Interesting: Nokia discouraging Metro-style apps on the Nokia X


According to Nokia, the Nokia X Android handset, which mimics the Windows Phone Start screen, is meant to be a feeder system for Windows Phone.

Nokia’s own style guide for developers suggest this may not exactly be the case.

Their style guide suggests:

  • Do not mimic different platforms. People are not used to the interaction paradigms of the other platform; for example, they might consider the Windows Phone panoramic view as uneffective since it does not work satisfyingly in landscape orientation.
  • Read more about Android style.

Do I detect some distain for Windows phone there from that writer?

While Nokia’s story is that the Nokia X was designed to be good for both Microsoft and Nokia, I suspect the move was ultimately designed to get some of that Android volume Samsung has been enjoying, and more about Nokia and less about Microsoft and Windows Phone.

The Nokia X developer guide can be seen here.

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