HTC HD2 for T-mobileUSA does not lose multi-touch

T-Mobile HD2

Recently a line of HTC device with capacitive displays lost their multi-touch capabilities when released on US soil , but this does not seem to be the case with the HTC HD2.

The HD2 that has been known for some time to be coming to T-mobile USA, and has recently become official with an and page. The information provided on the page is close to what we already know, but it fortunately does make all the rumoured specs official.

The pages shows the HD2 coming with  1GB internal ROM, supplemented by a 16GB memory card and also 576MB RAM. The page also mentions the device’s capacitive display and, also fortunately, does not fail to speak of its “pinch-to-zoom and haptic capability”.

While most of this is nothing new, it is heartening to see nothing is missing either, and should only increase excitement in the run up to the official US release of the device.


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