Kamasutra Pro for Windows Phone

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kamasutra proConsult the Visual Sex Position Guide to learn about specific lovemaking positions, and get detailed insights into each sex position, and how to make them more enjoyable and comfortable. Get the most out of sex, because no one is born an expert.

Countless ideas to improve your sex life are provided from a variety of knowledgeable and science based resources.

Sex Drive is a tested binaural tone that helps promote a healthy sex life. Don’t pump your body with pills! This specially formulated binaural tone affects the sexual part of your brain.

How to use: Use with earphones only, relax and listen for 10-20min. Please give binaural beats a shot!How binaural tones work: Let me give you an example of a binaural beat/tone. Right ear is given a steady tone of 400Hz and the left one is given 410Hz, these tones combine in your brain to achieve a 10hz difference. This 10Hz tone is totally formed by your brain. This can only be achieved when using stereo headphones since the right and left channels do not mix until in your brain.

Sex Tips:Improve the health of your sex life with a new tip every day.

Sex&Love Guide For Men contains more than 15 topics, more than one hundred hot tips about sex, sex life, love and relationships. The best guide you can find. Be a real man!

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