Don’t record video more than 4 GB big on your Windows Phone 8

imageHere is a an annoying Windows Phone 8 bug I myself ran into. It seems any time you record a video more than 4GB big, you are unable to copy the first 4GB from your phone to your PC.

This means if you video is 6 GB, you can copy a (useless) 2GB to your PC, or with a 5 GB file an equally useless 1 GB that will not even play.

The video is of course too big to transfer via SkyDrive, and can also not be transferred via drag and drop or the Windows 8 Windows Phone client.

4 GB is about 30 min at 1080P and a bit more at 720P.

A thread with a number of complainants remain unresolved on here.

Have any of our readers also run into this issue, and do any solutions exist? Let us know below.

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