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Xolo WIN Q900s review (video)


WPXbox have unboxed and reviewed the Xolo WIN Q900s, which is currently on sale in India for as little as 8500 INR ($140).

The handset is the lightest Windows Phone, weighing only 100g. Despite the low price, the dual-SIM handset comes with multiple accessories, including a premium case and headphones, and a full complement of sensors.

The commended the quality of the screen, which they called “an amazing display.”

As we noted ourselves, the device oddly comes with the Back and Search keys reversed.  It only comes with 4 GB of storage, with only 1.2 GB available, meaning a memory card is essential.

See the video review after the break.

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6cret delayed by improved Secret security


We posted yesterday that Rudy Huyn’s 3rd party Secret app is nearly ready, but it seems that was premature, as Secret has been updating their security after a recent massive security breach, which saw hackers being able to unmask any Secret poster by simply knowing their email address.

The old, vulnerable API is being retired, and it turns out the new API is a lot more difficult to reverse engineer.

Secret is of course a tiny social network, so I don’t think too many of us are waiting with bated breath, but I am sure Rudy will not take too long to sort things out.

Deal Alert: AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 only $79.99 pre-paid


Recent AdDuplex stats has shown the Nokia Lumia 635 already has 5.2% of the US Windows Phone market.

The handset has been selling well in part due to great prices, and the smartphone has just hit a new low, with a limited time offer by Frys.

The retailer is offering the handset for only $79.99 pre-paid, with the deal ending on the 4th September.

Grab it while its hot from Frys here.

Thanks Rajesh for the tip.

Australia’s IceTV TV Guide app comes to Windows Phone

Australian company IceTV has brought its iOS and Android app to Windows Phone.

With the IceTV app you can see what’s on TV for the week ahead, search for shows, set keywords and favourites, create your own personalised TV guide, and much more. You can also enable TiVo-like recording feature by taking out a paid subscription at

The app features:

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FIFA 15 heading to Windows Phone

fifa 15 ultimate team

French gaming site reports that FIFA 15 is definitely heading to Windows Phone.

The titbit is news, as EA Mobile has not announced the game for our platform, but has for iOS and Android.

The game will feature a variety of new touch-optimised gameplay improvements, which can be seen in a demo video from Gamescon after the break.

The exact release date for Windows Phone is not known yet. The game will likely be free with in-app purchases.

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Silver brings support for Apple’s new Swift language to Visual Studio and compiles to .Net


Silver is a new language front-end for Apple’s new Swift programming language which integrates with Visual Studio and allows developers to code in only one language and output to .Net, Java and Apple’s Cocoa.

The project, by RemObjects, does not mean developers can simply compile iOS apps for Windows Phone, but does mean developers need only to learn one language (like Apple’s supposedly easy Swift one) and apply that knowledge to a number of app frameworks. Presumably also the logic of an app can in some instances remain largely unchanged between different versions of an app for different operating systems.

With developers usually supporting at least 2 and often 3 different operating systems, such tools can be useful in saving time and reducing the cost in manpower, which should help Windows Phone in growing its app library.

Silver will be available as a public preview soon. You can sign up on RemObjects’ website.

via 9to5mac

Nokia Lumia 530 on sale for only £8.50 per month on contract


The Nokia Lumia 530 can now be had for as little as £39.95 commitment-free, and from only £8.50 on contract.

That brings the handset all the way down to feature phone level, and blows away any barriers to ownership of a Windows Phone.

If this handset gets good acceptance, it may become a bigger game changer than even the Nokia Lumia 520.

To see the full range of devices and tarrifs at Carphone Warehouse here.

Thanks TR for the tip.

AdDuplex: Nokia Lumia 630 off to a strong start, and 960×540 Windows Phone shows up


AdDuplex have posted their monthly Windows Phone stats collection on the 25th August.

The most interesting data from the survey is that the Nokia Lumia 630 is progressing quite well in the market, now taking up 3.5% of the installed base, suggesting a few million of the devices have been sold in the last few months.

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Images Of Nokia Lumia 735 LTE And Lumia 730 Dual-Sim Devices Leaked

Nokia Lumia 735 4G Lumia 730 Dual Sim 1

Microsoft is soon expected to reveal Lumia 735 and Lumia 730 Windows Phone devices. The main difference between both of these devices will be the network capability, while Lumia 735 will feature 4G chip, 730 settles for Dual Sim 3G targeting developing markets.

The handset is 68.5 mm by 134.7 mm and is expected to include a uni-body polycarbonate design, 4.7 inch 720p screen, dual-SIM capability, 6.7 megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front camera, Carl Zeiss lens, Snapdragon 400 processor and Adreno 305 graphics, with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. The device lacks hardware navigation and camera keys.

Find more images after the break.

via: ThePocketTech
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Rudy Huyn’s 6Secret entering Private Beta soon

Rudy Huyn has completed initial work on his 3rd party Secret client, 6cret.

The app will allow Windows Phone users to tap into the gossip network which is currently only available for iOS and Android users.

Rudy of course has a reputation for delivering high quality apps for 3rd party services not available for Windows Phone yet, and often when these apps do arrive on Windows Phone his apps remain superior in terms of fit, finish and features.