Game Review: UNO HD


The classic card game UNO comes to life on our Windows Phones (Video Review)!

Overall Score: 4/5UNO

UNO HD is a good Uno game for your Windows Phone, but unfortunately lacks multiplayer and has slightly imprecise controls.

Gameplay: 3/5

Uno is replicated pretty well in this game. You get about 3 different gameplay modes, Quickplay, Tournament, and Custom Mode. Through these three modes, you can see some nice variety in the rules and gameplay. The controls usually work well, but are slightly touchy sometimes. It is disappointing that there is no multiplayer mode at all. But playing Uno against the computer is really fun. Also, if you have never played Uno, you can read the Help and learn how to play really easily.

Presentation: 5/5

The music in the game fits really well, and the visuals give you great hints as to when it is your turn and when you have to draw cards from the deck.

Lasting Value: 5/5

Even though there’s no multiplayer, playing through the Tournament mode seems like it could last for over 10 hours! It has 15 different rounds, and for example, in the first round, you have to win 5 games to advance to the next round. So as you can tell, that can take a long time. For a little Uno game, it has great lasting value!

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Title: UNO HD
Price: $4.99
Publisher: Gameloft

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