HTC One M8 and Nokia Lumia 930 accepts Samsung’s Ice Bucket Challenge (video)


In a recent video Samsung’s Galaxy S5 completed the Ice Bucket Challenge and challenged the Nokia Lumia 930 and HTC One M8.

YouTube channel Cellphone S took them up on their offer, and put the two phones through the gauntlet.

See the video after the break.


  • Motivation

    Well okay then.

  • cybersaurusrex

    I had trouble understanding his thick British accent…

    • Mathias

      WTF??? Is this a British accent? Would say this guy is just Chinese!

      • Ezna

        Dude… did you even heard of sarcasm ? Man you’re creepy… people who can’t understand a simple joke are usualy psychopaths

        • Eshaan Piewaffles

          He is not creepy, you are….

          • Ezna

            And you had nothing more to do than answer to this conversation, sad sad life of yours…

  • jaylyric

    Now that is a REAL ice bucket challenge. Those phones were soaked,then drenched again. Not one of them skipped a beat. Samsung’s video was weak, unfortunately it is going to get way more views than this one but I hope this video goes viral. The best part is that it didn’t even come from HTC or Nokia.

  • Tishawn Fahie

    He’s covering the head phone jack tho…..

    • farid

      What’s your problem then? No one have never said 930 is water-proof!

      • Tishawn Fahie

        Never said I had a problem silly, just stating the facts, The video is pointless he’s trying to prove both phones are water proof when in fact he’s covering the headphone jacks on both device’s.

        • Iain Simpson

          the headphone jack is on the bottom of the M8 I think.

          • xxcorpxx


        • WixosTrix

          I don’t think they’re trying to prove the phone is waterproof as neither of those phone are.

  • haha123

    Looks like the HTC and Nokia are waterproof like the Samsung

    • Vitor Mikaelson


      • haha123

        It was sarcasm

        • Vitor Mikaelson

          My bad.