Game Review: Airplanes

Airplanes is similar to Battleship, but uses airplanes instead!

Overall Score: 3/5

While Airplanes does bring a new twist to Battleship and adds some extra logic, it’s not perfect.

Gameplay: 4/5

Airplanes varies from Battleship in a number of ways. The shape of an airplane completely shakes up the gameplay, since it requires you to think in a 2D direction instead of only 1D. Also, in Airplanes, if you get a headshot, then the entire plane goes down! These two elements add some extra logic to the game. However, you can’t manually place where you want your planes (you can only choose from presets), and the game doesn’t have different sized/shaped planes which could make it more interesting. Nevertheless, you can play around with the board size, the amount of planes, and the computer difficulty. You can also play online with other users, but there were unfortunately no players online when I searched.

Presentation: 3/5

Airplanes looks pretty clean and supports Mango. However, the waiting time between shooting is too large, and can become quite tiresome.

Lasting Value: 3/5

While the high scores and online multiplayer could definitely add some lasting value, a local multiplayer mode would instantly give Airplanes lasting value. Instead of playing with some random person online, I would rather show the game to my friends and play with them. Watching someone lose is more entertaining!qrcode


Title: Airplanes
Price: $1.99 or FREE
Publisher: Yalla Apps

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