Epocrates “currently investigating the Windows 7 platform”

Epocrates-Drug-Reference-IconOne of the areas Windows Mobile ruled and Windows Phone 7 certainly drools is reference applications for medical professionals. In an area where mistakes can cost people’s lives these applications are incredibly important, and a massive weakness of Windows Phone 7.

Medgadget had a bit of a root around and discovered that while Skyscape is still a major hold-out, Epocrates’ resolve is slowly breaking.

In a statement to Medgadget they said:

“(We are) currently investigating the Windows 7 platform and will update website with more details as they become available.”

For the sake of the hundreds of thousands of doctors who still have a soft spot for their old Windows Mobile handsets, previously with Palm as de rigueur as a stethoscope, we hope Epocrates and Microsoft can work something out and make Windows Phone 7 a valid choice for doctors again.

Read more at Medgadget here.

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