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Pigs Can’t Fly

“And this little piggy went to Hell!”

Pig had the misfortune of crash landing he’s angel bacon behind in Hell. Now trapped in the place of pain and suffering he must escape this place of doom & gloom avoiding the deadly traps, hazards & demon monsters that lurk the fiery underworld.

- Help our unlikely hero escape with Addictive & Challenging gameplay.
- Fly your way through 4 Acts, totalling 80 Levels.
- Avoid hazards & monsters as make your escape.
- Collect the hard to reach Stars to Unlock Character Skins.
- No IAP Purchases – You only pay to Unlock the game.

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GYM Radio to boost your workouts

GYM Radio

Boost your workout with the best gym radio out there. This is the only Fitness App that plays highly motivating music that NEVER stops especially for hard workouts. No Ads in the music. EVER.

You can switch between three streams:

  • Cardio – Get in shape faster and keep moving with high BPM Cardio music.
  • Gym – Motivation during your long workouts. Build muscles with the right workout music.
  • Hardcore – Hard music for a HardCore training with heavy weights.


When you swipe left you get the list of recent tracks. You can tap them to copy the title to clipboard and do a web search for it.

The app also seamlessly integrates with the system universal volume control and the Music Hub.

Download for free from the Store.

WinApps Lab looks for beta testers

We want you!
Hi folks! We’re here again ’cause we’re looking for brave people who wants to participate in a new challenge!
We’ve created a new great app we called MyPlaces for Windows Phone 8 and we ant to make it perfect before reaching the Store
Do you need an app to save all your favorite places?
Do you want to avoid to fill up your contacts list with restaurants, cafè, museums?
Do you want to be the first to discover a new great app?
So you’re the guy we’re looking for and we have the app for you!
If you want to know more info about this app look at the app MAIN FEATURES here:

Insertion of new places is very quick and simple. You can take a picture, use GPS and dictate notes to your phone.
For each place you can:
quickly take a look to place info;
show the full display picture;
get the place position on the map;
get directions to reach the place;
look at 3-D monuments on the map!
use the phone numbers, the e-mail address or the web site directly from the place card (es: restaurants, hotels, etc).
the home page shows you the last 10 used places.
easily find a place by using this page. suggestions will be shown to help you.
Do not jam up your contacts with stores, restaurants, etc. Import them from the contacts list!
At any time you will be able then to reverse by exporting places to your contacts list.
Use this page to quickly fin your position and show it on the map.
Handle your places by setting your own categories. Several ones are already available.
Save on your OneDrive all your places to avoid losing them.

If you want to help us in testing the app and making it great, do not hesitate and contact WinApps Lab
We really want to thanks in advance all the generous people that will help us!

Pin it! now supports multiple browsers and ads are gone

New version of Pin it! comes with support for probably every popular browser you can find in Windows Phone Store. UC Browser support was joined by Surfy, Maxthon and Nokia Xpress. Just switch your browser preferences in app’s settings menu.

Pin it! allows you to pin to the start screen any website for quick access, you can of course use your own images – so the tiles can look really great. Inspired by Nokia AppFolder you can do the same with websites.

Newest version is also completely ad free. Previous two banners were removed.

Thanks for support, everyone!

Main features:

  • pin websites to the start screen…
  • or organize them in folders and pin folders
  • popular websites already prepared within the app
  • find images using buil-in Bing Search…
  • or create them using built-in image creator
  • there is also option to pin system settings tiles
  • quick settings tile agregates all most used settings
  • All is FREE

Store link

Expires – know when your things expire

live tile list of items adding new item

Do you remember when your passport expires? Your id card? ISIC? Do you remember when should your car go through an inspection? You don’t have to. That’s what Expires is for.

No more having to remember all these things, or having to write them down. Calender is too complicated for something so simple. With Expires, you only need 3 steps. Select the type of item, when it expires and how much in advance you want to be notified. It’s that simple. Everything is in one place.

You can see the top items which are about to expire right on the live tile on your start screen. And when the the time comes, Expires will notify you about them, so there is no chance you will ever forget.

store qr codeTop features:

  • Simple to use, add items with only 3 steps
  • Sleek live tile which also supports wide mode
  • Backup you data to Windows Azure
  • Preset most common item types + you can add your own
  • App notifies you in advance with standard system reminder

Expires is available with a free trial, which is limited by max 3 items. You can download it here.

