels Nokia Developer Ambassador Program


As part of the restructuring efforts around the Nokia Developer team acquired as part of Nokia Devices and Services Division, Microsoft recently ended the Nokia Developer Ambassador program. For Nokia DVLUP developers in North America, Nokia organized a group of dedicated, hard-working Windows Phone app experts, known as the Nokia Developer Ambassadors, who can assist other developers with technical support, give them new ideas, and generally show them the ropes when it comes to getting started with your Windows Phone app development efforts.

I guess, Microsoft will be now focused on Windows Phone based MVPs for doing the same job.