Consumer Reports scores the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 “excellent” for ease of use


Consumer Reports have weighed in on the HTC 8x and Nokia Lumia 920, scoring both devices 76, just one point below the 77 of the iPhone 5, HTC One X+ and Samsung Galaxy Note II, and two below the Samsung Galaxy S III which scored 78 points.  The highest score on Consumer Report’s ranking is the LG Optimus G which scored 79.

The HTC Windows Phone 8X, had “Excellent” scores in ease of use, messaging, web browsing, display quality, and portability, and “Very Good” scores in phoning, battery life, camera image quality, and camera video quality while the 920 scored Excellent for ease of use, messaging, web browsing, display quality, and camera image quality. The handset scored “Very Good” for phoning and battery life but voice quality, camera video quality, and portability were only rated “Good”, with the device being dinged for its “heft.”

WinSuperSite notes the scores were an improvement over Windows Phone 7.5 handsets, the best, the Nokia Lumia 900, which scored 71.

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