2048 for Windows Phone 8

I you haven´t been hiding under a rock lately, chances are that you stumbled upon 2048 by Gabrielle Cirulli.

While the game was optimized for access from mobile devices Windows Phone users were excluded from this addicting gameplay experience.
2048 for Windows Phone aims to remove this restriction and let Windows Phone users join the funny procrastination game on the go.

Besides featuring the same gameplay experience the website provides it also enhances the game by including some exclusive Windows Phone features. The game is styled by your design accent colour and optimized for the Windows Phone usage, providing a much more fluid gameplay experience than the webpage.
The app is free to download and receives updated on a nearly daily basis. Feature suggestions or problems may be mailed to [email protected].

Get the app here:

Use your finger to smash zombies in Zombie Smasher for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone

Use your finger to smash zombies in Zombie Smasher for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone

Let’s face it – people love killing zombies. It’s fun. It’s entertaining. It makes us happy. If you enjoy this kind of fun and have yet to try out Zombie Smasher, you have been missing out. This app is available for Windows 8.1 as well as Windows Phone 8.

“Zombie Smasher is the #1 addicting and entertaining game available on Windows Store. Get ready to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about to invade your town! Those undead creatures are back, and it’s up to you to keep them brainless. Use your finger to tap on the zombies to smash and eliminate them before they break down your door,” the app description reads.

The app features amazing visuals and great audio, as well as intense zombie killing action. Playing the game is quite simple. All you have to do is touch the zombies to kill them and avoid accidentally touching the kids from the neighborhood (not like that, silly!). You can also use special power ups to help kill zombies faster!

Use your finger to smash zombies in Zombie Smasher for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone

The app features 60 levels with more planned to arrive in future app updates. There is also a Survival mode and a Time mode to test your skills. There are also 7 different kinds of zombie breeds, can you smash them all?

The app runs for $1.49 at the Windows Store, and Free at the Windows Phone Store. Grab the apps via the download links and let us know if you like them!

Take a look at a demonstration of the game in the video embedded after the break.

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FzSoftware Releases Travel Mate, the Ultimate Companion App for Travelers

Home screen of Travel Mate Activities in Travel Mate Photo album of an activity in Travel Mate

Travel Mate will help you create trips and enable you to record expenses while traveling, however this is just a tiny bit of what this application is capable of. You will be able to keep an eye on your budget; add activities, tasks and notes as well as convert currencies using the powerful tools bundled with the application. An automatically generated diary of your trip can serve as a collection of your activities, receipts and pictures, and can also be a great future reference should you recommend a similar trip to your friends and family.

Some of the key features:

  • Plan your activities and budget limits before your trip
  • Record your activities and expenses, use online or custom exchange rates
  • Avoid overspending by taking a quick look at the summary page of your trip that informs you about the planned, daily and remaining budget
  • Add additional details to activities such as flight information, itinerary details of your activities and contact information, such as a phone number, email or web page address of your hotel
  • Capture receipts for activities. Take a photo of your receipt and it will be automatically attached to the selected activity.
  • Export all information, the thumbnail photo and receipt picture of an activity to a Word document
  • Export all of your expenses, tasks, notes and the summary of your trip to an Excel workbook
  • Create photo albums for activities by adding multiple photos to them
  • Manage your trip related tasks. Create tasks for trips that will help you not to forget important items related to your travel, such as “book the hotel” or “take out insurance”
  • Take colorful notes with essential information, such as a flight number or directions
  • Pin your trip to the start screen and track your expenses right there without starting the application. Once you tap a live tile, the application will take you straight to the activities, so you can quickly check, edit or add a new one to your trip.
  • Never get lost in a multitude of information stored for your trips. Use the built-in search functionality to search for any of your activities, expenses, notes and tasks in all trips or within a selected one.
  • Use the built-in unit of measure converters to convert metric and imperial area, length, mass and volume units, Celsius to Fahrenheit or the other way round
  • When you go shopping, you will also appreciate the clothing size conversion tool. Convert the size of your clothing with the app to shorten the time spent looking for clothes matching your size.
  • Use the currency calculator that supports online and custom exchange rates to exchange currencies and formulas such as 5 × 30 EUR + 5000 HUF. You can also review the list of previously entered calculations.
  • Show both your home time and the time of your location if you are in a different time zone
  • Edit the existing or create new activity categories and subcategories if you cannot find the ones you need Feel free to try the app. The free trial version lets you create maximum 1 trip with 5 activities, 1 task and 1 note. You will only be able to export activities to an Excel workbook and change the base currency in the currency calculator if you run the full version of the app.

