Sticky: Laptop Magazine’s Smartphone Madness 2013 Finals: Nokia Lumia 920 vs the Blackberry Z10–Vote now!


Readers will know by now that Laptop Magazine’s Smartphone Madness contest is not a measure of which is the best device, but which device has the best fans.

To that end Nokia fans have more than proven themselves, but today we are up against another comeback kid, the Blackberry Z10, and we know they are very hungry for a win.

Show your support for our favourite smartphone OEM and OS by voting at Laptop Magazine here.

Update: Some cheating is going on from the Blackberry side, with one fan for example posting:

What I’ve been doin is using 3 tablets,2 phones,1 computer keep refreshing the page or reload the page and you can vote unlimited times !!!Thats what they are doing (nokia)so for the past 3 hrs I’ve been doing that ,thats how you see an increase it does work !! Let’s do this,I want to winnnnnn.


Even their admin is in on it, with Crackberry Kevin encouraging readers to “clear your cookies and keep voting again and again and again

The result has been that our lead has been slipping from 80% to 70%.  Given that there are still 48 hrs of voting left we need every vote we can get to take this contest!

Thanks everyone for sending this in.