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BleBlo the app for collectors

BleBlo was originally entered into the Core 77 Windows App competition in 2013. It has recently come out of development.

Ever wondered which of your friends have a specific book, blue-ray dvd or rare LP that you are looking for? BleBlo will help you find out which of your friends have those items.

BleBlo also helps you track who you borrowed which items to and sends them a notification when you would like it returned.

Beside the default categories which include Games, TV Series, Music, Books and so on you can also create your own categories.

To add items to your collection you can simply scan the barcode, and if BleBlo cannot find the item it is easy enough to add it manually.

Whatever you collect BleBlo, will help you manage and keep track of these collections.

BleBlo is available for $0.99, and can be downloaded by clicking on this link or scanning the barcode below.


Find Me Here for Windows Phone 8 – Now with Transparent Live Tile

Find Me Here Screenshots

** You can now select to have a Live Tile with a transparent background or the original blue in the settings page. **

Find Me Here displays your location information using the location services of your phone. You can quickly find where you are in an emergency or when just meeting with friends or family and send the location data and a map link via email, social networks, or SMS. You can even take and share a photo* of where you are to help them find you more quickly.

*Currently, photos must be shared as a separate task.Find Me Here QRCode

Please feel free to submit feedback and suggestions via the in-app links.

For more screenshots and a link to download the free version, please click here or scan the QRCode.

Emergency Lock for Windows Phone 8 – Now with Transparent Live Tile

Emergency Lock Screenshots

** You can now select to have a Live Tile with a transparent background or the original red in the settings page. **

I decided to develop this app after a co-worker had a heart attack at our office. When the paramedics showed up to take over performing CPR, we tried to get information from his phone for the paramedics, but it was locked. Luckily, his manager was available, and we were able to provide the paramedics with some recent health history as well as contact information. I realized that if this had not happened at work or with a stranger, we would not have been able to provide that possibly life-saving information. Emergency Lock solves this problem by letting you add important information to your phone’s lock screen in case of an emergency.Emergency Lock QRCode

Please feel free to submit feedback and suggestions via the in-app links.

For more screenshots and a link to download the free (no-ads) version, please click here or scan the QRCode.

Swop! A new strategic puzzle from Beautiful Mind Games

Swop Logo

Swop is a simple yet challenging swapping puzzle from Beautiful Mind Games, the acclaimed developer of popular brain teasers for children and adults alike.

Swop features:

qr code

  • Swap tiles and align identically colored shapes. The object of the game is to get all shapes properly aligned in as few swaps as possible.
  • Choose from two game modes and a variety of shapes and grid sizes.
  • Never play the same puzzle twice – each puzzle is randomly generated and unique.
  • Leave the game unfinished and come back later to complete it.
  • Track your performance over time and post your grades to online leaderboards.

Great simple game for all ages. Swop is FREE and can be found in the Windows Phone Store.

Musitastic – alternative music player with simple and sleek design

Looking for alternative music player for your Windows Phone? Musictastic offers fast startup, easy user interface and sleek design. Access your music by albums, artists, individual songs, playlists or just play everything! Have favorite albums? Pin the to your start screen to get fast access.

Still not convinced? Musictastic is completely free and you won’t find any ads in it. Go ahead and give it a shot.

Musictastic is:

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Elegant
  • Free
  • Has No ads

Download it from the Windows Phone Store here.

Archerific (WP8 & W8) Free with Online Multiplayer

Welcome to the world of Archery well the digital world anyway.

Archerific is a 2D game where you play as a student that hopes to become a master in Archery.

Archerific contains 2 modes.

Arcade mode features a a very chilled setting behind a back yard of a school where you’ll learn to aim and shoot at different targets at various speeds.

Hitting targets will earn you points. You’ll be able to shoot at apples, birds, bull-eyes etc. Consistent shooting will unlock upgrades like sharper arrows,lightning arrows, speed increase etc….

Excelling in this mode will put you on the leader boards.  Archerific also features a ranking system. You can go from student all the way to gym leader.

Becoming a Gym Leader will give you slight advantage in Multiplayer Mode. Be warned losing a match in this mode will strip you of your title.
Multiplayer Mode will have you engaged in 1 on 1  score attack matches against anyone in the world (this also includes Windows 8 players).

When searching for a player, an notification will be sent out to all owners of the game creating a chance for anyone to challenge you.

Features include:

  • Wave’s of targets to shoot at.
  • Loads of unlockables
  • Universal App Download for Windows Phone & Windows 8
  • Online leader boards powered by Microsoft Azure
  • Multiplayer Cross Platform gamine with Windows 8 players & soon (Android + IOS)
  • Multiplayer Online Modes powered by Exit Games’s Photon Cloud

Here the link to the game: Download the game now!

Heart Beat Montor: An application to get your accurate pulse.

