Game Review: Galaga Legions DX

This game could be cool…. if it worked.

Overall Score: 1/5

Overpriced, controls don’t work, and it doesn’t save your game.

Gameplay: 1/5

The controls for moving your ship are absolutely awful. There is no way to precisely maneuver the ship. The second you simply place your left thumb on the movement control, it moves your ship in a random and unexpected direction. This makes the game near unplayable. It’s obvious the developers never played this on an actual Windows Phone before releasing the game… or if they did, shame on them for terrible quality control!

Presentation: 2/5

Galaga Legions DX doesn’t even save your progress in the game. If you leave it, and then come back and start the game again, everything’s gone. Even Doodle Jump saves your status! What a joke! And for $6.99, you would expect to get a functioning game.

Lasting Value: 1/5

With the near unusable controls and the lack of saving and the ridiculous price… why would you even start playing this game?


Title: Galaga Legions DX
Price: $6.99
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games

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