In December 1 in 6 smartphone gifts in UK was a Nokia Lumia


We have already seen the full numbers for the Kantar COmtech report for the 3 months ending December 2013, but their report also contains a few other interesting titbits.

One I found rather interesting was that Windows Phones were being given as gifts out of proportion to their market share in UK.


While Windows Phones only had 11.3% market share in UK over the period, in December, according to Kantar, 17.6% of smartphones gifted were Nokia Lumias. This number compares very well with 30.7% for Samsung and 28.4% for Apple, both of which are likely in line with their market share.

Gifting is also not an insignificant activity when it came to sales, with 34% of all smartphones purchased in December intended as gifts, up from 30% in 2012.

Fortunately, due to its slick user experience, Windows Phones are a gift that keeps on giving, rather than a device that will bog down over time like an Android handset.

Have any of our readers given a Windows Phone as a gift this past holiday season? Let us know below.