[image] [image]

Ceriboo releases Heart Beat Monitor

This application needs a Bluetooth SMART heart beat monitor (for example Polar H7) to give the accurate pulse, the calorie spent. Thus, this application allow to give objective to reach( max pulse to reach, max calorie to reach, time of effort to reach)

As this application need the Bluetooth SMART protocol, only devices with Windows Phone 8.1 NOT DEVELOPER PREVIEW can use this application.

At present this means the Nokia Lumia 630 and some Finnish and Argentinian Lumia 925 handsets already updated to Nokia Cyan, with the Nokia Lumia 930 to follow soon.[image]

This application is universal. It is available on the Windows Store here and on the Windows Phone Store here

Clowntraptions! Out now and half price!

Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town! Those crazy clowns have enlisted you to help them put on the greatest show on Earth! Put up a platform, place a trampoline, spray a clown with bubbles and put on a show across dozens of physics- based puzzles!

Grogan Software presents:

Clowntraptions! The clown-filled physics puzzle game. Available NOW exclusively on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1!

Clowntraptions is a fun, fresh twist on the physics contraptions puzzle genre. Use a Big Top full of circus-themed objects to solve each zany puzzle. Fire a clown from a cannon to reach that hoop, knock over the huge clown shoes to collect those stars, bounce a clown off a trampoline and into the path of stream of bubbles to send him flying towards the goal!

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Football Players Quiz – New puzzle for Windows Phone 8.1

The 2014 World Cup is in full swing. How well do you know the football players?

Football Players Quiz is a game full of fun about players all over the world. Test your knowledge about football players from different clubs and countries. Learn more about the player through Wikipedia and If you are stuck and do not know the answer, you can get help by using hints or by asking your friends on Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.

This game grants hours of fun gameplay!


  • 200 players divided into 10 levels
  • Helpful hints for each player
  • Suggestions as you type
  • Ask your friends via Facebook, Twitter or E-mail to help you complete the quiz
  • Available in English and Spanish

Download Football Players Quiz for WP8.1 for free in Windows Phone Store

Swift! Beautiful Mind Games strikes again.

Swift is a simple, fast-paced shape and color recognition game from Beautiful Mind Games, the acclaimed developer of popular logic puzzles.

In the game:

•  In the set of five objects find the one that matches one of two given objects exactly (both in shape and in color).

•  If the exact match cannot be found, find the object that has nothing in common with either of the two (neither shape nor color).

•  Practice your skills at your own pace and work your way up through several increasingly challenging levels.

•  Leave the game unfinished and come back later to complete it.

•  Track your performance over time and post your scores to online leaderboards.

Great simple game for all ages. Swift is FREE and can be found in the Windows Phone Store.

MyPlaces Pro. For travellers, for social people…for everyone!

We want you!

Hi everybody! We’re here again to proudly present you our last creation…MyPlaces Pro!

We know your contacts list if full of restaurants, hotels, pub and so on…a huge mix of people and places you would need to separate…

Wouldn’t you like to have real people (friends and work contacts) in your phone contacts list and places well organized in a dedicated app?

Are you frequent travellers?

Are you shopping addicted people?

Do you have a real love for eating at restaurants?

Are you in love with monuments?

Are you simply weel organized people?

If so…we have the app for you!


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The Ingenious Machine – Now Available for Windows Phone 8

Screenshot 4 Screenshot 1

The Ingenious Machine, the third title from sc0tt games, is now available for Windows Phone 8.

The Ingenious Machine is a single-player physics-based puzzle game. The player is presented with 25 levels (in increasing order of difficulty), each featuring one or more light bulbs, and occasionally some obstacles. The player must combine gadgets together in order to construct an elaborate machine that can switch on all the lights at once. The gadgets include gears, conveyor belts, magnets, weights, explosives, and lasers. When creating the machines, points are awarded for creativity, but deducted for each attempt.

It’s all about discovery, experimentation, user-generated content and creative problem-solving. And also dynamite.

The game is available for $1.29 on the Windows Phone store, with a trial mode that lets users play for two minutes at a time with the level select disabled.

See the launch trailer and more after the break…
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Flash Sports: Watch The 2014 FIFA World Cup On your Windows Phone

Live Events Watch live broadcast Recordings

With Flash Sports you will enjoy watching live games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Flash Sports will allow you to watch/record live games directly on your Windows Phone. You will never miss a game anymore.

Key Features:


  • Watch or record live games
  • Watch a game and in the same time record other games in the background
  • Quickly browse list of live and upcoming games
  • Browse sports categorized by sport type and view calendar of events.
  • Automatic live update of the tile to show live and upcoming events.
  • Schedule a reminder or toast notification for any upcoming game. The app will notify you just before the start of the game.

The app is free with in-app purchase. Also, the full version is free to try for 7 days. You can Download it from the Music+ Video section of Windows Phone Store.