QR code to Windows Phone Store download linkFeel free to try the app. The free trial version lets you create maximum 1 trip with 5 activities, 1 task and 1 note. You will only be able to export activities to an Excel workbook and change the base currency in the currency calculator if you run the full version of the app.

Download the free trial version of the app in the Windows Phone store.

Music Drop gets update to version – wireless music transfer to your Windows Phone

Music Drop - ultimate wireless music transfer tool.

Music Drop has just been updated to version

Music Drop's download qr code link.The update resolves the issue associated with the newest  types of Windows Phone devices equipped in two types of network interfaces: IPv4 and IPv6. These types of devices used to have connectivity problems between the Phone and the Web App once both types of network connection, device’s shared and WiFi, were established at the same time.

Music Drop is a free app and is available for all Windows Phone 8 devices. The app can be found on the Windows Phone Store.

Music Drop gets update to version – wireless music transfer to your Windows Phone

Music Drop has made another step forward!

The wireless music copy tool from Codeceptive Studios has just been updated to version So what’s new in the updated version?

Music Drop - wireless music transfer to Windows Phone

Music Drop's new iconFirst of all the upload mechanism has been optimized yet the upload cycle is more efficient.

However, the most visible enhancement is the Music Drop‘s icon, which was given a new fresh look.

Furthermore, now users see additional info before, during and after the upload within the Web App.

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#WinPhan Scavenger Hunt Launching On March 1st

#WinPhan Scavenger Hunt Promo

Announcing the #WinPhan Scavenger Hunt

Press Release: Beginning March 1st, Win WP prizes and more for entering your photos of Windows Phone themed targets!

DESCRIPTION:  This scavenger hunt contest will span 5 months commencing on the March 1st, awarding 1 Windows Phone themed prize per week for the first four weeks and bimonthly for the remaining 4 months for a total of 12 prizes. Each week an entrant will be drawn via a random number selecting software and awarded without bias. The 12 winning finalists will be automatically entered into a random final drawing for the grand prizes, a Lumia 1020 and a Lumia 1520. Weekly/fortnightly prizes will be detailed in each relative announcement post on   

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Organize Group Expenses with Settle Up

Main screen Add payment screen Settle screen

I am sure you know the scenario – you and your friends go on a trip, someone buys tickets, someone pays for food and someone for the drinks. When the trip is over then comes the hard part – settle the debts so noone is ripped off.

If you no longer want to use a pen, paper and a calculator, Settle Up is the ideal app for your phone. When someone makes a payment, you just add it into the app. It also tells you beforehand who has the lowest balance, and should therefore pay next. You can have several groups and switch easily between them.

When it is time to settle, the app will show who owes whom and how much. By the way, you are not limited to just one currency, you can have as many as you need.

And the best part? Settle Up is available for Windows Phone (7 & 8), iOS and Android, and you can sync all payments with your buddies so everyone is kept up-to-date.

If you want to help translating the app to other languages, contact us at [email protected]

Download it here from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Pock8: beautiful and free Pocket client

Pock8 Pock8 Pock8

qrcodeWe have just had realeased a new app caled Pock8. Pock8 is fully-featured and beautiful Pocket (formerly Read It Later) client for Windows Phone. The goal of the app is to provide a simple and intuitive interface for managing your Pocket lists and for reading articles without any distractions.

Pock8 is free for the first few weeks, because we like Windows Phone and want to see it grow thanks to great apps like ours. It is our way to give something back to the community.

Main features

  • clean and simple design
  • optimized article view for comfortable reading
  • article cache for offline reading
  • dark theme for OLED screens or reading in the dark
  • support for receiving articles from other apps like WPCentral

You can download the app for free here.